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									Estonia is one of North-European medical centers, with the main beauty centers
located in Tallinn (Estonian capital). This center provides an effective non-surgical
facelift appealing and in friendly environments. Being strong on face lifting and
epilasion field. The latest technology will provide significant expertise and
world-class service. For example, company called Medemis cosmetology-related
procedures and treatments are fast and secure with world class quality. All services
offered are now also practiced elsewhere in the world for many years.
  The main procedures with Estonian information links:
  Laser hair removal - this is the most effective epilation method to remove hair
permanently and does not affect the structure of the skin. Epilation is absolutely
harmless to human body, and there are virtually no medical contraindications.
Procedures are quick with lasting results.
  IPL (intense pulsed light) treatment 鈥?this customer favorite procedure is an
effective non-surgical method of skin venation. The procedure gives good results in
skin pigment.
  Fine - Restylane and Juvederm are potent and effective long-lasting alternative to
plastic surgery. What gives a very smooth and nice result. The ampoule also contains
an anesthetic substance, which makes it virtually painless injection.
  Mesotherapy - it is refreshing and unique skin rejuvenation procedure for surgical
interference. The procedure is rapid and well tolerated. The methodology employed
from 20th mid-century from the French physician Michel Pestor. TriActive facial -
Ageing is a novel therapy, which relaxes facial features as a result, fine wrinkles will
disappear and gives a fresh look.
  Biorevitalisation - skin rejuvenation is a new method of using hyaluronic acid.
Biorevitalisation very efficiently increases the skin moisture levels and helps to
restore the properties that are vital to maintaining youthful skin. Skin has become
characteristic of drier when we age, because it gradually loses the natural hyaluronic
acid, which we also involve the skin. As a result, our skin begins to lose its elasticity,
smoothness and shine.
  Antiperspirant Treatment - no longer necessary for excessive sweating, the nerve
transmission and the sweating stops about 4-8 months.
  Medemis ilus 眉 stid + kortsude eemaldamine

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