What is so Special about GamerModz Modded Xbox 360 Controllers- by djsgjg0045


									The first time GamerModz.com loaded up in my browser I felt like the first time I saw
Xzibit welcome us to "Pimp My Ride". An at first passing interest, blew up into
euphoric shock. I had always thought that a modded xbox 360 controller was just a
regular video game controller with stickers on it. Sort of like I thought modifying a
car simply meant putting large rims on it. How silly do I sound to myself saying those
words right now? Very.
  At GamerModz they specialize in one thing, modded controllers. Xbox 360
controller mods, to be specific. If you think simply shooting stuff up is enough while
rocking out in Halo Reach or Call of Duty Black Ops, you have clearly the customer
of an out-of-the-box store bought xbox 360 controller. You're that guy driving a beater
to work every day, happy about it getting you from point A to point B in one piece.
I'm not mad at you, in fact, I used to be you. But after taking a risk on a modded xbox
360 controller from GamerModz I went from beater guy to grease monkey, car
  The GamerModz modded controller is simply out-of-control. Think about putting a
nitrous tank and a huge new powerful engine into your car, now imagine no speed
limit, no traffic cops and no pedestrians in your way? Would you drive fast? That's the
feeling you get when you can precisely program your characters entire mag load into
one single second, single shot, rapid fire blast off. It's amazing. The typical controller
mod cannot do this. In fact, I did a little research and found that GamerModz is the
first modded controller company to exist, has never lost a comparison review, always
release mods for the most highly anticipated games first and that their mods are not
duplicated by anyone else.
  The coolest thing about my new GamerModz modded xbox 360 controller was that
it allowed me to squeeze out an extra hour out of my late night gaming. Since I'm
busy during the day I rarely crank up my console until late in the evening, by then I'm
often tired and can't really focus. With the club style LED-lights and my lazy butt
preprogramming 30 shots per second into my modded xbox 360 controller from
GamerModz I can play longer while relaxing and enjoying the light show in the dark.
For a hall-of-fame slacker like me, it can't get much better.
  I'm probably a bit older than most of you guys reading this, I grew up at a time when
rapid fire meant cradling your stone age controller and rapid raking you knuckles
back-and-forth across the buttons until they were skinned alive. The GamerModz
controller mod allowed me to feel like one of those old guys who grew up on the
horse and buggy, but went into the twilight cruising in a drop top Rolls Royce.
  What more can I say?

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