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									What is Pay-Per Click
  Pay per click is a model that is used for advertising through websites and blogs,
advertising networks and search engines, and the advertiser only has to pay when the
site is actually clicked on and visited by a user. The advertiser depends on the
keywords being used and targeted for search when a user is looking for a particular
kind of service or product on line. How does this search function?
  When the user types in the keyword for a search the relevant page would show up on
the result and the advertiser will have his page displayed. These advertisements are
also referred to as sponsored ads or sponsored links. These pay per click
advertisements could also come up on various other network websites. Yahoo and
Google try to make available advertisements that are applicable to the gist of the
webpage where they show up without involving any search function for its
appearance. But payment is only made if the user clicks on this advertisement.
  The largest network operators
  Microsoft ad Center, Yahoo search marketing and Google ad Words are the biggest
operators of network at present. They pay $.01 per click to start with and may go up
to $.50. These rates could go higher if the search engines are popular ones. There is
room for scam and deception in these areas though some of the search engines have
computerized systems put into practice to prevent and guard against this misuse.
  The different Categories of Pay per click
  There are two categories of Pay per click engines; these are the content match or the
keyword category. Many other kinds of Pay per click engines are there that deal with
various services and products and may come under different categories. The revenue
for these products is not created by the traffic to these sites but only when the
advertisement is clicked on by a user. The product advertisers include model numbers
of the products, or keywords with bids to get visitors to their sites. So when a user
does a search with a specific phrase or word, the various links of several advertisers
appear according to the order of the amount they have bid. The most noted Pay per
click search engines are Baidu, Yandex, Miva, Look Smart, Ask, Microsoft asCenter,
Yahoo! Search Marketing and Google AdWords.
  This simple way of getting customers to use the search engine for locating services
and products directs them to the web site of the product manufacturer or the advertiser
once they click on the ad. The pay per click ad appears automatically when certain
key words or phrases are used to search for various products. Other similar online ads.
  Pay per call and Pay per delivery are very like Pay per click. The pay per call is for
advertisements that are listed as search engines in directories and paid according to
each clue that is generated with their call. This is not restricted to just local areas but
is open to all locations from where such calls are generated. The pay per delivery is
used for email marketing, where the payment is made only for emails that have been
delivered successfully. Brian is the owner of cover samples, the website where you
can find hundreds of cover samples that you can use for free.

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