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					Green Card

A green card in other words is a green signal to anyone who wishes to live and work
in the United States of America on a permanent basis. Any immigrant who lives as a
resident in the United States for five years and successfully undergoes the entire
residential process of the United States and follows all the regulations and procedures
set by the government is liable to a green card. It came to be known as the green card
as the status of permanent resident used to be attested to the identity card of an
immigrant giving the status the name green card.

To begin with, a Permanent Resident Card is provided and after two years of
permanent and continued residency, the green card holder receives a new one. This
new green card comes up for renewal after a period of 10 years. However, the
authorities may relax this requirement based on the nature of the resident's profile and

A green card holder may give up his or her residential status by filing a specific form
with reasons for doing so. Once the green card is cancelled, the resident has to leave
the United States at the earliest permissible time.

A green card or permanent residential status to the United States may also be obtained
if a person is born in the United States, married to a citizen of the country or adopted
by a citizen of the country. This has led to various people traveling to the United
States at the brink of having a child (which results in the child becoming a citizen by
birthright) and also indulging in marriages of convenience wherein they marry a
citizen only to acquire citizenship to the United States.

The green card application is a lengthy and time consuming process and comprises
various formalities and responsibilities that an immigrant interested in acquiring the
green card must undergo.

Reporting or requesting for the renewal of a stolen or lost green card can be made
with reference to a form called the N-600. This process usually takes 3 months in
which an immigrants other documents submitted are referred and taken into account
as proof of his or her citizenship. An advertisement explaining loss of green card in a
local newspaper is compulsory, along with a receipt of this advertisement and a copy
of the newspaper. The immigrant would have to go to the United States Consulate and
apply for a Transportation letter that helps in the process. This letter enables an
immigrant to travel in and out of the United States while the process for green card
renewal and green card replacement takes place.

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