What Questions You Should Ask Your Web Designer by djsgjg0045


									When you are commissioning the build or re-vamp of a website there are a multitude
of different areas that need to be considered. In order to make sure you are going to
get the very best out of your web designer and to also help you ascertain whether or
not they are a reputable company; you should go to your initial design meeting
prepared. Don't be afraid to ask questions after all it's your project and your money.
  I have composed a list of five questions that you should consider bringing up and
having answered at your next website design consultation.
  1) You have to find out whether or not your website will be built to a professional
standards. In order to gain the most from your website you should have it constructed
so that it qualifies for website validation. Which means your site is clean, professional,
user friendly and should work correctly in the majority of browsers.
  2) You also should ascertain whether your site is going to be a template or a fully
bespoke design. If your site is a template you will more than likely be seeing the same
layout elsewhere and you should be charged accordingly.
  3) When it comes to the purchase of the domain name IE the bit in between WWW.
And .com you have to make sure that after purchase the domain is registered in your
name. There have been cases of clients when they move hosting have not been able to
as the domain name has been registered to the company and not the client.
  4) Will I be number one in Google? This is a statement often promised by less than
reputable search engine optimisation companies and one which is often dreamed of be
unsuspecting clients. No company can guarantee that they can get your site to the
number one spot in Google it's just not possible. There are of course certain
techniques that can be used to improve your company's position in the listings but
never to automatically get you to number one and certainly not for you to stay there.
  5) Will the web design company provide the content for my site? This is dependent
on the package you have chosen, if you have clearly opted for the web design
company to populate and author the content for the site then no. If you haven't then
you will need to provide the content, text, names, tag lines and images. Web designers
waiting around for clients to provide them with content is one of the biggest reasons
for a build falling behind schedule. So when your designer requests copy or feedback
try and do it as quickly as possible, it's for your own good.

 Author works for a seo company Glasgow

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