What is Public Speaking- by djsgjg0045


 Public speaking means to speak before a group of people in a structured manner with
the purpose of entertaining or informing the audience. In public speaking, it is very
important to note that who says what to whom. If used effectively, public speaking
can be a very important tool for the pupose of leadership, motivation, influence or
simply entertainment.
 Public speaking is an art and it can be learned through practicing. Here are some tips
for public speaking: ? Be familiar with the place where you have to deliver a speech. ?
     Know your audience well before whom you have to speak. ? Prepare your speech
or any material to be delivered. ? Practice your speech well (before the mirror). ? Be
sure that your speech is such that it is informative and entertaining so that the
audience maintains interest. ? Relax yourself before the speech begins.
 These are just a few tips but there is much more to be learned. If you are not
confident, it is very important to join a course where you can learn about public
speaking and also you get opportunities to show your talent.
 One such institute in Delhi is ANURAG AGGARWAL INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC
SPEAKING. Here you can learn to become confident, prepare speeches, laptop
presentations, impromptu speeches, debates and much more. There are courses on
presentation skills, marketing skills, personality development, public speaking,
motivational talks and English improvement. The courses are held in Delhi (north,
south, west, central), Gurgaon and Noida. Webinars (online trainings and seminars)
are also there. For more details, visit www.anuragaggarwal.com or call Shivangi Seth:

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