; Sheet1 - NAU Foundation Scholarships
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Sheet1 - NAU Foundation Scholarships


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									FundID Nam
01028   Joseph C. Dolan Scholarship
01033   Sally Fleming Memorial Scholarship
01066   Helen Oswalt Memorial Scholarship - CHHS
01068   Elizabeth Hachtel Pecharich Memorial Scholarship
01074   Seaman Hopi Scholarship
01076   Charlotte Shatkin American Indian Scholarship
01079   Louise Child Spence Scholarship
01090   Bob Robles Memorial Scholarship Fund
01117   Marie Adell Monbleau Memorial Scholarship
01121   Wilson Riles Endowment Fund
01122   Los Hacheros-Hispanic Alumni Scholarship Fund
01128   Delia Gonzales Martinez Memorial Engineering Scholarship
01133   Flagstaff All-Indian Pow-Wow Scholarship
01139   Frank McCarthy and Cynthia Bennett Endowed Scholarship
01159   Wilma Elmer Scholarship
01182   Virginia A. Coffey and Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship
01192   Ruth Jurz Briel Scholarship
01229   Gennie H. Raynolds Memorial Endowment
01242   Dan and Judy Peterson and Susan Miller Special Education Scholarship
01262   Bill Scott Rusty" Richardson Scholarship "
01264   Native American Health Sciences Scholarship
01266   Donald and Peggy Murray Scholarship
01267   Raymond Boley-Ed Lee Natay Scholarship
01279   Dawson Family Native American Graduate Student Scholarship Fund
01297   Tony Gabaldon Pipeline Scholarship Fund
01300   Tony Gabaldon Memorial Endowment
01303   Zonta Club of Yuma Scholarship Endowment Fund for Women
01313   Procter & Gamble Science Scholars Fund
01320   Garnet McEuen Byers Academic Scholarship for Women
01330   Navajo Scrubber Project Participants NAU Scholarship
01349   Richard Barrett Burns, Esq., Endowed Scholarship for HRM
01357   Choice Hotels International Foundation Centennial Scholars Program
01386   Walter A. & Dorothy L. Nelson Memorial Scholarship
01401   Educational Specialties Special Education Scholarship
01411   Phyllis A. Warner and Arthur H. Nethercot Endowed Scholarship for Nat American Women in Hospitality
01412   Betty C Gendler Nursing Scholarship
01416   Johnson Family Scholarship
01417   Darden Centennial Scholarship
01425   Khursheed Fatima Scholarship
01442   Miranda Warburton Native American Anthropology Award
01459   Oxler-Howe Opportunity Fund
01462   Virgil Masayesva Fund
01501   AMA Scholarship
01533   Louis H. and Betty W. Quayle Scholarship
01547   Ferrell Secakuku Memorial Scholarship
01558   Ortega Scholarship for Science Teachers
01586   Mason Gerety & Marsha Thompson Scholarship
04140   International Student Scholarship
04149   William Griffen Native American Scholarship Fund in Anthropology
04187   Native American Scholarship
04275   Roger R. Wilson Memorial Scholarship
04421   Lisa Bagwell Engineering Scholarship
04784   Native American Criminal Justice Scholarship
04827   Johnson Family Scholarship
04843   Prize for Outstanding Undergraduate Women in Geology
04903   Nogales High School Hall of Fame Scholarship
04904   Martha Portree Commission on the Status of Women Scholarship
05005   Raytheon Scholarship
05097   Raymond Educational Foundation Scholarship
05098   Raymond Educational Foundation Health Professions Scholarship
05114   Gregory and Cynthia Gwash Scholarship
05144   Franke Scholars
05150   Conny J. Frisch Scholarship
05154   Olson Family Foundation Scholarship
05167   Hilton Hotels Corporation Scholarship
05223   Alpha Delta Kappa Future Educatior Scholarship - NAU Yuma
05245   David Gonzales Scholarship
05246   Manuel T. Gauna Scholarship
05247   Johnson Scholarship Foundation
07007   Arnn Memorial Scholarship
01507   F Avalon Dagett Scholarship
01057   Coordinating council on Mexican-American Affairs Scholarship
Enrolled in Forestry, financial need, Minimum GPA 2.5, preference to single parent female, second choice male, renewable
Scholarship awards to Native American students who meet the general academic scholarship criteria.
Female Jr./Sr. majoring in health education, physical education, exercise science, or nutrition with a Minimum GPA 3.0, studen
Female Jr/Sr. Minimum GPA 3.0, full-time, financial need, physical education major with intent to teach
Support meritorious Hopi Indian student. Applicant must show proof of 1/2 Hopi ancestry throught tribal census number or othe
Native American student with a Minimum GPA of 2.5
Scholarship support to meritorious American Indian student in Sociology-Social work
Scholarship for Hispanic students with a Minimum GPA 2.5 needing financial assistance
Full-time student majoring in Social Work with a Minimum GPA of 3.0 needing financial assistance based on SFA criteria, prefe
Minimum High School GPA 2.0 or NAU Minimum GPA 2.0;financial need;priority given to African americans or other Minorities,
Meritorious Hispanic student;Completed 12.0 semester hours of college with a Minimum GPA 2.5 of High School Grad with Min
Undergraduate student majoring in the College of Engineering;preference to female Hispanic or Native American with a Minimu
Student needs to be Native American
First Priority to a Native American Undergrad or Grad student, second priority to any Undergrad or Grad student with financial n
Minimum GPA 2.5 with first preference to a Navajo student, second preference other Native American from an Arizona tribe wit
Jr./Sr. Education major with Minimum GPA 3.0, financial need, preference women who comes from any city close to Sun City, A
Full-time female undergraduate student majoring in either health exercise science, physical education or nutrition, Minimum GP
Native American undergrad or grad students majoring in business, with demonstrated financial need, student substantially invo
Students in the teacher education program majoring in special education with Minimum GPA 3.0 with preference given to those
Financially needy Native American students, preference given to Hopi tribe student, must be at least 1/2 American Indian by trib
Native American undergraduate students although other minority students or any student with a specific need could be selected
Sophmore business student needing financial help, preference to a) female students,b) members of the Church of Jesus Chris
Scholarships for students who are majoring in music, first preference to Navajo students, second preference to any other Nativ
Scholarships for Grad students with a Minimum GPA 3.0, preference to Native American students who graduated from NAU
Graduates of Flagstaff high schools, who participate in a consortium agreement between NAU and CCC, financial need, active
Students pursuing internships in government and social work, full-time undergraduate student majoring, within the College of S
Female residents of Yuma County,completed 15 hours at Arizona Western College (AWC) or NAU and continuing at NAU or A
Chemistry or biological science majors who have expressed an interest in attending graduate school in chemistry or biology or
Scholarships for women in the HRM program
Engineering major with Minimum GPA 3.0 with financial need, preference for high school graduates admitted to the college from
Full time female student enrolled in the School of HRM with Minimum GPA 3.3 or high school graduates need a Minimum GPA
Scholarships to financially needy students with good academic standing enrolled in the HRM School with preference given to M
Part time/Full time Graduate or Undergraduate student with Minimum GPA 2.0, preference given to Hopi tribal members, eligib
Major in special ED, Minimum GPA 3.0, preference single parent with school age dependents and individuals from underrepres
HRM majors with Minimum GPA 2.5, have demonstrated financial need, preference to Native American women
Sophmore or above, entering Nursing program, financial need, full time, preference Minority students, express interest in return
Enrolled in the Center for Excellence in Education Rural American Indian Special Education Project AZ or similar project on a re
Scholarships in the HRM School for students who are financially needy preference to Minority students, interest in restaurant &
Provide a scholarship to one undergraduate international student, Minimum GPA 2.8 for continue funding, preference for a wom
Funds to supplement internships or research experience, preference to Native Americans Anthropology students whose focus
Minimum GPA 3.0, Preference shall be given to women age 35 or older who show need to commence or continue her higher e
Scholarships to support students pursuing environmental careers and to further the environmental education opportunities for N
Must have complete 12 hours at NAU, enrolled full-time at Yuma campus, Minimum GPA 2.5 preference for student studying m
Native american graduate student
Preference to Hopi student enrolled in College of Social and Behavioral Science, GPA 3.0, submit essay on background/goals/
Student majoring in sciences & pursuing a teaching certificate, certified teachers returning to NAU to improve science skills, pre
Scholarship for first in generation in family to attend college, preference for hispanic student, Minimum GPA 2.0
Support international students at the undergraduate or graduate levels, in an amount not to exceed $ 3,000 per academic year,
Native American graduate or undergraduate full or part time students who have declared anthropology as their major area of st
Scholarships for Native Americans in good academic standing with Minimum GPA 3.0, not receiving any other significant schol
Native American undergraduate students, financial need, Minimum GPA of 2.5, majoring in Education, full-time (12 credit hou
Pref female student Jr. or above, majoring in Engineering, Minimum GPA 2.5, has been active in engineering clubs/organizatio
Criminal Justice major with preference to Native American based on merit
Support students who are enrolled in the Center for Excellence in Education Rural American Indian Special Education Project a
Provide prize money to meritorious graduating undergraduate women in geology, Minimum GPA 3.5, participation in departmen
Scholarship to a first year student who graduated from Nogales High School, First preference to female, Intention to major in bu
Support to a single woman with dependents, who is employed full-time, and is returning to school either part-time or full-time, m
Majoring in Electrical or Mechancial Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Math or Chemistry, GPA Minimum 3.0, Jr or abo
Coconino County High School graduate, HS GPA 3.0, preference single parent home, financial need, first generation.
Undergrad, preference for student from single parent home, financial need, first generation, underrepresented minority groups.
Current resident of State of Arizona, registered member of an Arizona Native American Tribe, full-time student in residence at t
Scholarship for business majors, preference for first generation, financial need, commitment to supporting traditionally under re
Scholarship for Franke College of Business undergrad or MBA student with a preference for Native Americans
Scholarship for graduate students, who are full time & not graduate assistant, GPA 3.0, preference first to Native American then
Students majoring in hotel & restaurant management, GPA 3.0, preference to Minority or female student, involvement in extrac
Scholarship for Senior Female majoring in Education, full time at NAU-Yuma, Minimum GPA 3.0, preference given to student fo
Preference for student with Latino heritage, Law enforcement related major, full time student, 3.0 GPA or 2.5 GPA for student i
Preference for a student with Latino heritage, declared business major, full time, 3.0 GPA 2.5 GPA is acceptabel for student in
Scholarship for students pursing degrees in Entrepreneurship, Business Administration, or Management related field, Native Am
Scholarships for undergraduate students with financial need in health sciences fields, with preference for Navajo or Native Ame
Native Am from Az or LA only, Jr or above, gpa 2.5, preference for health science
Full time, any Flagstaff high school graduate with a 2.5 GPA or higher who was active in a Hispanic organization
 oice male, renewable

Minimum GPA 3.0, student must show academic achievement, and financial need.

al census number or other documentation.

 sed on SFA criteria, preference Minority students
 ricans or other Minorities, full time.
High School Grad with Minimum GPA 2.5
e American with a Minimum GPA of 2.5, full time (12 credits) financial need.

ad student with financial need
n from an Arizona tribe with financial need. If no American Indian students qualify preference given to any other financially needy student.
ny city close to Sun City, AZ
   or nutrition, Minimum GPA 2.75 and a US citizen
 student substantially involved in the arts and/or the environment
 preference given to those needing financial aid and Minorities
1/2 American Indian by tribal census number or other documentation, full-time undergradutate or graduate, minimum GPA 2.5, U.S. citizen,
 fic need could be selected. Completed one semester (12 credit hours) towards a degree.
he Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day, c) students from Mexico
 erence to any other Native American student if a Navajo student is not available. if no American Indian students qualify, other students major
o graduated from NAU
CC, financial need, active members in a service organization in high school, college, or the community, prefer hispanic heritage
  g, within the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, with an interest in public service, prefer hispanic heritage
  d continuing at NAU or AWC, declared a major, coarse load of 9 credit hours, Minimum GPA 3.0, must have exhibited leadership ability thro
 n chemistry or biology or a professional career in those fields, Minimum GPA 3.0, Jr./Sr. standing, preference to Native American, Hispanic o

 dmitted to the college from the Navajo Nation and second preference for Minority incoming freshmen
 es need a Minimum GPA 3.5
with preference given to Minority students.
 opi tribal members, eligible, second preference will be for non-tribal Hopi or other Native American students and others with an interest in Na
 ividuals from underrepresented populations

 express interest in returning to their communities, bilingual, first generation college student
Z or similar project on a reservation, entering their student teaching semester, Minimum GPA 3.0, preference Native American
s, interest in restaurant & food service, GPA 3.0
ding, preference for a woman from Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, or Afghanistan.
gy students whose focus is in the area of health and human services
e or continue her higher education.
ucation opportunities for Native American students, preference Native American students Sophomore or higher with Minimum GPA 3.0
nce for student studying math, or a hispanic enrolled in any program

 ay on background/goals/give back to community. Full-time Native American graduate or undergraduate.
 mprove science skills, preference given to women and or Minorities

3,000 per academic year, for tuition, fees, books, meals, and housing.
y as their major area of study or will do so by the time the award goes into effect and completed 15 hours of undergraduate work
 ny other significant scholarship
n, full-time (12 credit hours), possess 1/4 or more American Indian blood quantum.
neering clubs/organizations and participate in other on campus student organizations, and who have demonstrated leadership ability

pecial Education Project and entering their student teaching semester of the RAISE Project, Minimum GPA 3.0, preference to members of a
participation in departmental activities including research and/or participation in extracurricular activities and/or volunteer work
 le, Intention to major in business, Hispanic, Minimum high school GPA 3.0
er part-time or full-time, making satisfactory progress towards a degree, planning on utilizing her education in a way that gives back to the co
 A Minimum 3.0, Jr or above, full-time, US citizen, preference to student in multicultural engineering, who are members of underrepresented p
 first generation.
  esented minority groups.
e student in residence at the NAU Flagstaff campus, written essay, financial need.
 rting traditionally under represented groups

st to Native American then Hispanic students, one page essay required.
ent, involvement in extracurricular activities, participate in student organization, prior industry work experiance, proof of eligibility to work in U
 erence given to student for student teaching.
A or 2.5 GPA for student in first two years of college, 20 hours community service, letter of interest.
acceptabel for student in the first two years of college, letter of interest, 20 hours community service.
ent related field, Native American student, Minimum GPA 2.0.
 for Navajo or Native American students not adequately supported financially
y other financially needy student.

te, minimum GPA 2.5, U.S. citizen,

 tudents qualify, other students majoring in music.

prefer hispanic heritage

have exhibited leadership ability through school, service or work activities
rence to Native American, Hispanic or African American

ents and others with an interest in Native American studies

rence Native American

 higher with Minimum GPA 3.0

s of undergraduate work
monstrated leadership ability

PA 3.0, preference to members of a Native American Nation, see LOA
and/or volunteer work

on in a way that gives back to the community
 are members of underrepresented populations.

iance, proof of eligibility to work in US.

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