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									                                    FSU                 update
Following the enthusiastic response to the publication in 1992 of our multi-client study
New Countries, New Challenges - the Fertilizer Industries of the Independent
Republics of the former Soviet Union, FERTECON launched a regular service on the
FSU in 1993. This publication is the only regular service to report on and analyse the
developments affecting the fertilizer industries of the FSU.

This unique report, entitled FSU UPDATE, is published four times a year. The frequency
of the report allows for some flexibility in publication dates to allow us to respond to the
timing of particular key issues within the political and economic arena.

Each report addresses several KEY ISSUES affecting fertilizer consumption and
production. The key issues may cover the latest developments in the political and
economic arena and the latest developments in the agricultural sector, such as the
outcome of the grain harvest or an analysis of the problems facing FSU agriculture as it
attempts to restructure. Developments in production, consumption and trade for the
major fertilizer nutrients and fertilizer products are covered in key issues. Previous issues
have included articles covering in detail exports of ammonia, urea, potash and other
fertilizers, trends in fertilizer consumption, Government attempts to boost agricultural
output, Russian fertilizer use by crop, ownership of plants and the outlook for gas pricing
in the FSU.

Each issue also contains sections on REPUBLIC NEWS, presenting, for example,
information on gas production and feedstock pricing to the fertilizer industries, fertilizer
production, consumption and trade data, plant, project and company news, agricultural
production, economic news and trade regulations.

Each issue also contains an INTERNATIONAL MARKETS section, covering the latest
developments in the pricing of FSU ammonia, urea, phosphates, potash and sulphur in
the world market. A section on CURRENCIES AND EXCHANGE RATES covers the
developments in each of the states of the FSU. Extensive use is made of tables and

Subscribers receive four issues each year by email and airmail. To subscribe to FSU
UPDATE, complete the order form on the back and return it to FERTECON in the UK.
                      ORDER FORM
                       FERTECON LIMITED
 Royal Victoria House 3 The Pantiles 3 TUNBRIDGE WELLS 3 Kent 3 TN2 5TE
            Telephone: + 44 1892 701710 3 Fax: + 44 20 7681 1359
                          Email: info@fertecon.com

     I would like to take out an annual subscription to the FERTECON report FSU
     UPDATE. I accept the conditions set out below.

     Please invoice my company / I enclose a cheque* for £1,800 / $3,775 for a
     one-year subscription.

EU companies please specify VAT registration number:


                           * please delete as applicable





E-mail address:

Phone:                                      Fax:

Subscriptions are payable in advance. Subscribers will receive FIVE reports a year.
The reports are for the exclusive use of the purchaser and must not be lent, hired,
sold or reproduced in any way without written permission from FERTECON Limited.

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