Network Marketing Success Means The Telephone

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					If you are going to have any hope in succeeding at network marketing you will need
to be a good closer. This means that you will be asking for the sale. You can do this on
the phone if you like. Imagining calling prospects on the phone may send you into a
cold, terrifying sweat, but there is a story you have to know about before you give up
before you have gotten started. A top network marketer looks for what other people
are not doing. What he noticed was that most people are not succeeding. He learned
by watching people who were not doing well what not to do as well as what to do
which is the opposite thing that his competititors were doing.
  In order to find out exactly how his competititors in his company were dealing with
their prospects, the top network marketer pretended to be a prospect and gave them
his phone number. Out of all the people he contacted through their sign up forms, only
one or two would give him a call back. This is the clue that told him he had to begin
to call his leads because that is what his competitors were not doing so he called every
lead who gave him their phone numbers and turned them into customers more often
than his competititors were doing. There's no reason that this cannot be something that
will work for you in your network marketing business.
  It does not please a lot of people to have to make phone calls. The defining factor for
whether or not someone will join you in your network marketing business seems to be
a phone call. If you become the person who is making the phone calls you will be the
one with the highest conversion rate in your company. The way to make sure that it
does not work for you is if you jump into it head on without sufficient training.
Because you are inexperienced you have the greatest chance of making mistakes at
the very first meeting. During that first call people make the mistake of asking people
to join the business right away which may cost $500 up front. It will take a little time
before you can get to this point.
  Our top internet marketer from above compared asking for the sale too quickly to
proposing marriage. Would you walk up to a stranger and say, "You are the one I've
been looking for all my life. Will you marry me?" Undoubtedly, no. This is how it is if
you propose a network marketing business to someone you do not know and does not
know you. Before you would propose marriage you would first get to know the
person. This is what you will be doing while you are in the process of monetizing
your email list, not with your network marketing opportunity, but with much less
costly products that can help them with their internet marketing efforts. When you do
this you are building a relationship with your prospects.
  The above scenario started with a phone call. Then you take your time getting to
know each other and developing a business relationship with less expensive products
rather than your network marketing business. Remember that 95% of all the people
you will talk to will not want to go into your business. This is the reason that it is
smart to add the selling of other products to your business ventures, otherwise, you
are losing a lot of money.
  Network marketing requires that there be a downline of other network marketers
who are duplicating your efforts. Learn how to increase your successes in your
network marketing business by using the telephone by reading A. D. Kellon's blog.