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                FORLI’ CAMPUS

                 ACADEMIC YEAR 2010/2011

INSTITUTION     Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna

  CAMPUS        Forlì

  COUNTRY       Italy


 CONTACTS       International Relations Office:

                Corso Diaz, 45
                47121 Forlì

                Tel.: 00.39.0543.374847/49/35
                Fax: 00.39.0543.374850
                Office Hours:
                Mon, Tue, Fri: 9am-11.15am
                Wed: 9am-12.00am
                Tue, Thu: 2.30pm-3.30pm

  FACULTIES     Advanced School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and
                Translators (SSLMIT) - Forlì:

                Faculty of Economics – Forlì:

                Second Faculty of Engineering – Forlì-Cesena:

                Faculty of Political Science «Roberto Ruffilli» - Forlì:

 LLP/ERASMUS    Institutional Coordinator:
INSTITUTIONAL   Dott.ssa Giovanna Filippini:
   FACULTY      Advanced School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators
                Prof. ssa Pilar Capanaga:

                Faculty of Economics – Forlì
                Prof. Mauro Carboni:

                Second Faculty of Engineering – Forlì-Cesena
                Prof. Alessandro Talamelli:

                Faculty of Political Science «Roberto Ruffilli» - Forlì
                Prof. Irmgard Elter:

                7th October 2010

                SECOND SEMESTER:
                February 2011
APPLICATION    Before starting the application procedure please be sure your home
               university has emailed us your nomination at:

               The University of Bologna, once accepted the request, send you an e-
               mail confirmation and temporary user ID and password that will
               allow you to access the online registration.
               After online registration you will get the acceptance letter,
               automatically generated, and username and password for access to
               online services of the University of Bologna.
               Online registration is obligatory and must be completed before
               arriving in Italy.
               Online registration for students, who will spend a period of study at
               the University of Bologna in the academic year 2010-2011, will begin
               in late May 2010. Each student will receive a communication
               indicating the website, user ID and password to access the

REGISTRATION   Upon arrival all Erasmus students are required to visit the
 PROCEDURE     International Relations Office in Forlì with 2 passport-sized photos
               and a copy of their identity card or passport.

  TERM AND     Advanced School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and
EXAMINATION    Translators (SSLMIT) - Forlì:
               FIRST SEMESTER:
               04/10/10 - 22/12/10 → Lectures
               23/12/10 - 06/01/11 → Christmas holidays
               10/01/11 - 06/02/11 → Examination session

               SECOND SEMESTER:
               07/02/11 - 14/05/11 → Lectures
               21/04/11 - 26/04/11 → Easter holidays
               17/05/11 - 15/07/11 → Examination session
               01/09/11 - 15/10/11 → Examination session

               Faculty of Economics – Forlì:

               FIRST SEMESTER:
               27/09/2010 - 03/11/2010 → Lectures
               4/11/2010 - 13/11/2010 → Examination session
               15/11/2010 - 29/12/2010 → Lectures
24/12/2010 - 06/01/2011→ Christmas holidays
10/01/2011 - 26/02/2011 → Examination session

28/02/2011 - 05/04/2011→ Lectures
06/04/2011 -16/04/2011 → Examination session
18/04/2011 -07/06/2011 → Lectures
21-26/04/2011 → Easter holidays
08/06/2011 - 31/07/2011 → Examination session
1-31/08/2011 → Summer holidays
01-24/09/2011 → Examination session

Second Faculty of Engineering – Forlì-Cesena:

20.09.2010 - 17.12.2010 → Lectures
20.12.2010 - 25.02.2011 → Examination session

28.02.2011 - 10.06.2011 → Lectures
13.06.2011 - 31.07.2011 → Examination session

Faculty of Political Science «Roberto Ruffilli» – Forlì:

27.09.2010 – 17.12.2010 → Lectures
23.12.2010 – 06.01.2011 → Christmas holidays
07.01.2011 – 25.02.2011 → Examination session

28.02.2011 - 20.04.2011 → Lectures
21.04.2011 - 26.04.2011 → Easter holidays
27.04.2011 – 31.05.2011 → Lectures
01.06.2011 – 29.07.2011 → Examination session

Faculty of Political Science «Roberto Ruffilli» - LM MIREES

27.09.2010 – 18.12.2010 → Lectures
23.12.2010 – 06.01.2011 → Christmas holidays
07.01.2011 – 15.01.2011 → Examination session

18.01.2011 – 31.03.2011 → Lectures
              01.04.2011 - 06.04.2011 → Easter holidays
              07.04.2011 – 18.06.2011 → Lectures
              21.06.2011 – 16.07.2011 → Examination session

              For a more detailed overview please refer to the home pages of the
              Faculties, then:
              > Studenti > Calendario Accademico
              > Studenti > Orario delle lezioni e Note e Variazioni

   COURSE     Each course is given by a certain amount of ECTS credits (1ECTS or
INFORMATION   European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System = 1CFU or
              Credito Formativo Universitario = 25 workload hours) and is
              sometimes divided in modules (usually two). At the end of each
              teaching activity (or module) students are expected to pass an exam
              in order to obtain final marks and the credits designated to that


              Full list of classes in 2010/2011 is available at:

              Advanced School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and
              Translators (SSLMIT) - Forlì:

              Faculty of Economics - Forlì:

              Second Faculty of Engineering – Forlì-Cesena:

              Faculty of Political Science «Roberto Ruffilli» - Forlì:

  COURSES     Advanced School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and
 TAUGHT IN    Translators (SSLMIT) - Forlì:
Courses on foreign languages and foreign literature are taught in the
original language. Italian Linguistics, Italian Literature, Italian
Language, and optional courses are taught in Italian.

Faculty of Economics - Forlì:
 International Monetary Economics (4 ects)
Game Theory and Negotiation (4 ects)
Human Resources Development and Leadership (4 ects)
Commercial Law II (4 ects)
Fund Raising Principles and Techniques (8 ects)
Entrepreneurial Finance and Venture Capital (4 ects)
Innovation Economics (4 ects)
Economic Theory of Organization (4 ects)
Labour Law (4 ects)
Labour Economics (4 ects)

Investments and Venture Capital (6 ects)
Financial Analysis (4 ects)
Internal Auditing (4 ects)
Social Reporting in the Public Sector (4 ects)
Social Entrepreneurship (8 ects)
Industrial Economics (4 ects)
Merchant banking and private equity (4 ects)
Human Resources Development and Leadership (4 ects)
Strategic Marketing (4 ects)
Economic Relationships between non profit organizations and the
public administration (4 ects)

Exchange students may choose courses of the bachelor’s degree and
the master’s degree regardless of their background.

For further information on course contents please refer to the
following link:

Second Faculty of Engineering – Forlì-Cesena:

The Faculty does not offer courses taught in English.
Faculty of Political Science «Roberto Ruffilli» - Forlì:
The Master programme in International Relations and Diplomacy (or
SID) offers these courses taught in English or they will be taught into
English upon request of at least three Erasmus students:

EU Economics
Theory of Distributive Justice
International Trade Law
Human Rights Protections
Economic Analysis of Organizations
Theories of Growth and Development
Economics and Politics of Competition
International Economy (Advanced course)
Economic Policy of Development
Economy of International Trade
Economics of Labor
Quantitative Methods for Social Sciences
International Politics
International Political Economy
Comparative Public Policy
Comparative Politics
Labor and Social policies in the EU
Strategic Studies
The Welfare State in Comparative Perspective
The United States in 20th Century World Politics
History of European Integration
Africa in the International System
Balkan Contemporary History
History of Eastern Europe
History of Russia and the Soviet Union

Others courses taught in English are provided by the Master
programme MIREES (Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Research
and Studies on Eastern Europe). For detailed information on course
contents please refer to the following website:

Admission to these courses is restricted to:
  - Master/graduate students;
  - Students whose field of study is linked to Eastern European
               Responsible for the admission is the head of the Master programme,
               prof. Stefano Bianchini.

               LM MIREES Courses (I.C.=integrated course formed by 2 modules
               4 ECTS each. It is possible to select modules separately)

               -   Balkan contemporary studies – I.C.
               -   Globalization and identities in Eastern Europe – I.C.
               -   Political system and governance in Eastern Europe – I.C.
               -   Post-socialist transition and EU enlargement eastwards – I.C.
               -   Security studies and the new Europe – I.C.
               -   History and regional policies in Eastern Europe – I.C.
               -   Jewish and religious studies – I.C.
               -   Russia and Soviet Union in the World Context
               -   Economics of transition and Russia – I.C.
               -   Economics of transition in central Europe and the Balkans – I.C.

    EXAM       Once in Forlì, students are required to submit their study plan
REGISTRATION   online, in order to register for every exam:


               To register before sitting each exam :

               Once entered the Students’ Access Area, you have to authenticate
               according to the login procedure using the institutional credentials
               (Username: and password).

               Further information on study plan submission will be given during
               the Welcome Day

               ECTS grades: A, B, C, D, E, F (failed)
  GRADING      Italian grades out of 30L/30 (<18: failed)
               Advanced School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and
               Translators (SSLMIT) – Forlì:
                             A       B         C      D         E        F
                            30L    30-29     28-26  25-23     22-18     17-0
                Faculty of Economics - Forlì:
                              A         B         C         D        E        F
                             30L     30-28       27-25    24-21    20-18     17-0

                Second Faculty of Engineering – Forlì-Cesena:
                             A         B        C         D          E        F
                            30L      30-28    27-25     24-21      20-18     17-0

                Faculty of Political Science “Roberto Ruffilli”:
                              A          B        C         D        E        F
                             30L       30-29    28-26    25-22     21-18     17-0

   ITALIAN      CLIRO – Language Centre of the Forlì Campus
   COURSES      Address:
                Viale Marconi, 7 - 47122 Forlì
                Tel.: 00.39.0543.374350
                Fax: 00.39.0543.374352

                CLIRO offers exchange students one free Italian language course
                More information on:

                In order to find an accommodation in Forlì students may contact
ACCOMMODATION   BEFORE their arrival to Italy:

                Via Valverde, 15 – 47121 Forlì
                Tel.: 00.39.0543.374837
                Fax: 00.39.0543.374839
                More information on:

               Viale Corridoni, 18 – 47121 Forlì
               Tel.: 00.39.0543.375511
               Fax: 00.39.0543.375555
               More information on:

               Via Santa Maria Maggiore, 4 – 40121 Bologna
               Tel.:, Call Center: (from 9 a.m. to
               4.30 p.m.)

               Others possibility online:

PASSPORT AND   For all students :
    VISA       Upon arrival all students are to register at the “Agenzia delle Entrate”
REQUIREMENTS   in Corso Mazzini, 17 - Forlì and receive their personal fiscal code
               (“codice fiscale”), which is necessary to open a bank account or buy a
               SIM card.

               Office hours:
               Mon to Fri 8.45am-12.45am;
               Tue and Thu 3pm-5pm
               Email: dp.forlicesena@
               Tel.: 00.39. 0543 713811
               For further details visit the following webpage:

               EU students:
               Students with EU citizenship (and citizens coming from Switzerland,
               Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) can live in Italy for 3 months
               without incurring in any legal obligation.
               If the stay is longer than three months but still temporary, at the end
               of the 3rd month, they must carry out a compulsory registration
(iscrizione allo schedario della popolazione temporanea) at the
municipality                                                       offices.
Applications must be submitted to the "Ufficio Anagrafe", that is the
dedicated office located in each neighbourhood of the town where
you live: Bologna, Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna o Rimini.
The registration is free of charge and must be carried out within the
first 3 months of arrival in Italy.
Documents needed in order to apply:
     Personal ID (or equivalent)
     Declaration by the University of Bologna stating the duration
        of your exchange period (this document is issued by the
        International Relation Office at your arrival)
     The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or an insurance
        policy covering all health risks that you might incur in during
        the whole exchange period abroad. The insurance company
        will also need to fill in an additional form that can be found in
        the attachment box: the Certificate of compliance to the Italian
        law (Certificato di Conformità alla legge italiana). PLEASE
        NOTE: The Ufficio Anagrafe will not carry out the registration
        procedure unless this form is duly filled in and attached to the
        policy itself
     Proof of your economic means of subsistence. You can submit
        a self-certification, providing information on the kind of
        economic support you have (i.e. grant, support from your
        parents etc.) and you must give all the details (of your bank
        account or a photocopy of your credit card, which must be
        suitable for Italy, i.e. Maestro) needed for verification. The
        amount of money, which is considered sufficient, is calculated
        in relation with the social allowance, equal to EUR 5.349,89 for
        the year 2010.
Students will need both the original documents and a copy of each of
them (The office will keep the copies). The application must be
submitted to the Ufficio Anagrafe of the neighbourhood where you
Once registered, students can apply for a certificate. Both the
application process and the release of certificate are fee paying.
At the end of the stay students will have to ask cancellation from the
“schedario       della     popolazione      temporanea”      at    Ufficio
Anagrafe in person or by sending a request for cancellation, using the
specific form and enclosing a photocopy of identification document:
- Comune di Forlì – Servizi demografici - Piazzetta della Misura, 5 -
47121 Forlì
- Fax number 0543 712348
From the following website (section “Allegati”) you can download
the form for the Certificate of compliance to the Italian law of
insurance policy and the form to ask cancellation from the “schedario
della                   popolazione                     temporanea”:

If you have the Italian citizenship you don’t have to do anything

For further information:
Ufficio Stranieri presso l'Unità Anagrafe e Stato Civile
Piazzetta della Misura n. 5 - Forlì
Tel. 0543/712287 - 712855 - Fax 0543/712348
Monday-Friday: 8.30 – 11 a.m.

Non-EU students
Before leaving for Italy non-EU students must apply for visa. Detailed
information on how to apply for it can be found in the website of the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Or you can contact, in advance, the nearest Italian Consulate in your

Non-EU students must request a residence permit (“permesso di
soggiorno”) within 8 days of their arrival in Italy.
Before completing the application you need to register at the
International Relations Office of the University (registration involves
only students who to Italy within an exchange programme
framework).Upon registration, the International Relations Office will
give you the documents to be submitted with the application for a
residence permit and, if needed, office staff will offer assistance and
provide information about documents required for the application .
After registering at the university, they have to fill in the application
form for residence permit (or “kit”) in a post office. The students
must hereafter complete, sign, and take the kit to the post-office in an
unsealed envelope together with:
   - a stamp duty to the value of 14.62 euros;
   - original passport and a photocopy of all its pages;
                - 4 recent and identical passport-sized photos;
                - a statement from Bologna University, issued by the International
              Relations Office when registering;
              - a photocopy of a health insurance policy, which must cover the
              whole stay period.

              At the post office students must fill in:
                 - a payment form (price: 27.50 euros);
                 - a registered mail form to send the kit (price: 30 euros).
                 - The coupon of the registered mail, you will find the bar code,
                     user id and password allowing you to check the status of the
                     application on the internet. Connect to the website "Portale
                     immigrazione" and enter the“area riservata-stranieri”.

              Remember to keep receipts of payments, because in case of police
              checks, they prove that you did a regular request for permission.

              A few months after sending the application you will receive
              notification by mail from Ufficio Stranieri of the Questura. It will give
              you an appointment for the signalling picture. Bring four identical
              passport sized photographs on a white background.

              For further information on residence permit visit the website:

              Questura di Forlì:
              Address: Garibaldi, 173, Tel.: 0543.719111
              Email :

              Poste Italiane to Forlì:
              Address: Piazza Saffi, 27, Tel.: 0543. 373211
              Address: Piazzale della Vittoria, 3, Tel.: 0543. 372311

HEALTH CARE   EU students

              To be eligible for national health service, students must be in
              possession of a valid European Health Insurance Card (TEAM),
              which entitles you to receive all the health benefits, but during the
              course of study the student does not pass the residence in Italy .
              Students can enjoy free use of family doctors by presenting a health
              card and the badge of the university. EU students without the card
              have to get before or after their arrival in Italy, a private health
              insurance covering the whole duration of the stay, for all risks and the
              related certificate of conformity with Italian law signed by the
              insurance company .

              The toll free number of the Regional Health Service 800 033 033 is the
              free telephone information service which provides you with all the
              information for health services and assistance in Emilia-Romagna.
              Can be called from all over Italy using landline phone.
              Monday to Friday: 8:30 to 17:30
              Saturday: 8.30-13.30

              Non-EU students
              Before leaving non-EU students must buy a private insurance, which
              must be stamped by the Italian Consulate. Without the stamp of the
              consulate in fact, once in Italy, you may be forced to buy another
              insurance policy, because foreign insurances, not validated by the
              consulate, are useless to obtain a residence permit.
              Once in Italy, these students have to register with the National Health
              Service (SSN) by paying 149.77 euros at the post office in favour of
               Emilia-Romagna”       quoting     “pagamento      quota    assistenza”.
              Subsequently, at the ASL those students have to hand in:
                 - payment receipt;
                 - residence permit.

              AUSL di Forlì
              Address:via Oberdan, 11
              Tel.: 0543. 733679/733680
              Monday - Friday: 7.30-13.15
              Sabato: 7.30-12.30

              Alternatively, they can refer to a specialised private doctor, to whom
              you pay the price of the visit, which is refunded upon request.

              For information on WiFi configuration visit the following website :

              Pallareti Pavillion (Library «Roberto Ruffilli»)
              Address: Via San Pellegrino Laziosi, 13
Pratella Halls
Address: Via Balilla Pratella, 14

Orsi Mangelli Palace
Address: Corso Armando Diaz, 45

Faculty of Economics – Forlì
Address: Piazzale della Vittoria, 15

Faculty of Political Sciences «Roberto Ruffilli» - Forlì
Address: Via Giacomo della Torre, 3

Advanced School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and
Translators – SSLMIT (Forlì)
Address: Corso della Repubblica, 136; Via Oberdan, 2

II Faculty of Engineering – Forlì
Address: Via Fontanelle, 40; Via Seganti, 103

Address: Via Marconi , 7

Palazzo delle Vacche (SITLEC Department)
Address: Corso Armando Diaz, 64

Valverde reading room
Address: Via Valverde, 15

Home room and Mazzini Hall
Address: Corso della Repubblica, 88 and 88/A

Campus Administration
Address: Via Valturno, 7

Foresteria docenti
Via Pisacane 11

Hangar di Ingegneria
Via Seganti 103

Piazzetta della Misura – Forlì

Padiglione Pneumologia c/o Campus
            Via Giacomo della Torre 3

            COMPUTER ROOMS

            LABIC (equipped with 170 PC workspaces)
            Address: Via Giacomo della Torre, 3
            Opening Hours: Mon - Thu from 9am to 9pm; Fri from 9am to 6pm;

            Library «Roberto Ruffilli» (equipped with 10 PC workspaces)
            Address: Via San Pellegrino Laziosi, 13
            Opening hours: Mon – Thu from 9am to 9.50pm; Fri from 9am to 7pm;
            Sat from 9am to 2pm

            Advanced School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and
            Translators – SSLMIT (Forlì)
            Address: Corso della Repubblica, 136 (only for students enrolled at

            Faculty of Economics – Forlì
            Address: Via Balilla Pratella, 14 (only for students of Economics)

            Valverde hall (equipped with 10 PC workspaces)
            Address: Via Valverde, 15
            Opening hours: 9am – 12pm

            II Faculty of Engineering – Forlì
            Address: Via Fontanelle, 40

            CLIRO (only for CLIRO students)
            Address: Via Marconi, 7

LIBRARIES   Academic Library «Roberto Ruffilli»
            Address: Via San Pellegrino Laziosi, 13
            Opening hours: Mon – Thu from 9am to 9.5pm; Fri from 9am to 7pm;
            Sat from 9am to 2pm
            Tel.: 00.39.0543.374001
            To check book and journal availability:
                  Classical Municipal Library «Aurelio Saffi»
                  Address: Corso della Repubblica, 72
                  Tel.: 00.39.0543.712600

                  Modern Municipal Library «Alessandro Schiavi»
                  Address: Corso della Repubblica, 78
                  Tel.: 00.39.0543.712615

READING ROOMS     Academic Library «Roberto Ruffilli»
                  Address: Via San Pellegrino Laziosi, 13

                  Address: Via Valverde, 15

    SPORT         For University sport activities students may refer to CUSB:

   PLACES OF      Students can find useful tourist information on Forlì and its
   INTEREST       surroundings at:

                  Tourist Information Office (IAT)
                  Address: Piazza XC Pacifici, 2 – Forlì
                  Tel.: 00.39.0543.712435
                  Fax: 00.39.0543. 712450

                  Portale della Provincia di Forlì- Cesena > Turismo

USEFUL WEBSITES   Home Page Forlì Campus:
                  International Relations Office Forlì:

                  Home Page University of Bologna:

                  International Relations Bologna:

Post office:

State police :

Forlì airport «L. Ridolfi»:
Bus transport:

For more information on the facilities for disabled students:

Emergency numbers :
Public emergency 113
Carabinieri 112
Medical emergency 118
Fire department 115

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