What is comfortable to wear high heels- by djsgjg0045


									What is comfortable to wear high heels? This is often considered the question of each
woman, the high leg to walk a long time will be very comfortable, but too low, and
does not look good, this issue has been so we can not avoid, we look at the following
suggestions. It will wear high heels all the more beautiful body erect. Usually have to
figure wrong, why choose to wear to work 3-5 cm. 8 cm occasionally or can, drive
time to select the flat with 3 cm or less. MM If it just started to wear high heels, start
with the slope, and then the coarse roots, fine roots in the variables (5cm) to rise
slowly after a high degree. Is about 5cm high heels more comfortable, too much on
the uncomfortable, not used, then got to practice more. In addition, a pair of shoes to
choose a good brand, like Belle, Tori 鈥?Burch, Tribeca, TATA, STACCATO, FED,
Jiu-Xi hot air are good. General choice of Belle shoes are very comfortable, and 8 cm
height can also feel good. When wearing high heels, feet can be compressed at the
palm or the heel, etc. to be a soft insoles to reduce foot pressure. Watson has sold in
the store is a British television advertisement called cool brand health. 50 - 60 look.
Watson also has its own out, is 19.9 in. Shoes are a must, so the maintenance of their
feet is required. Usually not recommended when the shoes through the high, and do
not stand for long periods or on foot. If you are a flight attendant or the hotel staff that
the situation of long standing, I suggest you buy that can promote blood flow to wear
stockings. Usually the best time to wear stockings and avoid grinding feet. Do not
wear sandals and shoes, fish head, and that does not meet the dress a nice marriage.
You can go home at night after their massage to ease the fatigue. In addition, the foot
with hot water bubbles also recover from fatigue. Feet is the second heart, have to

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