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					         New Student Services Staff
    Instructions and Suggestions for Key

Undergraduate Student                           Graduate Student Services
Mentoring is arranged upon request with      Mentoring is arranged through LGRAD, contact
JoAnn Peraino, Coordinator of Undergraduate Paula Trail.
Student Services
                                         M-Pathways classes
MPO101 is the introductory class for all other M-Pathways classes. You can check to find out what
courses your new hire has already taken at Class Creation is commonly handled by
the Undergraduate Student Services staff, but not necessarily. M1 forms for all student business
are filled out by JoAnn Peraino. You can email JoAnn ( with the list of
classes you wish your staff member to take and she will submit the M1 form.
Registration for all M-Pathways classes is done on MAIS LINC at
  MPO101 – Introduction to M-Pathways              MPO101 – Student Admin Overview
  SRD101 – Intro to Student Records                RAE 101 – Fundamentals of Rcrt/Adm (for
  SRE105 – Independent Study and                    viewing prospects, recruits, and admits).
    Permissions (for entering overrides)            RAC201 - Advanced Admissions I (for how
  SRE109* – Plan/Subplan Maintenance                to view, add and update application data)
    (for entering concentration declarations)       RAE202 – Advanced Admissions II (for
  CUE101 – Course & Class Fundamentals              entering admit decisions).
    (for entering the time schedule)                FAE101 – Financial Aid Overview
  CUC101 – Class Creation                          FAE102 – Monitor Award Entry &
  CUL 301 – Class Creation Access Review            Disbursement
  AAE101 – Intro to the Degree Audit               FAE 103 – Award Entry Overview
    Report                                          FAL 301 – Award Entry Lab
  SRS151 – Grade Coordinator User                  **DDE001 – Using Business Objects
  **DDE001 – Using Business Objects                **AD003 – Understanding
  **SRD003 – Understanding Student                  Recruitment/Admissions Data
    Records Data

If your unit is a Living Learning Community,
you may also want your staff member to take
SRE107 – Student Group Tracking.
* * There is also a document “LSA Plan/Subplan Maintenance Instructions (or How to
Declare a Student)” which can be found both on MAIS LINC and the LUGS CTools web site
that should be reviewed after completing SRE 109. This document outlines LSA-specific
instructions not covered in SRE 109.

Updated 10/4/06

                                      Other computer systems
Access to these LSA systems are granted by Rob Wilke. You can email Rob (
with your staff member’s name and uniqname for access.
  LSA Management Reporting System:                 LSA Management Reporting System: This
    This system provides curriculum and               system provides curriculum and student
    student reports from the nightly M-               reports from the nightly M-Pathways back-up.
    Pathways back-up. M-Pathways access is            M-Pathways access is not required to run
    not required to run these reports                 these reports (https://www-
    (https://www-                                       LSA Grad Student System
  LSA Minors for Non-LSA Majors: This              Embark Prospect Management System:
    system provides a venue for departments           (
    with minors to communicate declarations           Download and print graduate applications
    for non-LSA students to their home school         submitted over the internet and monitor
    (https://www-                                     applications in progress. (Contact: Antoinette                     Hopper:
                                           Email groups
You can join any of these email groups by sending an email to the owner of the group asking them
to add you to the group. The email address for these groups is "" The group
owners and information can be found by looking up the individual group on the UM Online
Directory at
Undergraduate                                       l-grad (graduate student services staff only)
 deptcontacts                                      Rackham.Program.Assistants (department
 lugs (undergraduate student services staff          secretary or admin assistant contacts)
only)                                               RackAppMan (departmental application
 planchange                                          managers)
 FYS_Departmental_Contacts                         GCFPC (Graduate Coordinators Forum, an
 swc_ulwr (Sweetland Writing Center)                 all-Rackham student services group)
 ro_sched/lsa (Registrar's Office -
 ca_contact (Course Approvals, LSA)
 lsaca (Course Approvals, LSA )
 cg_contacts (LSA Online Course Guide)

Updated 10/4/06
                                       Web sites
 The LSA Undergraduate Student             Rackham Resources for Departments:
  Services references (LUGS CTools site):
                                            Graduate Student Handbook:

                                               LGRAD C-Tools

                                                LSA Career Coaching:

LSA Department Liaison:                     LSA Department Liaison: Paula Trail:
JoAnn Peraino:  5-6122
Time Schedule:                              Rackham contacts:
Larry Jones:,   
3-4292                                      khamContacts.pdf
Room Scheduling: Larry Jones, Judy Kulbicki
(;                  GSI Appointments
3-2113                                      Tom Hart (
Course Guide: Rick Jones:                   5-5545; 6-2983                    Deb Erskine (
Course Approvals:                           7-1484
Pam Rinker :;
3-7139                                      GEO Contract
Upper Level Writing Requirement (ULWR): Jim Burkel (
Racheal Higley:                             3-9841 ; 7-4533
Course Evaluations:                         Student Financials
Anna Shih:,3-2482          Alene Smith: (; 3-4303
Academic Standards:
Carolyn M Mccullum:;     LGRAD Steering Committee
Registration Issues
Patti Mousseau (

Updated 10/4/06

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