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					A really huge amount of people miss out on their chances of becoming "test-personel"
for the new Apple products. Apple is a company which release some of their new
products to the public for FREE. Such as the new "iPhone4 for testing purposes". It is
available for anyone and anywhere as of right now! Some of you may think that it is
difficult to become a tester and that you would never recieve the free iPhone 4 for
testing purposes in exchange of your own feedback on the specific product, am I right?
Fact of the matter is this, you could not have been more mistaken! The only thing
required is for you to enter the promotional web page which so gently offers free
Apple iPhone 4 in exchange for your honest review. Usually their is a survey to fill
out like to give your pro's and con's about the product. No need to write any articles.
Just simple filling out the blanks. Easier than that is REALLY impossible to find! The
reason why the companies is doing this is quite simple actually. Every year the
biggest companies in the industry have to perform extensive market research. This
can be done by paying some specialized company to do it for them... Or, ethically
bribe people like you and me (with a FREE iPhone 4 in this case) in order to get an
honest opinion on what people like and dislike and so on. This is an excellent way for
the companies to evalueate what they should. The user feedback is most often the best
their is. If a company provides the testing all togheter they may miss out on some
aspects of the particular product. In this case it would be the social aspect. Companies
provide thurrow testing yes, butr they lack the bigger picture. The longer the
particular product is tested in "real" world by "real" people, the better the odds for
improvement for the next model. Bug fixing and more is to be evalueated by certain
standards and norms. After this testing is finished and the provider sees that perhaps
some improvement can be done, they implement the new found strategies or whatever
this may be to the next model. This is common procedure. That is why testers are a
great asset for the companies and for users of the products.So bottom line is this:
Everybody is happy with this kind of arrangement. The company gets the information
they need on the product from their survey, and you get to keep a brand new Apple
iPhone 4 for FREE. Sound good? Beware of people trying to tell you that all on the
internet is a scam. They might say it is impossible for you to get your hands on the
new Iphone 4. This is not true, because you most definetely can! Look up the website.
Check to see if there are any spots left in your area by entering your zip code for so to
get your free iPhone! Best of luck to you!

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