Motorola Ojo Personal Video Phone Now Available Nationwide

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					Motorola Ojo Personal Video Phone Now
Available Nationwide

 Experiencing a powerful face-to-face conversation with those important to you just got a little easier,
as Motorola, Inc. today expanded the retail availability of the Ojo Personal Video Phone. Tweeter
Home Entertainment, Magnolia Audio Video, and Harvey Electronics retail outlets nationwide will
now carry the award-winning Motorola Ojo.

With the addition of these new partners, consumers from coast-to-coast can now walk in to a convenient
retail location and experience Motorola Ojo first-hand. Motorola now offers Ojo in over 200 retail

Motorola Ojo makes it easy to share special moments and feel close to people important to you, even when
you can’t physically be together. The phone enables face-to-face conversations – complete with
full-motion video and synchronized audio – over any high-speed Internet connection1, keeping friends,
family, co-workers, and more seamlessly connected.

“Tweeter is constantly seeking out cool new technology for our customers,� said Dave Malin, vice
president solutions and services, Tweeter Home Entertainment Group. “The Motorola Ojo is a unique
product with a huge wow factor. We anticipate that it will be very popular with our customer base. The best
part is that it is easy to use. If you can dial a phone - you can operate an Ojo.�

“Over 85% of the consumers that have purchased Ojo have said that their video telephony experience
has met or exceeded their expectations. With the addition of these new retail locations, even more
consumers have the opportunity to experience Ojo for themselves,� said David Grubb, vice president,
Motorola consumer entertainment solutions. “Across the board, our new retail partners are industry
leaders in serving their customers with innovative product selections and consumer electronics

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