What Is Laser Scanning Equipment- by djsgjg0045


									Laser scanning equipment is a device that analyzes a tangible object or environment
in order to collate data about form, size, or color. The data collected from that object
is then transferred to computer software, which constructs digital three dimensional
models. Such virtual models are very useful in many industries since they can be
integrated to various applications and implementations.
  These measuring and analyzing devices are widely used by the entertainment
industry. Through these contraptions, detailed and realistic computer generated
objects or life forms can be created in a short span of time. Filmmaking and video
games are among the top customers of laser scanning equipment. Other applications
of this valuable technology include prototyping, prosthetics, reverse engineering,
inspection, quality control, and holographic documentation of artifacts and other
fragile objects.
  A lot of applied sciences can be used in order to build up laser scanning equipment.
However, each technology comes with advantages, setbacks, restrictions,and costs.
For instance, objects that can be digitized must be solid and opaque in form since
optical components in laser scanning equipment could have problems with reflective,
shiny, or transparent objects.
  Yet, there are some improvisations that can be made in order to capture reflective
objects. One is covering them with white powder, which makes more light particles to
bounce back to the scanning device. It should be kept in mind that laser scanning
equipment can send billions of these light particles into the object and only receive a
small fraction through the optical devices in the contraption.
  The reflectivity of the object is based upon its innate color. A light-colored surface,
for instance, will bounce back a lot of light particles to the laser scanning equipment,
while a dark-colored surface will reflect only a small amount of light particles.
Transparent objects, such as glass, will only allow the light particles to pass through,
thus generating a false three dimensional data.
  Reverse engineering is one of the applications that needs laser scanning equipment.
It requires a precise digital model of the object for reproduction. Through this
equipment, a polygon mesh of that object can be generated in an instant. Thus,
importation of that data into CAD programs is possible.

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