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									                                                                                           T: 02 9630 2222
                                 Treasure Trails n Hu nts                                  f: 02 9630 3436
                                             w it h a F un tw ist                          e:
                                      Ahoy, avast, arghhhh & aye aye!                      w:

                 TREASURE HUNTS
Social Groups, Family Fun, 21 st , 25 th ,
30 t h , 40 t h , 50 t h Birthday Celebrati ons
Activities, Hens Nights, BUCKS PartY!
Thrilling Treasure Hunts for everyone, day and night activities in Sydney's Rocks
on Sydney Harbour in Darling Harbour, Manly, Bondi & Coogee Beaches.

Perfect for celebrations, social groups, families, hens, bucks nights & kicking off
parties or Christmas events. Enjoy playing with your friends in a clever way
without shooting yourself in the foot! Experience a pirating rite of passage around
Sydney’s or Melbourne’s famous Haunts. Thrill specialises in fun Sydney
activities for groups. We ensure your celebration goes off with a bang! Land
based or Island hop on Sydney Harbour Ferries, Water Taxis & Thrill Jet Boats.
Embark on a fun hens activities in search of real hidden treasures with a
fun twist! Experiencing and creating history within The Rocks of Sydney. Starting
at a Rocks Pub, Observatory Hill, Restaurant or secret sandstone Rocks Cellar.
Thrill Coordinators, Captains, Convicts o r Pirates if you dare,
launches your Sydney ROCKS, Treasure Hunt. Groups set off on an exciting
quest, challenging their crews resourcefulness.
To solve the location of a hidden & locked Treasure Chest, filled with Holy Grail
and secret goodies like chocolates & wines. Whilst Searching for letters, symbols
and codes. Decipher cryptic messages and overcome a variety of fun crew
challenges and activities in The historic Rocks of Sydney Harbour.
    •   Thrill Coordinator (Captain, Convict or Pirate – Male or Female).
    •   Specialised The Rocks Treasure Hunting maps.
    •   Social Group fashionable colour coded bandannas.
    •   Clue sheets & Scavenger hunt item checklist
    •   Secret Holy Grail Treasure Hunt Trophy - Engraved with your message.

En-route intercepts for fun group activities:
    •   Escape a Family, Friends, Hens or Bucks, Convict Chain Gang line up.
    •   Terse Verse, or Sing a Sea Shanty in the Rocks, to receive a drop of ale!
    •   Investigate historic buildings and Sydney Harbour dock-sides.
    •   Conga Dance Lines, Hens Hula Hoop, Mystery & a bit of Mayhem.
    •   Sink a schooner, Enjoy an ale of pale or a Cocktail Teaser
    •   Explore myths at historic Sydney Rocks pubs: The Australian, The
        Glenmore, The Orient, The Lord Nelson, The Hero Of Waterloo, The
        Harbour View, The Fortune Of War, The Observer & The Mercantile pub.

Each clue location has fun activities to complete, a selection of Rocks pubs, with
a beer tasting. A real Treasure chest is discovered by crews tactics, strategy and
style. The focus of the Treasure Hunt is customised to your group.

The real twist – once the secret word is unscrmabled, all Social groups, Hens
nights, Bucks parties or Families get together for 20 minutes to unlock the chest
& plunder the treasures. Complimented with awards and presentations at one of
Sydney’s or Melbourne’s famous pubs or restaurants. A winning celebration.

Complete Treasure Hunt enquiry p2. or fax back today for
FREE Photography, Champagne & delicious Chocolates! T: 02 9630 2222
Extras – Pole D anc in g, B eer/ Wine/Choco late T astin g, BBQ’s, Res ta uran ts, GP S.
                                                                                                     T: 02 9630 2222
                                  Treasure Trails n Hu nts                                           f: 02 9630 3436
                                               w it h a F un tw ist                                  e:
                                        Ahoy, avast, arghhhh & aye aye!                              w:

         Thankyou for your Groups THRILL Sydney Harbour ROCKS!
  Dar li ng Har bour Das h, B ondi Br ea k er s, Coo gee Chas er , Melb ou r ne May hem ,
             B lu e Mountai ns Br ea ka wa y, Sy dney O lym pic T r easu r es
                   Treasure Hunts with a FUN Twist enquiry???????

   Please provide as many of the followin g details for a quote & free offer!

Contact Person:                                        Mobile:
Group name:                                            Reason for Celebration:
Email:                                                 Phone: land line
Numbers: Minimum                                       Maximum
Date Required: 1.                                      2.

Time start: ______ / Location _______________           Time finish: ______/ Location ______________

Circle Treasure Hunt Location: Sydney ROCKS, Darling Harbour, Manly Beach, Coogee Beach, Bondi Beach,

Sydney Olympic Park, Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains, Berrima or Bowral - Southern Highlands, Melbourne.

Transport additional to walking (circle). Jet Boats + $39pp, Water Taxis + $250-$300ea, Ferries + $15pp.


Pole Dancing, Beer Tasting, Wine Tasting, Food Tasting, Digging for Treasure,

Group Background, Ability and particular interests / inclusions of group: ________________

Number of Crews: ____. How many in a crew (we recommend 4 – 9): ____

Degree of challenges (please circle). 1 Mild 2 Stimulating 3 Challenging 4. Just 4 FUN

ie Friends, Hens, Bucks Groups. Budget range: _____________ (min cost $1,100-)

Extra requirements: ______________________________________________________________

Transport: from _____________ to: _________ Return: _______________

Special needs or customisation ie We would like to visit ______________________, drink, play

Design my special celebration……provide a summary ____________________________________________________

Congratulations!- complete online or this page to Fax: 02 9630 3436

         BONUS use M=1 to decode message:       20. 6. 19. 19 Answer: __ __ __ __ Photographic Package valued at $330+

THRILL will quote your Sydney Social Group, Family Activity, Hens, Bucks, Harbour Rocks

Treasure Hunt! Or Make it Amazing – yes an Amazing Race…..

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