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to download and print the Instalment - Tuition Fee Instalment Plan


									                                      Fee Payment Centre               Telephone: 01784 414428 / 414014 / 276249
                                      Founders West 141                Fax:       01784 434815
                                      Egham                            Email:
                                      TW20 0EX

                  Tuition Fee Instalment Plan Agreement
                          Academic Year 2009/10

Scheduled Tuition Fee             £

Instalment Charge                 £       200.00

         Agreed Repayment Schedule – Standard Tuition Fee Instalments Only

Due Date                          Amount (£)

At or before enrolment            £     1850.00
21st September 2009

15th January 2010                 £     1643.00

30th April 2010                   £     1643.00

Total                             £     5136.00

Terms of the Tuition Fee Instalment agreement:

    •   You must submit your intention to pay your tuition fees under the terms of this
        agreement via when making
        your initial tuition fee payment. Failure to submit your intention to pay may lead to a late
        payment charge being levied to your account in accordance with current Student Fee
    •   By submitting a Payment of Tuition Fees by Instalments Form to Student Fees you are
        agreeing to the terms, payment dates and amounts of this instalment payment plan.
    •   You must take a copy of this agreement for your records
    •   In accordance with the Student Handbook students are advised that a late payment
        charge will be levied for those payments received after the agreed due date(s)
    •   In case of difficulty it is essential that you contact the Fees Office before the due date
        expires. Email :
    •   Payment can be made by credit/debit card online via Campus Connect at or via
    •   Details of all acceptable methods of payment can be found at

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