New Volkswagen Passat to be made in China by hkksew3563rd


									Volkswagen, the German car maker is coming with the new Volkswagen Passat.
Passat is for those who have a passion for luxury and extraordinary taste. Volkswagen
Passat will arrest you with its unique looks. Volkswagen Passat, the four door luxury,
enjoys highest comfort and dynamic looks.
  The new Volkswagen Passat will be manufactured in China, in both stretched and
regular versions.
  This elegant car, is likely to be manufactured by FAW-VW, which has made the
previous versions, Magoton. The debonair car will have a longer wheel base of 120
mm as speculated, which is more than the European version. In the Chinese market,
the Volkswagen Passat is preferred as a chauffeur driven car, so spacious rear is
expected. B7 will debut in China in the year 2011.
  The new Volkswagen Passat B7 will get revamped, keeping few features the same.
The latest generation Passat will come in all-four wheel drive in ten diesel and petrol
engines. The Volkswagen aims to sell one lac cars by 2014 in the Indian market which
they will encash from Volkswagen Polo. The company's Chakan plant has a total
capacity of 1.10 lakh units. Volkswagen Jetta and Volkswagen Passat are also
assembled and sold in India.
  Its makeover time in Volkswagen as the old Beetle will also get some cosmetic
changes. The new Beetle will come with exterior and interior changes. The Beetle will
have a sporty and spunky look. It will have a flatter roof, the hatched will be more
curved but the nose (the front) will be of signature style. Often faced criticism, the
new Volkswagen Beetle will be powered with advanced technology. The new
technology will have Volkswagen giving a choice of two rear suspension. The higher
model will have 197bhp 2.0 liter with multi link axle which is taken from Volkswagen
  The mini car will be manufactured in Mexico with Jetta. With the new model
Volkswagen is hoping to hatch buyers and increase the sales in UK. The sales of
Beetle went down last year to 2200 units which was 9000 in 2001. With the
introduction of Cabriolet in the UK market, it will give a boost to its sales and with
new models coming, Volkswagen is sure to make it big and bigger in the international

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