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									'Incredible India' 鈥?this is the term that the Government has used to promote India
on the global tourism platform. Just what is so incredible about India, you might
wonder. If you have never been to India before, this thought is likely to cross you
mind. If you have been on an India Tour before, you would only smile fondly every
time you read this statement. Every sight, sound and taste of India is incredible. This
ideal may sound lofty, but to the avid traveler who seeks to be inspired by intriguing
experiences, this is the ultimate solution. To begin with, let us take off at what can be
termed as touristic delights. The backwaters of Kerala, the beaches of Goa and the
exhaustive sojourn through Rajasthan begin your tryst with Incredible India. As you
proceed, you head through to unchartered territory, and start to make your own epic
on India with experiences which can be unique only to you. This is the first miracle of
India. The same region can inspire different thoughts in each individual, which is
what goes in to making the experiences personal and memorable. Take a walk down
the endless history. Include monuments like the Taj Mahal, Qutb Minar, ruins of
Hampi, churches of Goa and grand French architecture of Pondicherry. The temples
of India are humbling 鈥?the Tirupati Balaji temple, Madurai Meenakshi temple,
Jagannath temple at Puri and also the Krishna Temple at Nathdwara in Rajasthan are
only the most famous temples, while the smaller ones are in no way less appealing.
Several tours in India take shape very easily. Adventure tours have several locales
with waterfalls, rivers, beaches and jungles. Pilgrimage tours are by far the most
exhaustive, while history and culture tours span the entire length and breadth of the
country. Medical tourism is also gaining popularity with alternative treatments like
ayurveda finding increased appeal. Talking about natural endowments, India needs to
do very little to strike a chord with people. The hills and valleys in the north are
refreshing and inviting, the plains of Punjab serve the most delectable fares made
using rich ingredients. Endless fields that grow grains which feed the whole country
and several parts of the world, this is home to the Golden Temple. Getting about India
is another incredible experience. Try your hand with the local buses which may be
teeming with people, but this is among the best ways to take in the true Indian spirit.
The railways offer supreme connectivity, and are highly functional. Although they
may take you a little longer than the regular flight, this is one chance to understand
the Indian lifestyle and thought. Being in India is like being at home in heaven. There
are foods for the Gods, sights that make paradise seem a reality, and people who are
celestial. No matter where you are from, you are sure to fit in like you have always
belonged here.

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