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Pumping to
Company overview
  AFROMIX, formally Aeromix, has been producing mixing and pumping equipment in South Africa since
  1975. Our products have been supplied into all areas of industry, particularly Mining, Chemicals, Pulp & Paper,
  Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals and Waste & Water treatment.

  The company was also responsible for introducing industrial peristaltic pumps to the country. Initially
  introduced as small pumps for metering, dosing, transfer and analysis, the range has grown significantly over
  the years to include larger industrial pumps for the mining industry.

  AFROMIX’s main product lines include AFROMIX agitators and AFROFLEX peristaltic pumps and hoses.

1. AFROMIX Agitators
  AFROMIX manufactures a range of top entry agitators from 0.25kW to 750kW for use in mining, chemical,
  pharmaceutical, waste management and paper industries. The company‘s manufacturing facility in
  Uitenhage, Eastern Cape, was specially chosen due to the availability of high quality machining facilities,
  a competent labour force and shipping access to export markets. This facility manufactures the company’s
  large agitators. The second production facility in Jet Park, Johannesburg, produces the pump range and
  smaller agitators

2. AFROFLEX Peristaltic Pumps and hoses
  The Environmental Pumping Solutions range of peristaltic pumps are marketed and manufactured in South
  Africa under exclusive license to AFROMIX as AFROFLEX Peristaltic Pumps. The extensive range includes
  the largest pump of this type in the world. The L150, with a 150mm discharge, produces a delivery rate of
  135m3/Hr, at a discharge pressure of 7.5 Barg. These units are ideal for thickener underflow applications and
  other density duties.

  The company also manufactures tubes and hoses for most other makes of peristaltic pumps and has the
  expertise to advise on all piping and tubing requirements.

  AFROMIX offers a wide range of AFROFLEX peristaltic pumps and manufactures tubes and hoses to fit all other makes of
  peristaltic pumps
The AFROFLEX L-series

Twice the hose life and half the power of other peristaltics

A world first design

Our AFROFLEX L series pumps offer all the benefits of most other peristaltic pumps, with the additional
advantages of a slower speed for the same flow-rate and rotating rollers for soft hose compression.
These two features offer enhanced hose life and reduced power consumption.

Our pumps will typically displace twice the volume of our competitors’ pumps. We achieve this by making
our pumps slightly bigger so that the pump rollers are in contact with the pump hose for longer periods.
This means that we can run our pumps at about half their speed and still produce the same flow rate.

AFROFLEX pumps use soft-action rotating rollers to compress the hose as opposed to hard, fixed shoes
used in other pumps. The main advantage of our rollers are that they gently rotate as they compress the
hose, losing very little power from surface friction. Most other pumps have a stationary shoe that drags
on the hose surface, creating a high level of wear and friction and significantly increasing power draw.

Our L-Series pump
Why our pumps make a difference
The benefits of roller over fixed shoe design

With the AFROFLEX pump’s rotating, roller design (above left) there is a soft compression of pump
hose with very little fractional drag. This constant rotation also helps to provide a continual source of
lubricant refreshment on the hose face at the point of contact.

This light, compressing action results in the roller design using typically 50% less motor power than
other pumps fitted with a fixed shoe design (above right).

                                                               Tube compression

The peristaltic pump operating principle
The L range of peristaltic pumps operates on the peristaltic principle, which was patented some
75 years ago.

The technical classification for its pumping action is known as positive displacement. This means that
a fixed and known amount of fluid is discharged per revolution of the pump with flow independent of
discharge head. The action is very simple.

Our pumps operate by compressing a specially designed precision ground hose between a set of
rotating rollers attached to a central rotor, and the internal wall of the pump case or housing. The
product to be pumped in the hose is pushed from the inlet side of the pump towards the discharge by
the squeezing or compressing motion of the rollers on the hose as they rotate. Thus it operates in a
similar fashion to the human heart.
Technical data on the L series pumps
                                                                               Max                                        Standard
                                              Tempera-       Displace-                        Max          continu-
   Pump          Weight          Dims                                        continu-                                     Connec-
                                                ture           ment                         pressure       ous flow
                                                                            ous speed                                       tions

                30kg (var-     490H by
                                                             0.05 litres                                   0 to 210       1/4” BSP
    L10          ies with      265W by        MAX 70C                        70 rpm         7.5 Barg
                                                              per rev                                         l/hr          Male
                  drive)       348L mm

                30kg (var-     490H by
                                                             0.10 litres                                   0 to 420       1/2” BSP
    L15          ies with      265W by        MAX 70C                        70 rpm         7.5 Barg
                                                              per rev                                         l/hr          Male
                  drive)       348L mm

                65kg (var-     536H by
                                                             0.32 litres                                  0 to 1056       3/4” BSP
    L20          ies with      503W by        MAX 80C                        55 rpm         10 Barg
                                                              per rev                                        l/hr           Male
                  drive)       513L mm

                65kg (var-     536H by
                                                             0.48 litres                                  0 to 1152        1” BSP
    L25          ies with      503W by        MAX 80C                        40 rpm         10 Barg
                                                              per rev                                        l/hr           Male
                  drive)       513L mm

                 155kg         723H by
                                                             1.18 litres                                  0 to 2832      1 1/2” BSP
    L32          (varies       620W by        MAX 80C                        40 rpm         10 Barg
                                                              per rev                                        l/hr           Male
               with drive)     690L mm

                 250kg         857H by
                                                             2.21 litres                                  0 to 5304      1 1/2” BSP
    L40          (varies       700W by        MAX 80C                        40 rpm         10 Barg
                                                              per rev                                        l/hr           Male
               with drive)     857L mm

                 300kg         986H by
                                                             4.01 litres                                  0 to 8420        2” BSP
    L50          (varies       740W by        MAX 80C                        35 rpm         10 Barg
                                                              per rev                                        l/hr           Male
               with drive)     852L mm

                               by 889W                       8.19 litres                                     0 to        2 1/2” BSP
    L65          (varies                      MAX 80C                        35 rpm         10 Barg
                               by 1067L                       per rev                                     17 200 l/hr       Male
               with drive)

                 540kg     1320H by
                                                            14.54 litres                                     0 to          3” BSP
    L80          (varies    944W by           MAX 80C                        35 rpm         10 Barg
                                                              per rev                                     30 534 l/hr       Male
               with drive) 1242L mm

                 900kg     1654H by
                                                            28.41 litres                                     0 to          4” BSP
   L100          (varies   1458W by           MAX 80C                        30 rpm         10 Barg
                                                              per rev                                     51 140 l/hr       Male
               with drive) 1475L mm

                1800kg     1910H by                                                                          0 to            6”
                                                            83.36 litres
   L150          (varies   1520W by           MAX 80C                        27 rpm         7.5 Barg       135 000        Flanged
                                                              per rev
               with drive) 2160L mm                                                                          l/hr          PN10

Please note:
1. Other connections available on request.
2. The above figures, including typical power savings stated in this brochure, are approximate. Contact AFROMIX for exact pump
   selection and specifications.
          Key highlights of the L150                                     Features and benefits

                                                                 •   Available in 11 different sizes. Provides flow
                                                                     rates up 135m3/Hr. at 7.5 Barg.

                                                                 •   Handles abrasive fluids since only the hose
                                                                     and hose inserts are in contact with the
                                                                     material being pumped.

                                                                 •   Hose design allows applications for
                                                                     aggressive and contaminated fluids. These
                                                                     can be processed without the damage
                                                                     experienced by other pumping technologies.

                                                                 •   Reversible operation allows for pumping in
                                                                     both directions.

   •   No other peristaltic pump in the world can                •   Pump casings for durable construction
       deliver this flow rate.                                       include materials such as heavy duty 316 or
   •   Accurate and controllable flow rate                           304 stainless steel, thus allowing operation
       means easy integration with your process                      in corrosive environments.
                                                                 •   Very low maintenance allows simple
   •   Excellent solids/sludge handling with no                      inventory of hoses and lubricant.
       valves or balls to stick.
                                                                 •   Hoses are constructed with a choice of
   •   Self priming suction lifts up to a maximum                    either natural rubber, Nitrile Buna, Hypalon
       of 9.5m vertical.                                             and EPDM Food Grade or Industrial Rubber,
                                                                     to ensure suitability for most applications.
   •   Fixed and variable speed options.

Typical applications of AfroFLEX peristaltic pumps

                                                               1. Waste and water treatment industry
                                                                  Sludge pumps, desludging, metering pumps,
                                                                  lime dosing, sewage pumps.

                                                               2. Chemical industry
                                                                  Viscous and/or abrasive slurries, corrosive
                                                                  chemical dosing or transfer, shear sensitive
                                                                  chemicals, general waste pumps.

                                                               3. Mining
                                                                  Thickener underflow pumps, slurry pumping,
                                                                  reagent dosing and transfer and concentrate

Typical application of L series pump on mine sludge transfer
AFROFLEX peristaltic hose
High precision, machine ground peristaltic hose for all makes of pump

The heart and soul of any peristaltic pump is         More about our hoses
the hose.
Hoses supplied by AFROFLEX (under license from        Superior design
UK-based Environmental Pumping Solutions (EPS))       The internal diameter of the hose and the pump
are the result of many years of investment, testing   rotor rpm dictate the flow rate that the pump will
and development dating back to 1977. This means       produce. The quality of our hose is demonstrated by
that we are able to provide the highest quality       it’s ability to achieve a suction lift of up to 9.5m and
precision ground peristaltic hose for ALL makes of    its multi-part construction, resulting in an excellent
peristaltic pumps.                                    life.

EPS manufacture branded hose for many peristaltic
                                                      Hose sizes for all makes of pumps
pump companies, and also make their own hose to
                                                      As standard we are able to provide hoses for all
suit the following makes: Watson Marlow Bredel™,
                                                      makes of Peristaltic Pumps from 5mm bore to
Delasco™, Envirotech™, PCM™, Ponndorf™,
                                                      150mm bore. Common materials include: Natural
Rosewater™, Verder™ (All trademarks are owned by
                                                      Rubber, EPDM, Hypalon, Neoprene and Nitrile Buna
their respective owners).
                                                      (Food Grade and Industrial).

If it’s a peristaltic pump with a reinforced
                                                      Ordering the correct hose size
peristaltic hose, call AFROFLEX!
                                                      Selecting the correct hose for your pump is simple.
We would be happy to discuss ways of improving        Call us with your current pump model and we will
your existing hose life, shortening your delivery     select the correct size and material of hose for your
turnaround times or simply reducing the cost you      application. If you are uncertain about pump model,
pay your existing supplier.                           we can still help if you let us know the dimensions of
                                                      the old hose or provide a sample. Either way give us
                                                      a call.

                                                      Our hoses are tested to the highest tolerances
                                                      Our hose is precision machine ground to the highest
                                                      tolerances. This ensures that the stress loading on
                                                      the hose itself and the motor/gearboxes bearings,
                                                      pump rotor etc. are very tightly controlled within
Finite Element Analysis of ground reinforced hosing   predefined limits.

                                                      Cost savings
                                                      Apart from the knowledge that you are purchasing
                                                      a generally superior hose, AFROMIX is able to save
                                                      you costs because of the high quality manufacturing
                                                      techniques employed by our principals.

The range of reinforced peristaltic hosing
Capability statement
AFROMIX operates on the business principle of ‘Performance Before Profit’.

This means that while we seek to make profits, our first approach is to resolve problems.

We have a depth of technical knowledge in our field and this is backed by experience,
training and a proven track record in our pump applications.

Our approach to our engineering is conservative – we do not compromise on
mechanical integrity or design.

                                                   Clockwise: The entrance to our Uitenhage
                                                   factory; the factory interior at Jet Park and
                                                   our head office near Johannesburg

Contact details
Telephone:     +27 (0) 11 397 6911
Fax:           +27 (0) 11 397 6712
Email:         sales@afromix.co.za

Address:       Unit 7, Pelican Park
               Malcolm Moodie Crescent
               Jet Park

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