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What is Green Screen Technology-


									It is a procedure wherein two images can be mixed and under the process, the image
in front is removed in order to reveal the image that is behind it. Since image sensors
in digital cameras are sensitive to the color green, this is why the color is used more
often in the background if compared with any other hue. Hence, this channel contains
minutest noise and creates clean and clear mask. This technique is used from weather
forecasting to making of blockbuster feature films.
  But before using this technique, it is wise to consider having proper lighting
arrangements and quality camera for the best green screen effect in the pictures.
Under this method, the background is all together eliminated. You could amalgamate
various designs or images. For instance, if you want to mix individual pictures of
friends into one, then you could mix them by removing the backdrop. So it is with one
screen that you get to make interesting mixtures of images and not by using many
background screens.
  Since this is a fad amongst professional photographers, it is used more for the shoots
of magazines, journals or the Web. Families could really be creative with this
technique as they could click pictures and use interesting background themes to create
some attractive photos. There are a lot of programs that can help you create amazing
photos. They usually come bundled with green Chromakey backdrop, which is a large
piece of cotton cloth that is meant to enhance the picture quality. This feature in any
tool is quite helpful since it absorbs the light and also is reflection-free.
  Another interesting feature that you could get in such a utility kit is the green screen
full body suit. Due to its elasticity, subject can feel relaxed even after wearing it. It is
wrinkle-free too, hence, is skin tight so that pictures are really flawless. If you are a
professional photographer and are short on space for your own studio then using kits
such as this one is a cost-effective method.

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