What Features Do I Need In A Water Purifier To Eliminate Toxic Contaminants- by djsgjg0045


									Before you purchase your first water filter system it's a good idea to make a list of
what features do I need in a water purifier. This will set you on the right track and
help you to avoid those models that do not live up to expectations. You also need to
have a rough idea of what contamination is present in your water. This avoids the
outlay on a model that removes contaminants absent from your water supply. The unit
you choose should be able to remove all the following pollutants. Chlorine: It has a
long history being used as a disinfectant, but can taint water and produces byproducts.
The vapor can cause respiratory problems. Lead: This is normally found in the older
houses. It can be deadly for children as it can impair learning and cause behavioral
problems. Trihalomethanes: This is a byproduct of chlorine, and can cause liver,
kidney or central nervous system problems. Volatile organic compounds: Another
byproduct of drinking water disinfection. Alachlor: It Enters water from run-off from
herbicides. It is responsible for eye, liver, kidney and spleen problems. It In addition,
increases your risk of cancer. Atrazine: This originates from run-off from herbicides
used on row crops. It has been associated with cardiovascular system problems and
with a low sperm count in men. Benzene: It enters the ground from a factory
discharge and leaching from landfills. It is known to be re for anemia, deceased
platelets and is a known carcinogenic. This compound is deadly even in minute
quantities. Cysts: These are deadly pathogens such as Cryptosporidium, which can be
fatal to the young and elderly. Lindane: This comes from run-off or leaching from
insecticide used on cattle, lumber and gardens. It affects the liver and kidneys. There
are two main types of water purification systems, reverse osmosis and active carbon
filtration. Reverse osmosis will remove nitrates, sodium and other dissolved organic
and inorganic compounds. However, it will not remove all of them. This system
requires something like 1 to 5 gallons of contaminated water to produce 1 gallon of
purified water. Reverse osmosis can only produce a limited amount of pure water per
day. These systems tend to cost a good deal more than other than comparable systems.
What features do I need in water purifier is a combination of active carbon filtration,
sub micron pore filter and an ion exchange. If you look for an ion exchange unit with
activated alumina this will also remove fluoride. There are three different models to
choose from, countertop, under the counter and whole house water purification
system. The installation of a complete house system would not be that expensive, and
you could take comfort in the knowledge that all the water in your house was clean
and pure drinking water.
  You need to find the best water purifiers. If you're serious about obtaining clean and
pure water go to water purification systems for home to find the most effective,
efficient and affordable products available.

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