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Analysis of Global Shipbuilding Market | Market Research Report

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					                     Analysis of Global Shipbuilding Market
Traveling through a ship, in the age of jet speed travel, is very slow, but when it comes to
transporting commodities ships take the upper hand. The seaborne trade or maritime industry has
always been preferred all over the globe. This is the reason that the maritime industry remains
the largest transport sector. Shipping is the base for global trade, as it imports and exports the
raw materials and finished goods between countries and continents.

The shipping industry for these reasons is a large industry. This industry involves huge capital,
wide workforce and technology. The industry is a balance between all the three. The process of
shipbuilding is also lengthy in terms of time taken and there are many other ancillary industries
associated with shipbuilding as suppliers.

As the most of the global trade is through sea the shipping industry is mainly driven by the
global economic growth. GDP growth is the main driving factor for this industry. Over the years
the industry has shifted its base from the earlier dominating region Europe to Asia. Even within
Asia there has been a tussle to gain the top position where South Korea claimed the top position
leaving Japan and China behind, while China has also leaped ahead of Japan to become the
second player. Moreover, the positions these countries have gained are not just within the Asian
region but are on a global level.

The order books of global shipyards reflect the size of shipping industry. While currently the
shipyards are sitting on huge order books to be delivered through the coming few years, the
global meltdown has dented the demand for the same, as the scale of the global trade has not
remained what it was just about a year ago.

This report primarily focuses on the shipbuilding industry. The global size of the industry is
being discussed, with a focus on main regional markets in this industry. Apart from giving size
of the regional markets, product-wise deliveries and market data is also given, with an emphasis
on container market. Various trends in the industry as well as the drivers for this industry are also
discussed. The competitive scenario in the industry is highlighted along with individual profiling
of key players of this industry.

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