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					                        Quarterly Report 
                        April to June 2010 


                                              Kidz Clinic
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  Children from
  Kiddies Ark Nursery
  School, who
  participated in one
  of our educational
  wearing the special
  soccer umbrella
  hats donated by
  Overall Statistics ­ 6 Kidz Clinics 

   Services provided at Kidz Clinics - January to June 2010:
                                                                    Girls          616
      New Intakes & 1st Psycho-social Assessment                                                804
                                                                    Boys           188
                                                                    Girls          298
      Forensic Assessment Sessions                                                              389
                                                                    Boys           91
                                                                    Girls          206
      Medical Assessment & Treatment                                                            240
                                                                    Boys           34
      Follow-up Therapy - Children                                                              1627

      1st Interview / Psycho-social Intervention - Parents                                      687

      Follow-up Therapy - Parents                                                               1065

      In-House Court Preparation Sessions                                                       288

                A total of 5,100 treatment and therapy sessions were provided
               during this 6-month period and 804 children have been assisted.

   Overall Kidz Clinics Demographics:
   Girls            77.0%       Boys          23.0%                         9.9          Youngest      1 month
   Black            69.8%       White         25.4%       Indian            0.7%         Coloured       4.1%

MAIN TYPES OF CASES                                                MAIN PERPETRATORS
Description                                 Qty       %            Description                                 %
  Rape (incl sodomy)                        229     26.08%           Unknown Male Adult                    14.6%
  Suspected Sexual Abuse                    137     15.60%           Father                                12.0%
  Sexual Assault / Violation                114     12.98%           Known Male Adult - Other               6.9%
  Emotional Abuse                            68       7.74%          Male Neighbour Adult                   6.9%
  Physical Abuse (Common Assault)            55       6.26%          Mother                                 6.3%
  Neglect                                    52       5.92%          Stepfather                             6.0%
  Behavioural Problems*                      49       5.58%          Mother's boyfriend                     5.0%
  Family Conflict / Domestic Violence        30       3.42%          Male Neighbour Juvenile                4.9%
  Alleged abuse in Divorce/ Custody cases    19       2.16%          Uncle Adult                            4.7%
  Juvenile Sexual Activity - 12 & older      17       1.94%          Known Male Juvenile - Other            3.8%

  * Cases that present at first as "Behavioural Problems" often later turn out to be due to some form of abuse.
  The children have difficulty disclosing the abuse and therefore act out with negative or inappropriate
Organisation                      %       Description                                                     %
 SAPS                            38.09%     Isolated/ Vulnerable/ Unprotected child                      19.10%
 Hospitals/Clinics - Govt/Pvt    13.30%     Lack of Parenting skills / supervision                       17.79%
 Schools                         12.74%     Opportunistic Criminal Sexual Intent                         17.43%
 Walk-ins                        12.74%    Dysfunctional family                                          12.27%
 Christelike Maatskaplike Raad   3.60%      Lack of Life Skills / Children engaging in risky behaviour   10.38%
 Child Welfare                   3.05%     Poverty                                                        9.80%
 Dept Education                  2.63%      Overcrowding                                                  9.65%
 NGO's - other                   2.49%     Cultural Entitlement                                           9.22%
 Court                           1.66%      Unemployment                                                  9.07%
 Children's Home                 1.11%     Negligence of Parent/ Foster parent/ Guardian                 7.91%

      Since the opening of the first Kidz Clinic in 2000, WMACA have 
             provided more than 56,664 treatment services to 
                9,773 children and 9,045 parents/caregivers. 

  In a case that appalled even experienced professionals:
  Two men attacked a 12-yr-old girl (Rose*) as she was locking the front door of her house,
  after her mother had left for work. They forced their way in and locked the door behind
  them. One of the men was the victim's grandmother's boyfriend and the other was his
  Nigerian friend. (Rose recalled that the Nigerian was carrying a lot of cell phones and a
  book containing names and addresses of other young girls that he was allegedly going to

  The men tied her hands and feet to a bed and raped her repeatedly. Afterwards, they
  forced her to wash her genitals in a basin of cold water. Rose also disclosed that while the
  step-grandfather was raping her, the Nigerian man was "busy with the phones", which
  made her suspect that he was filming the incident. The Nigerian man ineffectively tried to
  stab her with a knife and when he failed, threatened her that he would come back and
  that he wants R500 from her mother.

  Rose was injured and unable to walk, and was only discovered, still lying in the bedroom,
  when her mother returned from work. She was taken to hospital where her injuries were
  treated and she received PEP (Post-exposure Prophylaxis). Forensic swabs were taken, in
  an attempt to trace any of the suspects' remaining DNA.

  The step-grandfather has been arrested and - alarmingly - granted bail, but the Nigerian
  man's whereabouts are unknown.

  Therapy and assessment sessions are booked for Rose, but she is severely traumatized. In
  a recent development, Duduza Kidz Social Worker, Phumzile Masilela, has decided to refer
  Rose for a psychiatric evaluation, as she can hardly write anymore - her academic
  functions having regressed to a Grade R level.
And this is happening to a child who was previously described as intellectually gifted…

* Not her real name


Rape and other forms of sexual assault on a child can result in both short-term and long-
term harm, including psychopathology in later life.
Psychological, emotional, physical, and social effects include, but are not limited
   •   Depression                                        •   Chronic pain, real or imagined
   •   Post-traumatic Stress Disorder                    •   Sexualized behaviour
   •   Anxiety                                           •   School/learning problems
   •   Eating disorders                                  •   Behavioural problems including
   •   Poor self-esteem                                      substance abuse

   •   Dissociative and anxiety disorders                •   Destructive behaviour

   •   General psychological distress and                •   Criminality in adulthood
       neurosis                                          •   Suicide

The risk of lasting psychological harm is greater if the perpetrator of the sexual assault on
the child is a relative (i.e. incest), or if threats or force are used.

 Freyd, J.J., Putnam, F.W., Lyon, T.D., Becker-Blease, K. A., Cheit, R.E., Siegel, N.B., & Pezdek, K.
                             (2005). "The science of child sexual abuse". Science 308 (5721): 501.

After being raped it is common for the victim to experience Acute Stress Disorder,
including symptoms similar to those of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, such as intense,
sometimes unpredictable emotions, and they may find it hard to deal with their memories
of the event.

In the months immediately following the assault these problems may be severe and very
upsetting and may prevent the victim from revealing their ordeal to friends or
family, or seeking police or medical assistance.

Additional symptoms of Acute Stress Disorder include:
   •   Depersonalization or dissociation (feeling numb and detached, like being in a daze
       or a dream, or feeling that the world is strange and unreal)
   •   Difficulty remembering important parts of the assault
   •   Reliving the assault through repeated thoughts, memories, or nightmares
   •   Avoidance of things, places, thoughts, and/or feelings that remind the victim of the
   •   Anxiety or increased arousal (difficulty sleeping, concentrating, etc.)
   •   Avoidance of social life or other people

         Dean G. Kilpatrick, PhD, Ananda B. Amstadter, MS, Heidi S. Resnick, PhD, and Kenneth J.
 Ruggiero, PhD (June 1, 2007). "Rape-Related PTSD: Issues and Interventions". Psychiatric Times.
                                                                                         24 (7).
News & Highlights 

TRAINING                                                          "Children are often referred
                                                                  to social workers for forensic
Having completed the rigorous training in March, our Social       interviewing after an
                                                                  allegation of child sexual
Workers who have testified so far have received much praise
                                                                  abuse has come to light or is
from court officials for the quality of their reports and the
high standard of professionalism maintained throughout
their testimonies.                                                Due to the serious
                                                                  consequences of such an
Through this specialised training (and the intricate process      allegation, it is important
of implementation that followed) our Kidz Clinics have            that social workers
advanced to a whole new level of high calibre service             implement an interview
delivery to our clients, as well as quality assistance to the     protocol which is legally
courts. Kidz Clinics are by all accounts the only providers of    defensible to ensure that no
                                                                  contamination of the case will
this service in most of the communities we operate in.

Conducting interviews with child sexual abuse witnesses is              -Ansie Fouché, Forensic
one of the most demanding interview situations; due to the        Interview Protocol, University
sensitivity of the topic, the reticence of the victims and the                      of Pretoria.
potential conflict between evidentiary and therapeutic


South Africa has an Adversarial legal system (instead of Inquisitorial) which offers very
little protection to the victim and witness under cross examination:
•   Two parties come before the court, each with their version of events, which is in
    dispute. They are usually represented by lawyers (defence lawyers for the accused,
    prosecutors for the state - on behalf of the victim) who argue or advocate their case.
•   The court must find out what happened, taking into account: evidence of fact, and
    evidence of opinion.
•   Each party is entitled to call its own evidence and has the opportunity to cross-examine
    the other party's evidence by means of critical questions.
•   Each side may have its own expert witnesses and therefore it is important for experts
    to be independent and neutral. They are there to assist the court in reaching a fair

Children, like adults, can have problems remembering and giving accurate accounts of
traumatic events. The importance of a legally defensible interview and assessment
procedure by the practitioner (in our case, a Social Worker), who will be questioned on
her assessment in court, can therefore not be overemphasised.


The case of a 6-year-old boy who had previously been seen by two psychologists was
referred to the Boksburg Kidz Clinic. His mother suspected that he had been sexually

The child had not disclosed to the psychologists and one of them even said that the
mother’s suspicions were unfounded and paranoid.

The child disclosed to the social worker during the "blind" forensic assessment interview

A case was opened for physical and sexual abuse and is due to go to court in July.
The alleged perpetrator is the boy's biological father and it is suspected that muscle
relaxants were inserted into the child's anus to prevent physical trauma to the area. The
perpetrator is allegedly also a drug abuser, who has many and varied sexual relationships.


                                                           The Randburg Chamber of
                                                           Commerce and Industry (RCCI)
                                                           Women's Forum was recently
                                                           launched with a meeting of
                                                           successful local businesswomen
                                                           and men.

                                                           WMACA's Miranda Friedmann was
                                                           invited as guest speaker and her
                                                           powerful presentation, again,
                                                           evoked a long Q&A session.

                                                           The platform has been created to
                                                           provide women from all over the
                                                           Gauteng region with an opportunity
                                                           to network with each other, and to
                                                           create possible future business

WMACA and the Kidz Clinics were featured in the media
a number of times during this quarter, and several
magazines picked up on our press release of earlier this
year on the subject of underage drinking and
youngsters putting themselves at risk.

In many of the cases discussed further on in this report, it is evident that teens and,
increasingly, even pre-teens, engage in risky behaviour, such as slipping out, going to
parties and getting intoxicated.
This puts them in situations where they are vulnerable, easily taken advantage of and, as
in actual cases received at the Kidz Clinics, gang-raped.
Unfortunately, in South Africa, just travelling alone to and from work, school, or leisure
activities - which should be a basic right to do safely - must also be classified as "risky
behaviour" for women and children.

Boksburg Kidz Clinic


1. We are presently dealing with a case wherein two juveniles (aged 12 at the time) beat
   three 8-yr-old boys with a shambuck and then purposely drowned one of the victims.
   The juvenile perpetrators are being charged with murder and have been referred to
   Dept Social Development for intervention.

   The two surviving victims are being treated by one of our senior social workers, due to
   the immense trauma suffered as a result of the beatings and witnessing the death of
   their friend.

2. We are seeing four children from two separate families who have suffered the violent
   loss of a parent. In each case one parent was killed by a spouse or partner by being
   deliberately set alight. One set of siblings was made to watch as their mother was
   killed by their father in this manner. (He is awaiting trial.)
   Intensive trauma debriefing and bereavement counselling is being done with these


A 12-year-old girl was abducted on her way home from school by two unknown adult
males. She was taken to a deserted area and repeatedly raped, after which she was
forced to have oral sex with one of the attackers. They held her hostage for 4 hours.

The girl was then placed in a deep pit and told to count to 70. Before the men ran away
they attempted to shoot her, but she ducked and they missed. An identikit has been
compiled by the police and DNA samples taken, but the suspects have not been identified
as yet.

This victim too will receive intensive therapy and eventually Court Preparation & Support
at Kidz Clinic.

Services provided at Boksburg Kidz Clinic - January to June 2010:
                                                              Girls          231
  New Intakes & 1st Psycho-social Assessment                                              293
                                                              Boys           62
                                                              Girls          222
  Forensic Assessment Sessions                                                            301
                                                              Boys           79
                                                              Girls          63
  Medical Assessment & Treatment                                                              81
                                                              Boys           18
  Follow-up Therapy - Children                                                            315

  1st Interview / Psycho-social Intervention - Parents                                    229

  Follow-up Therapy - Parents                                                             189

  In-House Court Preparation Sessions                                                     145

Boksburg's Client Demographic:
Girls         79.0%      Boys            21.0%                        8.7          Youngest         2
Black         38.6%      White           53.6%      Indian            0.7%         Coloured        7.2%



Whilst these units are supposed to be up and running already, many of the SAPS officials
heading the units are not appointed as yet and the clusters are also not yet finalized.
Apparently these will be in place and completed by April 2011. Officers are also still in
need of the required specialised training.

To our knowledge these are some of the challenges currently faced:
  ♦ Current Brakpan Cluster – offices due to be in Tsakane (very far) and officers are
     resistant to moving
  ♦ Vehicle and office allocations not yet finalised in many areas.
  ♦ Vehicles having to be returned by a certain time, hampering investigation and
     transport of victims to courts & NGO's.
  ♦ New Officers, still waiting for training on Sexual Offences, already handling cases.
  ♦ Animosity between FCS officers and other detectives due to case loads and case
  ♦ 500 posts created and still 200-odd vacant.


We targeted several schools, child care facilities and crèches in and around Boksburg for
preventative and awareness talks.


Kidz Clinic was invited by the St. Francis Care Centre to present talks over four days, to
the children who attend their holiday programme. The children mainly reside in the
Ramaphosa, Joe Slovo and Reiger Park areas.

Auxiliary Social Worker, Shirley Makatees, addressed a group of 50 children, aged 10 to
13, while Social Workers Sonja Kleingeld and Marissa Hattingh addressed two groups of ±
65 teenagers.

The talks focused on Child Abuse, Kidz Clinic services and branches, interaction with SAPS
& other role players, as well as Personal Safety. The children were very interested and
asked a lot of questions during the Q&A session.

We were joined by SAPS, whose K-9 unit gave a thrilling demonstration.


After seeing a number of children presenting with allegations of sexual abuse, all of whom
attend a nearby primary school, Kidz Clinic arranged to conduct an in-school Child Abuse
Awareness campaign. It was also feared that with the World Cup getting closer, more
children could be at risk, and therefore a preventative campaign prior to the school
holidays was embarked upon.

Social Workers Olinda Runganga and Ntombi Dube co-facilitated the presentation. They
addressed almost 1000 children, from Grades 3 to 7, ranging in age from 8 to 14.
Discussions were facilitated in groups, divided according to age.

Topics covered:

      What is Child abuse                             Assertiveness
      Types of Child abuse                            Who to tell
      Types of sexual abuse                           Why do victims stay silent
      Myths about sexual abuse                        How to break the silence
      Secrets (bad and good)                          Protection
      Threats and bribes                              Child trafficking

The children eagerly discussed the various topics and seemed to have a basic knowledge,
apart from myths and false beliefs. "It is always remarkable to discover what children
know and think about sexual abuse," said Olinda.

The teachers welcomed the initiative and expressed their appreciation for having
professionals in the field empower their learners.

This programme will be presented to schools in the Brakpan area during the next quarter.


Clinic Services were presented to the student nursing staff at OR Tambo Memorial
Hospital. Problems encountered by victims at provincial hospitals were discussed, eg: no
priority given to juvenile cases and the long waiting period vs. the need for quick and
proper intervention by the correct staff.


A short inset on Kidz Clinic's
Services was aired on Radio Sonder
Grense (RSG) in May.

We also featured in the local Caxton
papers twice in this quarter,
specifically around Child Protection

Alexandra Kidz Clinic

A 19-year-old perpetrator has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the rape of a 7-
year-old Alexandra boy.

The victim went to play at a neighbour's house and when he hadn't returned by six o'clock
that evening his parents went searching for him. Witnesses informed them that the child
had left with an unknown male. When he was finally found at around 10pm, the child was
injured and severely traumatised.

He managed to tell his parents that the man had dragged him off and raped him, and
physically assaulted him when he tried to scream or fight back. The parents opened a case
and the little boy was able to point the house and the suspect out to the police.

It turns out that the suspect was living with the victim's neighbours because he was on
the run from the police in Tzaneen, where he is wanted in connection with another case of
rape of a minor. It is not clear when he will be tried for the Tzaneen case.

The perpetrator got 30 days imprisonment for the assault charge and a life sentence on
the rape charge.

This case was referred to us in October 2009. We have to commend the Alexandra
SAPS and the Wynberg Court for the swift and efficient conclusion of this case. The
little boy is still receiving therapy at Kidz Clinic, and is responding very well.


A 60-yr-old perpetrator was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment for the sexual assault of a
9-yr-old girl in another 2009 case.

The perpetrator was a tenant in the home of the child's family and when she was left at
home alone, he called her to his room, pretending that he wanted to send her to the shop.

He attempted to rape the girl, but no penetration occurred because she struggled very
hard. The perpetrator also gave the child money not to tell anyone, but she disclosed to
her mother later that day.

The suspect was arrested, the forensic medical findings were positive for sexual assault
and Social Worker Pretty Ngobeni testified in court. The young girl has completed her
therapy sessions and has responded well. Follow-up therapy will be available to her as and
when needed.


   1. A 16-yr-old girl left a local tavern in the early hours of the morning with her
      boyfriend. Two unknown males threatened to stab her boyfriend if he did not leave.
      As the boy fled, the attackers dragged the girl into an alley, where one of them
      raped her as the other one held her down. The suspects have not been identified.

   2. A 12-yr-old girl snuck out of her parents' house, after stealing money from them to
      buy alcohol. She met up with a group of four juvenile males - all known to her -
      and went to a 21st birthday party in Alexandra. One of the boys was allegedly her
      boyfriend. They all got drunk together and the boys dragged her off to a park,
      where they took turns in raping her.

      The juveniles were arrested and released on bail, and are now attending the
      WMACA YDP programme for juvenile offenders, as ordered by the court. The case
      will proceed once they have completed to programme.

   3. Another 16-yr-old girl told her parents that she was going to church with her
      cousin, but went to a tavern instead. As she was making her way home at around
      3am, she was grabbed by six men and taken to an open space near a block of flats,
      where three of the men raped her. A resident in a nearby flat heard a commotion,
      shouted to alert other residents and they managed to rescue the girl.

      She managed to identify one of the suspects, and he was arrested. The suspect was
      then interrogated and forced to identify the other males. Arrests were pending at
      the time of the report.

   4. A 17-yr-old girl was dropped off by a local taxi at
      around 7pm and as soon as the taxi pulled off she           In this particular case the victim
      was approached by three unknown males, two of               was not purposefully placing
      which were armed. The third suspect grabbed her,            herself in harm's way, but was
                                                                  at risk simply because she
      blocked her mouth and dragged her behind a
                                                                  travelled alone, which should be
      deserted block of flats.                                    a basic human right to do safely
                                                                  in a civilised society.
      There they took turns raping her and left her at the
      scene. No arrests have been made as yet, as the
      attackers have not been identified.

All the girls reported on above are attending therapy at Kidz Clinic.

Services provided at Alexandra Kidz Clinic - January to June 2010:
                                                       Girls     53
  New Intakes & 1st Psycho-social Assessment                                    76
                                                       Boys      23

Services provided at Alexandra Kidz Clinic - January to June 2010:
                                                              Girls          15
  Forensic Assessment Sessions                                                               15
                                                              Girls          33
  Medical Assessment & Treatment                                                             40
                                                              Boys           7
  Follow-up Therapy - Children                                                           354

  1st Interview / Psycho-social Intervention - Parents                                       84

  Follow-up Therapy - Parents                                                            171

Alexandra's Client Demographic:
Girls         70.0%      Boys            30.0%                        10.4        Youngest        1 month
Black         100.0%     White           0.0%       Indian            0.0%        Coloured         0.0%


Victim Empowerment Officer and Acting Clinic Manager, Elizabeth (Lizzy) Mokoena is
working closely with Social Crime Prevention and the Dept of Community Safety on a
campaign to eliminate illegal shebeens and taverns in Alexandra (as well as other informal
settlements). According to Community Safety's research, and as we all know, incidents of
domestic violence are largely due to the abuse of alcohol and drugs, which are mostly
obtained at these establishments.

Another reason these taverns need to be eradicated is that they often also sell food, like
bread and chips, and because there are so many in close proximity, parents frequently
"send children out quickly" to buy something to eat. This practice puts children in grave
danger, as the taverns and shebeens are a popular hang-out for inebriated and
predominantly unemployed men, who loiter there for most of the day.

Social Crime Prevention and SAPS are planning raids across the province, to close these
places down.


During Child Protection Week the Alex staff visited schools in the area to address child
safety issues during the long school holiday. Children were warned against putting
themselves in risky situations, making them vulnerable to kidnapping and/or assault of
any kind.
The importance of parents knowing where their children are and the children being under
proper, responsible care was also reiterated.

In addition, a preventative talk was presented by Social Worker Pretty Ngobeni at a school
for disabled children, who are often victims of sexual abuse due to them being physically


During the final week of the World Cup, 32 teams from
across the globe converged on Alexandra township for a
very different "festival of football".

From 4 to 10 July, in a specially built stadium in the heart
of Alexandra, mixed teams of boys and girls aged 15 to 18
competed in a fast-paced tournament - part of a broader
festival of education, culture and football - to be crowned
2010 Football for Hope world champions.

Participating teams were made up of youths selected for
their commitment to tackling social issues in their
communities. There were no referees at any of the Football
for Hope matches, with the focus on the teams talking out
their differences and finding amicable ways to resolve

Kidz Clinic's Lizzy Mokoena held an orientation meeting with the community patrollers
prior to their deployment at the stadium, to inform them of the Kidz Clinic at the nearby
Alexandra SAPS station, so they would know where to refer children who were in need of
any help.


Auxiliary Social Worker Pearl Nyamende is currently running two groups for juvenile
offenders, one of which is a group of four boys (aged 15 to 17) who were involved in the
gang rape of a teenage girl. The court will decide on a plan of action with these boys, once
an assessment report is submitted on their progress in the programme.


The clinic was visited by the Chief Magistrate from the Randburg regional court, who was
very curious about the Kidz Clinic concept. Acting Clinic Manager, Lizzy Mokoena, took the
visitors on a tour of the facility and briefed them on the clinic process and services
provided. Lizzy was then invited to join a committee to be formed shortly, focusing on
child trafficking.

The Chief Magistrate was also interested to hear about the YDP Programme for Juvenile
Offenders and will discuss cross-referrals with the Randburg probation officers and court


Auxiliary Social Worker, Pearl Nyamende, has made a number of appearances on Alex FM
before and during the World Cup, to talk about safety tips for parents and children. She
again warned children against placing themselves in situations where they will be
vulnerable to kidnapping and sexual or physical abuse.

Pearl also raised the topic of parents being aware of whose care their children are in and
that it's not just strangers they have to be wary of.

Orange Farm Kidz Clinic 

In a 2008 case, a 9-yr-old orphaned girl, who lives with her sister, was raped by her
brother-in-law. The perpetrator offered her R50 as a bribe but she refused and screamed
until a friend's mother came to her aid. Community members assaulted the perpetrator
and then called the police. The suspect was arrested and denied bail.

Medical findings were positive for rape and forensic samples were obtained during the
examination. The young girl came for therapy, but during the investigation she went
missing. The investigating officer suspected that the sister had taken the child and gone
into hiding, to protect her husband. He followed some leads and eventually tracked them
down in a nearby town.

The officer brought the girl for her sessions until the assessment report was completed
and submitted to court. We provided court preparation and she testified well.

On the 8th of July the perpetrator was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.


•   28 Years imprisonment for an adult male who raped his 6-yr-old niece.

•   20 Years imprisonment for a biological father (a police officer) for the rape of his 8-yr-
    old daughter

•   An Uncle was given 3yrs imprisonment suspended for 5yrs for the sexual assault of his
    13-yr-old niece.


We have seen a trend of young girls between 9 and 12, who have been sexualized at an
early age, and now participate voluntarily in consensual sex with adult men for some form
of reward. (These men are still guilty of Statutory Rape, even if the sex is consensual.)

In one such a case an 11-year-old girl goes to a man’s house every morning and has sex
with him in exchange for money. The child has verbalized that she now “enjoys having
sex” even if he doesn’t give her money. She sees nothing wrong with the situation. Her
parents report that she has started lying and drinking alcohol too. This girl is currently
attending therapy and Life Skills Guidance at Kidz Clinic.
The perpetrator has been arrested and the investigation is underway.

Services provided at Orange Farm Kidz Clinic - January to June 2010:
                                                         Girls    189
    New Intakes & 1st Psycho-social Assessment                                   242
                                                         Boys     53
                                                         Girls    30
    Forensic Assessment Sessions                                                 32
                                                         Boys     2
                                                         Girls    86
    Medical Assessment & Treatment                                               92
                                                         Boys     6

Services provided at Orange Farm Kidz Clinic - January to June 2010:
    Medical Follow-ups: Bloodwork, STI's, ARV Reviews                               58

    Follow-up Therapy - Children                                                    413

    1st Interview / Psycho-social Intervention - Parents                            227

    Follow-up Therapy - Parents                                                     337

    In-house Court Preparation                                                      143

Orange Farm's Client Demographic:
Girls           78.0%      Boys            22.0%                9.3      Youngest    2 months
Black           96.7%      White           0.0%       Indian    0.0%     Coloured         3.3%


Orange Farm Clinic Manager & Forensic Nurse, Vincentia (Boogie) Dlamini reports on some
of the challenges the Kidz Clinics are faced with daily:

    •   Cases withdrawn due to long/delayed investigation time, often due to officers' large
        case load or, for example, if a witness can not be located or if child stays in another

    •   Prosecutors' odd queries on dockets, for example: an investigating officer received
        an instruction to ask a child why she said she was anally penetrated when the
        medical states that she was vaginally penetrated – a young, traumatised or
        uneducated child can not be expected to differentiate between the terminology of
        anal and vaginal. For them it's just "down there".

    •   Rape or sexual assault cases concerning teenage girls “without life skills” are
        thrown out of court e.g. if the victim was drunk or lied to parents about her
        whereabouts. Their lack of life skills should not mean that there is no justice for

    •   SAPS members (largely new and inexperienced) sending victims for medical exams
        before they will open a rape or assault case. In allegations of child abuse a case
        MUST be opened for investigation whether there are positive medical findings or

    •   Lack of resources for investigating officers, i.e. no vehicles, offices, phones etc.

We can only hope that some of these problems will be alleviated once the FCS Units are
fully reinstated and operational.



•   During Child Protection Week, Clinic Manager Boogie Dlamini joined the SAPS Social
    Crime Prevention team in presenting daily awareness talks during morning assembly at

    local schools, focussing on Life Skills and Child Safety during the World Cup. Five high
    schools - totalling ± 6,000 learners - were addressed.

    Positive feedback was received from Captain Motsiri of Social Crime Prevention, stating
    that the teachers and principals were very impressed with the information given as
    well as the plain, simple language used to address the learners - using their “lingo”.
    Especially the Life Orientation teachers requested that Kidz Clinic return to do more of
    these presentations.

•   Auxiliary Social Workers, Gladys Mofokeng and Ethel Mahlako, presented Child Abuse
    Awareness to community members at the Stretford Clinic hall and addressed 150
    people over two days. They also regularly visit the busy railway station in Stretford,
    where they speak to parents and hand out pamphlets.

•   In May Kidz Clinic again joined SAPS, for a Human Trafficking Awareness roadshow and
    a fun community soccer tournament.


•   We attended the Film and Publications Board's Anti-Child Pornography launch at
    Maponya Mall, which started with a media briefing by the Deputy Minister of Home
    Affairs, Malusi Gigaba. Children from all the Soweto high schools were invited, and
    were addressed on the issues of pornography and child pornography by the Deputy
    Minister, together with Meshack Mavuso (aka Vusi from Isidingo).

•   We met with "Youth on the Move" - a collaboration of artists introduced to the clinic by
    the ANC Youth League – to plan joint future school awareness campaigns with an
    element of fun, to make it educational and enjoyable for the children.

•   A skills development centre, Siyabonga, was launched, where parents could drop off
    children for various activities during the school holidays. An excellent initiative, it didn't
    appear to be well attended though, as the children seemed to prefer to walk about and
    "hang out" on the streets and at shopping centres.

KZN Kidz Clinic 
Preparation for, and the events of the FIFA World Cup dominated our activities this
quarter. Training workshops on Human Trafficking and a three-week Holiday Club were
hosted in response to global and government warnings on precautions needed to guard
the safety of our young children.

The long school holidays drastically reduced our intake numbers, proving how vital our
partnership is with the Department of Education. By rendering our services at the
surrounding schools, Kidz Clinic KZN is providing a service to children who would
otherwise have no recourse to disclosing their circumstances.

Even though fewer cases were received, we were kept extremely busy occupying and
entertaining a group of thirty clients and children from the surrounding community daily
for three weeks. Many varied of activities were organised and lots of fun was had by
participants and volunteers alike.


We receive many cases of child-on-child rape referred by local schools. Out of a recent 7
rape cases received, all the perpetrators were known to the victims, with 3 of the
perpetrators being male siblings. Two of these offenders are rape victims themselves, with
their perpetrators being older male siblings as well.

One of the juvenile offenders is 10 years old, accused of raping an 11-yr-old female school

In most of the rape cases we see, where family members - and particularly siblings - are
the perpetrators, the cases are not reported to SAPS, due to the families refusing to lay
charges or sign consent forms to allow further steps to be taken.

KZN Project Manager, Germaine Horowitz says: "It is clearly evident, if one looks at
how often the lack of life and parenting skills, as well as lack of sex education, is cited as
possible reasons for the high incidence of juvenile sex offenders, that the quality and
content of our education system be challenged, and assisted with WMACA programs."

Services provided at KZN Kidz Clinic - January to June 2010:
                                                                Girls          51
    New Intakes & 1st Psycho-social Assessment                                                 70
                                                                Boys           19
                                                                Girls          1
    Forensic Assessment Sessions                                                               1
                                                                Girls          2
    Medical Assessment & Treatment                                                             2
    Follow-up Therapy - Children                                                           179

    1st Interview / Psycho-social Intervention - Parents                                       42

    Follow-up Therapy - Parents                                                            108

KZN's Client Demographic:
Girls           73.0%      Boys            27.0%                         11         Youngest         2
Black           92.9%      White           0.0%       Indian            5.7%        Coloured        1.4%


•   Kidz Clinic received a number of reports on juveniles acting out sexually from two local
    schools and organised a Life Skills programme to address the reported offenders at
    Ottawa and Umdloti Primary Schools. Two male Lovelife GroundBreakers are
    facilitating these groups weekly. (10 participants per group)
•   A weekly Parenting Skills workshop was introduced and is being held at Kidz Clinic
    from 9.00 – 12:00 each Tuesday, for clients' parents and community members
•   A weekly Life Skills programme was also introduced for our teenage clients and is
    being held weekly from 14:30 to 15:30 at the clinic.

•   Due to the vast trial backlog at Verulam Court, our child abuse cases have been
    transferred to Ndwedwe Court. Social Worker Zodwa Mdakane has testified there and
    has met with Prosecutor Mngadi. She reports that the conditions and the way in which
    our clients were taken care of are commendable.



We started our CPW campaign earlier than scheduled, as many schools were writing
exams during this period. We also extended the programme to accommodate schools after
the exams. Kidz Clinic Social Worker, Zodwa Mdakane, and WMACA Chief Social Worker,
Elizabeth Steenkamp, presented the post-exam programme.

The responsibilities of learners and the threats to their safety were highlighted, and a
Vuvuzela made from recycled materials was used as a symbol of celebration and
inspiration to find ways to improve one’s life no matter what your circumstances are.

11 Schools were visited, as well as a local Community Project, known as the Crazy Kids
Club. All in all, around 9,000 children were reached.


Kidz Clinic KZN, reporting to the Premier's Office on the
Rights of the Child, pledged to partner Government in its
commitment to provide safe places for learners during the
FIFA World Cup.

30 Children between the ages of 4 to 16 attended our 3-
week programme. With the help of six teenage volunteers
from local private schools and two Lovelife 'Mpintshes', the
following activities were offered daily:

       Drawing, painting, collage and board game activity
       Volley ball, soccer, netball and frisbee
       Appropriate movies were projected onto a wall to
       create a mini ‘cinema’.
       Each child was assisted in making a photo frame
       from recycled materials for photographs of themselves taken during the club.

Lunch and refreshments were served daily and an exhibition of each child's artwork is on
display at the clinic. One-on-one and group therapy for Kidz Clinic clients continued in
addition to the activities.

The following organisations and individuals contributed to the success of the holiday
      Clothes from the Ward Councillor's office
      Books form an Umdloti resident. Many were hobby books used during the Holiday
      Club and used for children to do readings to the group.
      Refreshments were sponsored by Pick 'n Pay Verulam and stationery by the
      Ethekwini Municipality Department of Health

       The six volunteers sponsored tennis, soccer and netball balls and provided biscuits
       for the children
       The American tourists delivered two soccer balls and a frisbee the following day.

One of the highlights of the holiday
programme was a visit by five
American soccer fans who volunteered
their time to entertain the children. A
mock kick-off competition was held
and paper airplanes were constructed,
after which a competition was held for
the longest flight.

The visitors were also taken on a tour
of the local community and had tea
with a family in Waterloo. They were
received with ululation and calls of
"Welcome!" and "Obama welcome!"
They left with enormous praise for the project and promised to raise funds to assist us on
their return to their hometown in Arizona.


During the holiday programme, a 14-year-old client of ours reported to Zodwa that she
had seen the man who raped her (in January), that morning in Waterloo as she was on
her way to the Holiday Club.
The girl had - much to our dismay - followed him to see where he lived. Zodwa alerted the
investigating officers, who responded promptly and arrested the suspect straight away!


As a member and secretary of the NPA Inter-sectoral KZN Human Trafficking
Prostitution Pornography and Brothels Task Team, Kidz Clinic:

•   In partnership with the Children’s Rights Centre presented to the KZN Jewish Women's
    League in preparation for an International Jewish Women’s League conference on
    Human Trafficking held in Cape Town.
•   Presented to around 2000 students at Mountview Secondary and Stanger Secondary.
•   Participated in the two demonstrations outside the Durban Court on the 10th May and
    the 8th June for the sentencing of two convicted traffickers. Television and newspaper
    journalists conducted interviews. The case was postponed after the accused and co-
    accused did not appear in court due to an illness.
•   Performed in a play presented by the NPA to the public at the Pietermaritzburg Royal
    Show on centre stage.

Public Protector & ICD (Independent Complaints Directorate)
The clinic continues to liaise with the office of the Public Protector and the ICD on behalf of
its clients when necessary.

Verulam Child and Family Welfare Society
We joined Bobbi Bear and Lovelife at Verulam Child and Family Welfare Society's "Edufair"
and Kidz Clinic fundraising and awareness pamphlets were handed out.

Medical Research Council
In a study being conducted on behalf of the World Health Organisation; 4,000 female
participants are being recruited to test an ARV vaginal gel and an oral medication, for the
prevention of HIV transmission.
Kidz Clinic have been invited to sit on an              Children & volunteers, busy with
advisory panel to represent young women.                activities at the Holiday Club

•   Kidz Clinic and Lovelife hosted a Youth
    Games Day at the Verulam Sports field in
    partnership with the Crazy Kids Team to
    celebrate Freedom Day on 27 April.
    Soccer, netball and frisbee matches were
    held throughout the day. Refreshments,
    water bottles, Uncut magazines and
    certificates for all participants were
    sponsored by Lovelife.
•   The Crazy Kids Team is the community
    project that was initiated by the UNISA
    student trained at Kidz Clinic in 2009. It’s a sport project with 30 female child and 70
    male child members. In 2009, the student established the team and arranged team
    uniforms sponsored by the Department of Sports Arts and Culture. The project has
    continued to flourish - with a netball court built and sponsored by a Verulam business
    man - where the teams meet daily at 16:30pm. The UNISA students continue to
    manage this project.

Duduza Kidz Clinic 


•   A cognitively impaired 15-year-old girl was raped by a group of 4 boys. Details of the
    attack are sketchy due to the victim's difficulty with recall, but an assessment is
    underway. Fortunately a witness (also 15) has come forward and is assisting the police
    in identifying the perpetrators, after which they will be arrested. We are working
    closely with the investigating officer and, in a case like this, a 'Competence to Testify'
    report will also have to be compiled.

•   A 5-year-old girl was lured into a tuck-shop by the owner, who offered her sweets.
    Once inside, he closed the door and raped her. The little girl is very bright and was
    able to relay events clearly during the initial assessment. The perpetrator was arrested
    and the case will soon go to court. The forensic assessment is in progress.

•   Attempted suicide, following a rape
    A 9-yr-old girl was kidnapped by a male neighbour and locked up in his house. He laid
    down a foam mattress and placed “stakes” around it, to enable him to tie the child
    spread-eagled on to the mattress. He raped the girl repeatedly throughout the night,
    slept for a while, and continued the assault the next morning. It is still unclear as to
    how and when she managed to get away, but the perpetrator has been arrested.

   The girl was so traumatized and distressed after the incident that she jumped into a
   dam, hoping to drown. Social Worker Phumzile has had to do intensive trauma
   debriefing with her, and is conducting an assessment to be submitted with the docket.
   The child and her family are receiving support from the Kidz Clinic and her mother
   reports that the girl's condition has improved to a large extent.

Services provided at Duduza Kidz Clinic - January to June 2010:
                                                           Girls     58
  New Intakes & 1st Psycho-social Assessment                                         73
                                                           Boys      15
                                                           Girls     10
  Forensic Assessment Sessions                                                       15
                                                           Boys      5
                                                           Girls     12
  Medical Assessment & Treatment                                                     15
                                                           Boys      3
  Follow-up Therapy - Children                                                   188

  1st Interview / Psycho-social Intervention - Parents                               62

  Follow-up Therapy - Parents                                                    158

Duduza's Client Demographic:
Girls       79.0%      Boys        21.0%     Average Age            11    Youngest         2

Black      100.0%      White       0.0%      Indian                0.0%   Coloured        0.0%



Social Worker Phumzile Masilela has started with a therapeutic group for seven children
who had previously been abused and have received counselling from other therapists or
organisations. These children are now displaying behavioural problems, have low self
esteem and are having trouble coping at school.

Phumzile has arranged for them to be in a group setting, so they don't feel so isolated -
and to gain confidence from shared experience and the knowledge that "they are not
alone". The children attend every Wednesday afternoon and very positive feedback has
been received from their parents, as to improvement in their behaviour at home and at

Additionally, when the parents bring the children for group sessions, they are also
attended to in a separate parental support group, wherein they share experiences,
feelings and coping mechanisms. They are empowered with guidance on how to deal with
with an abused child as well as some basic parenting skills. The parents have expressed
enormous appreciation for these groups and how much it means to them that "they are
not forgotten".


Auxiliary Social Worker, Nonhlanhla Ngubo, has started with YDP groups at two local
Primary schools (9 and 5 group members respectively), for pre-adolescents who are
acting out with sexual behaviour.

The schools have been very appreciative and the Life Orientation teachers are
accommodating Nonhlanhla in their classrooms for the group sessions. This alleviates the
problem of children not attending, or in most cases not having transport to get to the Kidz



From the 25th to the 28thof May, we presented Child Abuse and Human Trafficking
Awareness talks at 5 different schools and were able to reach more than 5,000 children
during the campaign. We also addressed the importance of reporting abuse and where to
get help. We told the learners about the Kidz Clinic, the services we provide and that
these services are FREE of charge.

On the 3rd of June we were called by the principal of Sibonisweni Primary School, to
present the same talk during their parents' meeting. We addressed the educators and 49

Having been formerly ignorant of the existence of a facility like the Kidz Clinic, the parents
and educators were all very impressed. A number of parents were anxious to see Phumzile
after the presentation and want to bring their children for assessment and therapy.

As a result of the school talks, an 18-yr-old Ethiopian immigrant came to the clinic. She
had been lured to SA with the promise of a job, which never materialised. She ended up in
Duduza, now has two small children, no place to live and is struggling to survive. We took
her to the Duduza Municipality Customer Care Centre who, with the aid of Dept Social
Development, will see that the girl and her children get assistance and shelter.

Pretoria Satellite Kidz Clinic 

Procare and the Kidz Clinic have
settled into the new offices in
Hatfield, near the new Gautrain
station and the University of

We are very excited to welcome
the children into a lovely 'homey'
atmosphere, and an assessment
room which (while still child-
friendly), is technologically well-
equipped with a two-way mirror
and video recording equipment.


In a very recent case, a 9-year-old girl was referred to Kidz Clinic by a clinical psychologist
who was concerned about explicit sexual behaviour. The child had been in foster care for a
period of 7 years.
Social Worker Letitia van der Berg conducted a forensic assessment and the girl disclosed
that she was a victim of sexual assault over a number of years. The perpetrators were the
foster father and his son-in-law. Letitia's forensic report is being submitted as evidence
and the investigation is in progress.

After the completion of the assessment a multi-sectoral panel decided to remove the girl
from the foster family and placed her with new foster parents. She is safe and happy now,
and receives regular therapy at Kidz Clinic.


All the new cases from this year are still in progress, but court procedures have been
delayed due to the World Cup. One sexual assault case was finalized and the perpetrator
(step-grandfather) was sentenced to three years imprisonment. Three more cases are on
the roll for finalisation in July and August.

Services provided at Pretoria Kidz Clinic - January to June 2010:
                                                         Girls    34
  New Intakes & 1st Psycho-social Assessment                                    50
                                                         Boys     16
                                                         Girls    20
  Forensic Assessment Sessions                                                  25
                                                         Boys     5
                                                         Girls    10
  Medical Assessment & Treatment                                                10
                                                         Boys     0
  Follow-up Therapy - Children                                                 178

  1st Interview / Psycho-social Intervention - Parents                          43

  Follow-up Therapy - Parents                                                  102

Pretoria's Client Demographic:
Girls         68.0%      Boys           32.0%                        8        Youngest         3
Black          0.0%      White          94.0%       Indian         0.0%       Coloured       6.0%


•   One of the biggest concerns regarding cases in Pretoria (and echoed by the other
    clinics) is that in the majority of intakes presenting with allegations of sexual abuse,
    the perpetrators are known to the children; family members (fathers, grandfathers),
    neighbours and mothers' boyfriends. It is apparent that some mothers do not accept
    responsibility for their children and leave them with untrustworthy family members
    while they go to work. Disturbingly, many of these children are then sexually abused
    by the person in whose care they are left.

•   Another trend observed during this period is the physical abuse of children at schools.
    Pretoria had three cases in the last three months of alleged physical abuse of children
    by a teacher at school. One boy is only 3 years old and he told Letitia during the
    assessment that his teacher "hit him on his bum with the ‘paplepel’ five times" and
    then stuck sellotape over his mouth because he was crying. This case is still being
    investigated and a meeting with the school and the investigating officer will soon be
    held. Photographic evidence clearly shows marks in the shape of the wooden spoon.


Letitia joined a forum of Forensic Social Workers in Pretoria, which enables professionals
in the field to share knowledge and have multi-disciplinary case conferences.

Letitia attended a workshop presented by Ms Sarie Snyman on the New Children’s Act.

Youth Development Programme 

Presented by Elizabeth Steenkamp, Chief Social Worker

Month            Talks & Workshops - Adults                    Preventative Talks - Children
               Awareness Talk at Private Company: 12
Jan 2010       Employees
               Parental Guidance Talk: 40 Parents
               Talk at Orange Grove Rotary Club: 11          Prevention of Child Abuse Programme: 93
Feb 2010
               Members                                       Pre-School Children
               Talk at SA Depression & Anxiety Assoc.: 25    Prevention of Child Abuse Programme: 65
Mar 2010
               Volunteers                                    Pre-School Children

 Month               Talks & Workshops - Adults                    Preventative Talks - Children
                   Awareness of Child Abuse Workshop: 17         Prevention of Child Abuse Programme: 1300
                   Mothers                                       Primary School Children
                   Prevention of Child Abuse Workshop: 10 Pre-   Prevention of Child Abuse Programme: 128
 Apr 2010          School Staff Members                          Pre-School Children
                   Parental Guidance Talk: 17 Parents
                   Prevention of Child Abuse Workshop: 114
 May 2010
                   Pre-School Staff Members
                                                                 Prevention of Child Abuse Programme: 81
                                                                 Pre-School Children
 Jun 2010
                                                                 Prevention of Child Abuse Programme: 1200
                                                                 Primary School Children
                     146 Adults                                    2867 Children

Crèche Preventative Programme - facilitated by Auxiliary Social Worker, Shirley
Makatees, on Thursdays - April and May 2010

                                                                                        Number of
Name of Crèche                               Crèche located
Tiny’s Day Care Creche                       Ext 9, Vosloorus                           30

Tiny Tots Day Care                           Marimba, Vosloorus                         15

Thuli’s Day Care                             Ext 25, Vosloorus                          20

Granny’s Day Care Centre                     Vosloorus                                  15

Tshepo Themba Day Care Centre                Moagi Street, Vosloorus                    23

Mamorwa Day Care                             Basothong, Vosloorus                       25

                                                                                     TOTAL: 128 Children

The Prevention of Child Abuse workshops for adults and caregivers have proven to be very
successful and much-requested. The aim of this workshop is to prevent child abuse by
early identification of risk cases. During the workshops, parents or school/créche staff
members receive training on the following topics:

   Impact of Child Sexual Abuse
   Guidelines for Sexual Education
      • Context of sex education
      • The aims of sex education
      • Signs of abnormal sexual development
      • When sex education starts
      • Provision of sex education
            o Guidelines for parents to talk about “the facts of life”

            o Guidelines for effective school-based sex education

      • Normal Growth and physical, cognitive, emotional and sexual development from
         18 months to 18 years
      • Guidelines for parents and caregivers to raise sexually healthy children

   Reasons why children don’t tell
   What needs to be considered before assessing children:
      •    Normal growth and development of a child
      •    Development issues when interviewing a child
   Some do’s and don’ts of communicating with children
   Qualities necessary to work with children
   Forms of Abuse:
      • Physical abuse
      • Emotional abuse
      • Sexual abuse
   Signs   of Abuse
      •    Emotional
      •    Behavioural
      •    Physical
   Legal procedures and requirements
      • Child Care Act
      • Sexual Offences Act
   Prevention of child abuse classroom activities


                           Group Work          Girls Group   Boys Group
                           Sessions            Members       Members
              Jan 2010       6                  6              23
              Feb 2010       8                  8              23
              Mar 2010       9                  9              15
              Apr 2010       2                  2              9
              May 2010       4                  4              9
              Jun 2010       4                  4              13

              TOTAL          33                 33             92

How You Can Help 
It costs WMACA ± R550 per child per intake session. That does not include the
follow-up therapy (6 to 12 sessions at ± R150 each), assessment reports, competence
reports, Court Preparation, preventative programmes or the costs of our staff having to

We rely greatly on funding from corporate sponsors and the public, to continue providing
our comprehensive services FREE of charge to the victims of child abuse and their

Please contact Kevin Barbeau (kevin@wmaca.org) for a corporate funding proposal.
Sponsors can of course talk to us about putting their branding up at the clinics and on the

   Our Banking Details:
     Women & Men Against Child Abuse
     FNB Randburg, Branch 254 005
     Account No. 6201 9810 383, or Section 18A: 6206 9415 117

Other goods/services required: 

WMACA WISH LIST: (Please contact us for a full, detailed list)

   •   Sponsorship of refreshments (juice, tub noodles, biscuits etc) at all the clinics - we
       often see hungry children
   •   "Care Packages": toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and facecloths
   •   Children's clothes & underwear
   •   Sponsorship of printing: pamphlets, posters, business cards.
   •   Archive Shelving for Head Office
   •   A4 paper & printer cartridges
   •   Desktop Printer for Duduza Kidz Clinic
   •   Curtains & curtain rails for Duduza
   •   Repair of plastering at Alexandra Kidz Clinic
   •   Ceilings painted at Alexandra
   •   Curtains and new carpets for Alexandra
   •   Laptop Computer for social work supervisor
   •   Repair/replace intercom at Head Office
   •   Repair of gutters and shed in Boksburg
   •   Damp-proofing at Boksburg and Head Office

For more information on our organisation and services, please
contact us on 011-789-8815, or visit our website at

Thank you for your support.