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					It is very difficult to get business class flights when you’re flying often. Flying
business class has more advantages than flying coach. In this class, you will find more
legroom, better service, and laptop connections and personal care amenities. If you
notice,executive class flights are now not reserved for just business people.
  If you’re planning to visit your family or go in for vacation, you can enjoy the
services of business class without breaking the bank. Here are a few tips that can help
in getting cheap executive class flights. *There are many airlines that may book
executive class tickets at cheaper rates if prior notice is provided. If you book tickets
before 30-60 days of actual date of travel, you can save 40% -60% on airfare.
*Maintain loyalty with one airline. If you are flying with one airline or a group of
airlines that provide mileage benefits you can get an elite status which means you can
get benefits like advance check in facilities, your luggage allowance would be slightly
higher than people who do not have an elite status. For this work you have to
purchase a fare that allows upgrades. You can speak with your carrier, travel agent for
fares that allow upgrades. *Dress to impress. It is important that people wear business
casuals if they want to be recognized. If you wear a tee shirt or short you may not get
upgraded to executive class, than when you wear khakis, shirt and a semi-formal shirt.
If you are well dressed and you have frequent flier account your chances of getting
upgraded are a lot better. *Use services of savvy travel agent. A savvy agent can
compare different options based on your preferences, and tell you which option would
work best for you. *Ask ticket agent whether there are any seats available in first class.
*Be friendly to ticket agent. They are required to follow certain procedures, but a little
friendliness might help and certainly couldn’t hurt. *Business class seating tends to
offer more entertainment in a bigger package. For example; United Airlines executive
class seats have 15-inch personal TV screens. *If you belong to an airline’s frequent
flyer club, you will often receive more miles for flying executive class. For example,
Delta credits your account with 150 percent of the actual miles flown in a executive
class seat. United offers priority check-in, boarding and deplaning. Delta and United
both make sure that you are the first to receive your bags in the claim area post-flight.
You can also enjoy access to airport lounges. *Business class seating provides more
entertainment like 15 inch personal TV screens, noise reducing headphones, gourmet
meals, premium alcohol etc.
  International Traveling especially from USA to various destinations is offered at a
discounted rate for business class flights,business class fares by
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