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					Brass is a strong alloy produced by having copper and zinc melted together. It is used
for metal decorations, for its shiny gold-like appearance; for mechanisms, for it
features low friction which is needed in locks, gears, bearings, doorknobs,
ammunitions, and valves; for plumbing and electrical applications, as it is malleable;
and for musical instruments, due to its excellent acoustic properties. Brass is one of
the major alloys used in many industries. Because it is softer than most other metals
used generally, brass is often used in cases where it its utterly important that sparks
not to be struck, such as in fittings, tools and devices on inflammable ad explosive
gases. In terms of appearance, brass is muted-yellow in color, which associates it with
similarity to gold. It is considerably resistant to tarnishing and oxidation, and is often
used as metal decorations and for coinage. During the olden times, polished brass was
often made into mirrors. Although types of brass have been utilized since prehistoric
times, its real nature as an alloy of copper and zinc was not realized until the late
medieval period, because the zinc vapor which reacted with copper to make brass was
not considered as a metal. The first brasses to come out may have been naturally made
out by smelting copper ores rich with zinc. By the Roman era, brass was produced by
cementation process of metallic copper and zinc minerals, which persisted until the
mid-nineteenth century. It was then replaced by direct alloying of molten copper and
zinc metals, or speltering, which was developed by early waves of brass manufacturer
and Brass Distributor in the sixteenth-century Europe. To date, a Brass Distributor
may provide types of brass for either general or specialty uses. For instance, a
company may make produce specialty brass for firefighting equipment, such as fire-
and wear-resistant valves, nozzles and emergency equipment. That company may also
manufacture brass for plumbing. These include faucets, bath and lavatory supplies
and other accessories to serve both residential and commercial uses. Other Brass
Distributor outlets supply other industries with brass for musical instruments, brass
fittings, lacquers, fasteners, rings, pipes, caps, nozzles, rods, wires, plates, and other
intended applications for the brass alloy.