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									                    THE YOUNG INVENTORS AWARD 2008

Date : 3rd November 2008
Venue : Balai Berita NST, 31 Jalan Riong, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

                                   PROFILE OF FINALISTS
School                  :       SK Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Team Members            :       Saeshan Pillai (Standard 5)
Teacher Supervisor      :       Selvaraju Pillai (Father)
Title of Invention      :       The Mini Plane

Description of Invention
The idea is to create an air vehicle that runs on a renewable source of energy.
This mini plane will have a solar panel, which absorbs the sun’s energy in a specially adapted
This will enable users to fly the vehicle at night. This will be transport of the future. It will be
sold at an affordable price as an alternative family vehicle.
My invention will be another solution to ease traffic congestion and minimize pollution.

School                      :   SK METHODIST ACS Ipoh, Perak
Team Members                :   Chan Ka Jun (Primary -Year 5)
                                Daniel Shafiq (Primary - Year 5)
                                Deepak Loong (Primary - Year 5)
                                Gautheman Kurup (Primary - Year 5)
Teacher Supervisor          :   En Razali Bin Ramli
Title of Invention          :   The Fan Car

Description of Invention
The “Fan Car” is a car that is powered by a fan attached to the rear end of the car. The fan is
powered by solar and wind power. The wind generated by the fan will be funneled through two
air tubes attached along the sides of the car, which in turn will push the pistons and the
carburetors to get the car started and moving.
School                 :      SK Convent, Ipoh, Perak
Team Member            :      Bernadette Monica
Teacher Supervisor     :      Lee Wai Cheng
Title of Invention     :      The Wonderful Mini House

Description of Invention
This is an invention that takes away all energy consuming devices in a house and looks at
devices that can use wind and solar energy.
The mini house saves costs because the fuel source is a solar panel and other heavy energy
consuming appliances use wind turbines.

School                 :      SMK Kolombong, Inaman, Sabah
Team Members           :      Mohammed Amerzan Amilson
                              Ezwan Shahfuan Husin
                              Mohd. Faidzhul Hamali
Teacher Supervisor     :      Puan. Noradilah Sulimai
Title of Invention      :     The Hydro-Wind Generator

Description of Invention
This is an electric supplier that uses wind energy and the rainfall to generate electricity.
Basically, this generator uses the basic knowledge of Faraday’s Law, that is: the magnitude of
the E.M.F is directly proportional to the rate of change of magnetic flux. It means if a magnet is
slid inside a hundred turn copper coil, the magnet will produce a charge that will be converted
later to electricity.

School                        :       Malay College Kuala Kangsar, Perak
Team Members                  :       Rezza Emir Rifhan bin Raman
                                      Muhamad Fazril Kasfahmi
                                      Muhamad Irwan Kamarul Asri
                                      Muhammad Mafazi Bin Ad Samad
Teacher Supervisor            :       Puan Sharifah Nor Azam bt. Syed Zainal
Title of Invention            :       Modern Solar Dryer (Soldra)

Description of Invention
This is a solar dryer that can conserve heat energy and is not affected by rain or humidity. It is a
clothes drying device that is powered by solar energy and can store heat during direct sunlight.
The stored heat can be used to dry clothes when direct sunlight is unavailable.
School                        :       SMK King George V
                                      Negeri Sembilan
Team Members                      :   Timothy Kwan Joon Ming
                                      Puay Sheng Hwa
                                      Marya Suflin bt. Muhamad Halim Shah
                                      Lee Yin Yin
Teacher Supervisor                :   Chan Sook Lai
Title of Invention                :   Georgian Solar Cooker

Description of Invention
The Georgian Solar Cooker is the perfect, portable, low-cost cooker made with recycled
materials. This solar cooker works on the concept of reflection of light. Sunlight is concentrated
in a cooking area by using mirrors or any reflective surface. The light from the sun will be
reflected to the pot. The cooker reflects light to a focal point just like a magnifying glass. The
heat from the sun will slowly cook the food kept inside the cooker.

School                            :   SMK Tasik Damai, Ipoh
Team Members                      :   Vekneswaraj a/l Arumugam
                                      Gurvinder Singh a/l Sukcharan Singh
                                      Selventhirakumar a/l Ramiah
                                      Mohd. Hafizzudin bin Bahari
Teacher Supervisor                :   Puan Jayanthi a/p Karuppan
Title of Invention                :   The Vacuum–Fire Extinguisher

Description of Invention
The main idea of this invention is to use the principles of air pressure to stop fire without
polluting the air around. We discovered that vacuum means no air pressure. It has a big
potential to put out big fires. Furthermore, it also fast and efficient.

School                            :   SMK Convent, Ipoh
Team Members                      :   Lee Li Tng
                                      Rachel Mah Jin Ling
                                      Selina Wilson
                                      Yogapriya Muniandy
Teacher Supervisor                :   Ms. Ng Kit Wan
Title of Invention                :   The Hydrojuicer

Description of Invention
This fruit juicer uses hydro energy to power it instead of electrical energy. Water from the tap
is directed using a rubber hose into the input part of the Hydrojuicer. The flowing water causes
the turbine to spin and directly rotates the blades that will juice the fruits.
School                         :   SMK (P) Sultan Ibrahim, Johor Bahru
Team Members                   :   Michelle Ng Ru Hui
                                   Sharmili Arulanantham
                                   Najwa Asilah
                                   Nithiyah Devaraju
Teacher Supervisor         :       Navinder Kaur
Title of Invention         :       Solar Fan Cum Energy Storage

Description of Invention
The Solar Fan Cum Energy Storage is a smart solution to produce electricity by converting solar
energy into electrical energy. This product will make our lives easier and more comfortable.
This invention will work optimally especially in countries that have sufficient sunlight all year
long. Furthermore, excess electrical energy produced by solar panels would be stored for usage

School                               :      SMK (S) Muzaffar Syah, Melaka
Team Members                         :      Hairul Azizi bin Azri
                                            Muhammad Amir bin Ab. Rahman
                                            Nazirul Syafiq bin Sharip
                                            Amira Shakira bte Badarisman
Teacher Supervisor                   :      Faizahanim bte Ya’amah
Title of Invention                   :      Midori Table

Description of Invention
Midori means greenery in Japanese - attractive green leaves or plants and is used as a
metaphor for our product. From this name you can gather that our product is environment-
friendly. This smart table works on two types of power sources. First is from the kinetic energy
around us and secondly is from the power socket that is available anywhere.

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