What Dance Class Yields The Best Physical Exercise- by djsgjg0045


									You may be looking to start taking dance classes because you’ve seen the incredible
legs that professional dancers bare. Dancers have amazing bodies because they are
tremendous athletes who use their entire body weight as muscular resistance. If you’re
looking for a dancer’s body, you’re probably wondering which dance class will give
you the best results. We’ll compare and contrast the various styles and determine
which will work best for you and your body.
  When you look at most ballerinas, you’ll find many of them (especially in years past
- a little less so now) to be incredibly thin. This is not due to ballet itself but to the
lifestyle of ballerinas. Ballerinas are raised to be as thin as possibly - this is both a
leftover aesthetic characteristic from long ago but is also a desired trait since
ballerinas are carried by males in performances. I found that lifestyle to be completely
unhealthy. You don’t eat as much food as your athletic body needs so it starts eating
away at your muscles (which is why these amazing dancers have little muscles).
  If and when you do encounter a ballerina with muscles, it becomes undeniable that
ballet works your legs, butt, and calves. Neve Campbell is a great example: as a
former and continuing ballerina who (at least currently) eats, her legs have become
these perfectly-shaped things.
  Ballet involves high kicks, which will also work the lower abdomen (a tough area to
otherwise tone).
  Hip-hop also involves using your entire body, but there is less high-impact work
involves (meaning it’ll be a little nicer on your knees). Hip-hop combines more
incorporation of squat-like movements, which means that your quads and butt will
benefit (but it is likely that your calves will see little change). Hip-hop is great for
your abs and shoulder muscles as well.
  Jazz dance is a lot like ballet in that it involves your legs, butt, and calves above all.
You will also see a big change in your lower abs. Unlike ballet, you do not remain as
rigid in your upper body, typically, and you will therefore work your back (upper and
lower). Like hip-hop, you will add your arms as well during your dance class. Jazz
really is the best of all worlds.
  Couples Dancing
  Couples dancing works your legs above all. All ballroom and Salsa dancers have the
most amazing legs you might ever see. There is quite a bit of slight squatting involved
in your dance movements, so your butt will obviously improve. Couples dancing
doesn’t work your arms in the same way as jazz and hip-hop, although with constant
exercise and conditioning the overall amount of fat in your body will gradually
disappear - even without working your arms specifically.
  Tap Dancing
  Tap dancing, as it is a great cardiovascular exercise, will definitely make your entire
body leaner. Tap dancing, above all, works your quadriceps, calves, and butt. Tap
dancing doesn’t work your muscles in quite the same way as other styles of dance, so
you may not notice them shaping up in the same way as you would with couples
dancing, for example.
 All styles of dancing work your legs - there is no doubt about that. Any style of
dancing that involves squatting, leaping, or kicking will also work your buttocks.
Dance that involves the core (such as jazz) will work your abs and back while a
high-energy dance class will likely work your arms more than others.

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