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									   University of Tasmania
english language centre

Tasmania is famous for its great     International and national cricket     perform at many events including
natural beauty, clean air and        and football matches attract large     the Falls Music Festival. Artists
water and friendly people. It has    crowds, while others enjoy rock-       are attracted to our beautiful and
magnificent and ancient forests,     climbing, sailing, golf and surfing.   vibrant cities and towns, and you will
white sandy surf beaches, snow-      Tasmania is also known for its         find interesting galleries and events
covered mountains in winter and      festivals and artistic community.      everywhere you visit.
two of Australia’s oldest cities.    We have festivals celebrating our      Living in Tasmania is easy and
Our wonderful outdoor environment    food and wine – Taste of Tasmania      the people are friendly. It is also
makes Tasmania a popular sporting    (Hobart) and Festivale (Launceston)    very affordable compared to other
and adventure destination.           – and local and international bands    Australian states.

Tasmania has a comfortable climate
with four different seasons
summer: December to February
Average maximum temperature
22 °C
autumn: March to May
Average maximum temperature
20 °C
Winter: June to august
Average maximum temperature
13 °C
spring: september to november
Average maximum temperature
18 °C

University of Tasmania

Established in 1890, the University of   an English Language Centre: Hobart
Tasmania (UTAS) is the fourth oldest     and Launceston.
university in Australia. It is highly    Both campuses offer a beautiful,
regarded internationally as a teaching   enjoyable and safe environment
and research institution, and offers     for study. The Launceston campus
one of the best choices available in     includes the Australian Maritime
Australian higher education.             College (AMC).
The University has a total student       English Language Centre students
population of 20,000. This includes      enjoy access to the same services
over 4,000 international students from   as UTAS students, including libraries,
more than 60 countries, of which         sporting facilities and support services.
approximately 2,200 study on campus.
It has two major campuses, each with

English Language Centre                                                              Why study at the
                                                                                     University of Tasmania’s
The English Language Centre was established in 1989 and operates from two            English Language
campuses: Hobart and Launceston. The Centre provides a variety of innovative         Centre?
English language programs including General and Academic English as well
as direct entry programs to UTAS.                                                    • Affordable tuition fees
                                                                                       and living costs

                                                                                     • A safe and pleasant
                                                                                       environment in which
                                                                                       to live and study
                                                                                     • Situated on the University
                                                                                       of Tasmania campus and
                                                                                       providing access to the
                                                                                       same services and facilities
                                                                                       as University students
                                                                                     • Comprehensive orientation
                                                                                       program and on-going
                                                                                       student support
                                                                                     • A selection of General and
                                                                                       Academic English programs
                                                                                       providing a comprehensive
                                                                                       range of skills, including
                                                                                       those required for IELTS
                                                                                     • Qualified and experienced
                                                                                       teaching staff
                                                                                     • IELTS testing centre
                                                                                       on campus
                                                                                     • 24 hr access to computer
                                                                                     • Wireless laptop facilities

Hobart is Tasmania’s capital city.         • State and international cricket
It is Australia’s second oldest city       • ‘Taste of Tasmania’ food and
(after Sydney), and has a population         wine festival
of 200,000.
                                           • ‘10 Days on the Island’ arts festival
It has a beautiful location at the
mouth of the Derwent River and             • Bush-walking and skiing
the base of Mount Wellington, and          HOBART CAMpUS
residents and visitors enjoy stunning
                                           The University’s Hobart campus,
views wherever they are. Excellent
                                           including the English Language
public transport takes you from the
                                           Centre, is set on 100 hectares of land
city centre and its clubs, theatres and
                                           in the suburb of Sandy Bay, about
cinemas to local beaches and nearby
                                           15 minutes’ walk from the city centre.
nature reserves.
                                           Approximately 10,000 students attend
There are many things to do in and         the Hobart campus. Most students
around Hobart, including:                  can walk to classes as they live in
• Salamanca Market, one of                 on-campus accommodation or in
  Australia’s best outdoor markets         the surrounding suburbs.
• Live bands, theatre and film festivals


Launceston is Australia’s third oldest     There are many thing to do in and         LAUnCESTOn CAMpUS
city and has a population of 100,000.      around Launceston, including:             The Launceston campus of the
It is located among rolling hills at the                                             University, including the English
                                           • Rock climbing and abseiling
head of the Tamar River.                                                             Language Centre and Australian
                                           • AFL football
Launceston is the major city in the                                                  Maritime College (AMC), is situated
north of Tasmania and offers a wide        • Live music and theatre                  on 50 hectares on the banks of the
range of shopping centres, cinemas,        • Bush walking and skiing                 Tamar River at newnham. It is only 10
theatres, libraries, restaurants and                                                 minutes by bus from the city centre.
                                           • ‘Festivale’ food and wine festival
clubs. It is located close to popular                                                About 5,000 students are enrolled
nature parks and vineyards. The            • ‘10 Days on the Island’ arts festival   at this modern campus with many
magnificent Cataract Gorge is only                                                   students living on-campus or nearby.
1km from the city centre.

English Language Centre Courses and Programs

English is used all over the world and       on your existing language skills and
can help you every day, whether at           academic background, you can
work, on holiday, or for your studies.       choose one of the following options:
The English Language Centre offers a         • General English
range of English programs, from 5 to
                                             • Academic English
50 weeks in duration, which will suit
your needs.                                  • IELTS Preparation Course
The English Language Centre can help         • Direct Entry Academic Program
you gain entry to university, including        (DEAp)
the University of Tasmania. Depending        • Foundation Studies Program


                                               Intermediate General English (p.7)

               Intermediate Academic English (p.8)

            Upper-Intermediate Academic English (p.8)                   Upper-Intermediate General English (p.7)

                                         IELTS Exam preparation and/or IELTS Test (p.9)

              Direct Entry Academic program (p.9)                          Foundation Studies program (p.10)


English Language Requirements
If you wish to undertake degree studies at the University of Tasmania you will need to meet the following English
language requirements.

                                                                                                            Period of
    Type of Course    IELTS Academic           tOeFl/tWe             cB tOeFl             iBt tOeFl

                         6.0 (no band                                                     80 (no score
    Undergraduate*                                550/4.5               213                                    2 years
                        less than 5.5)                                                     below 20)

    postgraduate         6.0 (no band                                                     88 (no score
                                                  575/4.5               233                                    2 years
    (Coursework)*       less than 6.0)                                                     below 20)

    postgraduate         6.5 (no band                                                     92 (no score
                                                  600/4.5               250                                    2 years
    (Research)          less than 6.0)                                                     below 20)

    Foundation           5.0 (no band                             173 (essay rating       68 (no score
                                                   520/3                                                       2 years
    Studies program     less than 5.0)                            no less than 3.5)        below 14)

* English language requirements may be higher for some programs. please visit
  for more information.
General English

Duration: 5 to 50 weeks                   General English courses include:              • Grammar
Prerequisite: Elementary English          • Class placement during orientation          • Conversation and discussions
General English courses will help           and continuous assessment                   • Pronunciation
you in many ways. These courses             throughout the course
                                                                                    • Classes may include:
can provide a foundation for future       • Pre-intermediate to Upper-
studies, help with your job, or improve                                                 • Oral presentations
                                            intermediate level classes
your English before starting a holiday                                                  • Guest speakers
in Australia. They are also great for     • The skills relevant for IELTS
                                                                                        • Field trips
those who have a general interest in        tests including:
                                                                                        • IELTS test techniques
the English language.                        • Listening
                                                                                        • Project work
please note that we do not offer             • Reading
                                                                                        • Self-study
English courses for beginners.               • Writing
                                                                                        • Computer language learning
                                             • Speaking


          Monday                   Tuesday               Wednesday                Thursday                    Friday

       Grammar and             Listening and             Reading and             Listening and            Writing skills:
        vocabulary            speaking skills             vocabulary            speaking skills            sentences
 Listening and speaking                                                      Listening skills using
                           English for everyday     Reading and writing
     skills including                                                          English television          paragraphs
                                situations                skills
 pronunciation practice                                                         news programs
         Self study          Option classes*               Self study          Option classes*              Self study

†The   English Language Centre may change timetables in response to student needs and operational requirements.
*Option classes may include: IELTS reading and writing, city excursions, cooking, English in the movies, grammar
games, conversation with Australians, sport, IELTS listening and speaking.

Cambridge First Certificate in English
Exam Preparation Course (FCE)

Duration: 15 weeks (Hobart only)         • Vocabulary
Prerequisite: Intermediate English       • Reading
If you want to improve your English      • Writing
for your current job, or need higher-
level English for a new job, the FCE     • Cambridge exam preparation –
is an excellent qualification. The FCE     exam structure, questions and
is for students at an Intermediate         time management
level, or higher, who want to improve    • Practice tests
                                                                                 TOny (Thailand)
all areas of their English for the
workplace. Examinations are held         Special conditions
in June and December.                    • A minimum of 12 students is
Classes may include:                       required for the course to run.           I like the ELC because it has
                                         • Fees and textbooks must be paid for   small classes, a good education
• Grammar                                                                        system, and a lot of useful
                                           prior to the course commencing.
• Speaking                                 See our website for costs:            facilities. Moreover, I enjoy the
• Pronunciation                       class because the teachers have
                                                                                 many funny ways to teach me,
• Listening                                                                      and help me understand the
                                                                                 weaknesses in my English skills!
                                                                                 In Launceston, the people are very
                                                                                 kind, and it is a peaceful city – a
English plus Special Interest (Study Tours)
                                                                                 good place for study.

If you have a group of students          of the local region. please contact
wishing to visit Tasmania we can         our Short Course and Study Tour
design a program that combines           Coordinator on
English language study with tours        au for more information.

Academic English

Duration: 5 – 50 weeks                   Courses also cover university study
Prerequisite: Intermediate English       skills, including:
and above                                • Listening to lectures
Academic English courses prepare         • Taking notes
you for university study. you need an
Intermediate level of English to do an   • Making oral presentations
Academic English course.                 • Reading texts for speed and           kAnAkO (Japan)
All classes cover the skills relevant      accuracy
for IELTS tests, including:              • Developing vocabulary and
• Listening                                summarising
                                         • Writing essays                            I chose the ELC because I can
• Reading                                                                        learn English in a small class,
• Writing                                                                        which is a good atmosphere for me,
• Speaking                                                                       and all the students and teachers
                                                                                 are very friendly. I’ve made many
• Grammar                                                                        friends, who help me when I feel
• Conversation and discussions                                                   nervous! Tasmania has an extremely
• Pronunciation                                                                  beautiful night sky, I can see the
                                                                                 Milky Way and shooting stars.

IELTS Preparation Course

Duration: 10 weeks                      • Regular test practice
Prerequisite: available only            • Academic language skills
for current English Language              for university study
                                                                                 IELTS Testing
Centre students
                                                                                 The English Language Centre is the
This course gives excellent             Special conditions
                                                                                 only IELTS test centre in Tasmania.
preparation and practice for            • Available only for current English
                                                                                 IELTS tests are held in Launceston
the IELTS exam.                           Language Centre students
                                                                                 and Hobart throughout the year.
Classes may include:                    • Students must pass an internal         please see
• Language skills                         selection test to be eligible for test dates.
• Test strategies, including            • Student quotas apply

Direct Entry Academic Program (DEAP)

Duration: 10 or 15 weeks                Students who successfully complete     Special conditions
Prerequisites:                          DEAp will not have to sit another      • All applicants must have
• Must have a conditional offer for     IELTS test to commence their             the required IELTS or TOEFL
  a UTAS degree                         University studies.                      prerequisite scores and provide
• 15 week DEAP: IELTS Academic 5.5      Classes may include:                     their original test results
  (Writing 5, Reading 5), TOEFL 527     • Listening to lectures                • If students do not successfully
  (TWE 4), CBT 190 (ER 4): IBT 68                                                complete DEAp they will be
  (no score below 17)                   • Oral presentations and tutorials
                                                                                 required to sit an IELTS test to
• 10 week DEAP: IELTS Academic 5.5      • Essay writing techniques               enter the University
  (Writing 6, Reading 5.5), TOEFL 527   • Paraphrasing and summarising         • DEAP does not satisfy the English
  (TWE 4.5), CBT 190 (ER 4.5): IBT 68     techniques                             language entry requirements
  (no score below 19)                   • Academic vocabulary                    for the Bachelor of Medicine
This program is for students who        • Sentence structure/ academic           Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS),
have received a conditional offer         level grammar                          Bachelor of nursing fast-track
to the University of Tasmania.                                                   program, nor for entry into
                                                                                 2nd or 3rd year of the Bachelor
                                                                                 of nursing degree.

Foundation Studies Program

Duration: 32 weeks                        core subjects:                             SCHOLARSHIpS
Prerequisite: IELTS 5.0 with no band      • Academic English                         • Students in the Foundation Studies
less than 5.0, as well as meeting                                                      program may receive a Tasmanian
minimum academic requirements             • Computing and Research
                                                                                       International Scholarship (TIS).
(please see       • Australian Studies                         These scholarships provide high-                        Elective subjects:                           achieving students with a 25%
The Foundation Studies program            • Accounting                                 reduction in Foundation Studies
provides a pathway to university. It                                                   program tuition fees.
is designed for students who need to      • Biology – Environmental Studies
                                            and Life processes                       • If you receive very good results in
upgrade their high school results for                                                  the Foundation Studies program you
university study.                         • Business – Management                      may receive a TIS for your degree
The Foundation Studies program              and Marketing                              studies. This would reduce your
is an intensive 32 week program.          • Chemistry                                  tuition fees by 25% for the duration
Students who pass the program at          • Legal Studies                              of your degree.
the required level can move directly                                                 • All Foundation Studies Program
                                          • Mathematics
into their chosen degree program as                                                    graduates entering a University of
soon as the next semester begins.*        • Psychology                                 Tasmania degree will receive a 10%
The program has two intakes               • Research Studies                           reduction in tuition fees for the
per year. Students undertake              please note that subjects are                duration of their degree (unless they
six subjects, which include three         conditional on student numbers.              have been offered a TIS).
core subjects and three electives:
*Excludes Medicine and psychology. please note that meeting the minimum entry score for pharmacy does not guarantee entry due
 to the limited number of places available.

English Language Teacher Training

For those wishing to become English       suitably qualified adults, is one of the
language teachers, the English            most widely recognised international
Language Centre delivers the              qualifications in English language
Cambridge Certificate of English          teaching. For more information visit
Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA).
This intensive four-week course, for

Frequently asked questions

WHAT FACILITIES CAn I USE AT              WHAT CLASS WILL I BE In?                and we are a member of English
THE UnIvERSITy OF TASMAnIA?               your class level will depend on your    Australia. This ensures that our
English Language Centre students          language level and the kind of class    programs and facilities are of the
have access to the full range of UTAS     you want. All students sit a Language   highest quality, our teachers are
facilities and services. These include:   placement Test upon arrival. The        highly qualified and our students
                                          test covers speaking with a teacher,    receive excellent support.
• Computer laboratories
  (open 24 hours)                         listening, writing and reading. When
                                                                                  WHAT DEGREES DOES THE
                                          new students talk with one of our       UnIvERSITy OF TASMAnIA OFFER?
• Libraries
                                          teachers, we ask about your future
• Free University email account                                                   The University offers a broad range
                                          study plans and your reasons for
                                                                                  of undergraduate and postgraduate
• Sports centre                           learning English. This will help the
                                                                                  degrees in the following faculties:
                                          teachers to place you in the correct
• Medical surgery (Hobart only)                                                   Arts, Business, Education, Health
                                          class and at the right level.
• Shops and food outlets                                                          Science, Law, and Science,
                                          WHAT ARE THE TEACHERS’                  Engineering and Technology, as well
• Travel agent
                                          qUALIFICATIOnS AnD                      as the Australian Maritime College
• Student counselling, careers            ExpERIEnCE?                             (AMC). For more information on
  advisory service and student            All of our English language teachers    our degrees, please visit
  employment agency                       have university degrees. They also
• Student clubs and societies             must have special qualifications in
                                                                                  HOW DO I AppLy?
                                          Teaching English as a Second or
• Entertainment and social events                                                 you can apply for the ELC by visiting
                                          Other Language (TESOL). A number
HOW MAny STUDEnTS ARE                     of staff hold a Masters degree in       our website at
In EACH CLASS?                            TESOL. Most staff have lived and and completing the
                                          taught English in other countries.      online application form. If you prefer,
The maximum in any class is 18.
                                                                                  you can download an application
The average class has 16 students.
                                          ARE THE COURSES ACCREDITED?             form from the site. For more
                                          The English Language Centre’s           information on applying please refer
                                          programs are accredited by nEAS         to the back cover of this brochure.

Things to do in Tasmania

Tasmania is one of the world’s most                                                • Surfing
beautiful islands, famous for its native                                           • Horse riding
animals, ancient forests, clean white                                              • Fishing
beaches and amazing scenery. It is
very easy to travel around Tasmania                                                HISTORy AnD HERITAGE
and you can enjoy many activities.                                                 Tasmania is Australia’s second oldest
                                                                                   settlement and has a rich history:
                                                                                   • Beautiful old buildings and towns
There is plenty to do in Hobart
                                                                                   • Tasmanian Aborigines: 40,000
and Launceston:
                                                                                     year history
• Cafes and restaurants
• Shopping                                                                         ART AnD DESIGn
• Cinema and theatre                                                               Tasmania attracts artists and
• Live music                                                                       designers from around the world.
• Museums                                                                          you can visit:
you will find peace and beauty nearby:                                             • Galleries
                                           FOOD AnD WInE
• Mount Wellington (Hobart)                                                        • Jewellery stores
                                           Tasmania is famous for its food, wine   • Furniture making studios
• Cataract Gorge (Launceston)
                                           and beer. you can visit:                • Artists’ studios
                                           • Berry farms
                                           • Cheese producers
                                           • Vineyards
                                           • Breweries

                                           SpORTS AnD ADvEnTURE
                                           Tasmania is a great place for
                                           adventure activities. you can try:
                                           • Rock climbing
                                           • Skiing
                                           • Mountain biking
                                           • Sea kayaking
                                           • White water rafting
                                                                                   nATURE, WILDERnESS
                                           • Hiking                                AnD WILDLIFE
                                           Sport is also very popular:             Tasmania’s most famous attraction
                                           • Golf                                  is its nature:
There are markets all over
                                           • Tennis                                • Beautiful wilderness areas
Tasmania selling:
                                           • Football                              • Mountains
• Food                                     • Swimming                              • Beaches
• Clothes                                  • Cycling                               • Forests
• Antiques                                 • Sailing                               Tasmania has many national parks,
• Craft
                                                                                   reserves and wildlife parks where
                                                                                   you can see:
                                                                                   • Kangaroos
                                                                                   • Wallabies
                                                                                   • Echidnas
                                                                                   • Wombats
                                                                                   • Tasmanian devils
                                                                                   • Platypuses


A wide variety of housing options             RESIDEnTIAL COLLEGES: CHRIST                  LEpREnA
is available for both the Hobart              COLLEGE AnD FISHER COLLEGE                    On CAMpUS (LAUnCESTOn)
and Launceston campuses.                      On CAMpUS (HOBART)                            • Fully furnished single room
Accommodation Officers at both                • Fully furnished single room
                                                                                            • Buy and cook your own meals
campuses can help you find a place
                                              • Full board, includes all meals                in a shared kitchen
to stay. you can choose:
                                              • Easy walk to your classes                   • Shared bathrooms, lounge/TV
HOMESTAy (HOBART                              • Internet connection                           area and laundry
AnD LAUnCESTOn)                                                                             • Internet connection
                                              • Get to know Australian and
• Live with an Australian family                international students                      • Get to know Australian and
• Your own furnished room                                                                     international students
                                              UnIvERSITy ApARTMEnTS
• All meals provided                          On CAMpUS (HOBART)                            kERSLAkE HALL
• Share family activities                     • Modern 6 bedroom apartments                 On CAMpUS (LAUnCESTOn)
                                              • Fully furnished single room                 • Fully furnished single room
(HOBART)                                      • Buy and cook your own meals                 • Buy and cook your own meals
                                                in a modern kitchen                           in a shared modern kitchen
• For students who want to live
  independently with other students           • Residents can purchase                      • Shared bathrooms, lounge/TV
                                                meal packages                                 area and laundry
• Furnished single room
                                              • Internet connection                         • Internet connection
• Buy and cook your own meals
  in a shared kitchen                         • Get to know Australian and                  • Pleasant grounds with
                                                international students                        barbecue facilities
• Shared lounge, laundry
  and bathroom                                                                              • Get to know Australian and
                                                                                              international students
• Close to the University and
  students can walk to their classes
• Get to know Australian and                                                                  for information on current
  international students                                                                      accommodation fees and
                                                                                              application forms.

Disclaimer: All information contained in this brochure is correct at the time of publication. The University reserves the right to alter
or amend any details as required.
For detailed information on all UTAS courses, campuses, facilities, fees, refund policy, rules of admission and assessment, the
ESOS Framework and an overview of the local Tasmanian environment, please visit the UTAS International Students website on:
How to apply

Applying to the English Language Centre is easy!
visit and apply
online or download an application form.
If you need assistance, the University of Tasmania has
a number of registered agents to help you in your home
country. This service is free. To find the agent closest to
you visit
For all enrolment information please contact:                 Australia
Admissions Officer
English Language Centre
University of Tasmania
private Bag 14
Hobart Tas 7001
Tel: +61 3 6226 1781
Fax: +61 3 6226 1885



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