What can we do to combat Diploma Mills- by djsgjg0045


									Why are these malicious diploma mills allowed to exist? Millions of people working
to get legitimate education in real schools, and along come these Pat Robertson
make-believe schools and flood the market with this junk. If someone bought a house
and painted it purple, the whole community would have him in court, but lowering the
value of all those legitimate diplomas seems OK. That's just fraud, plain and simple.
  Is there any laws to fight back fake, bogus universities or in simple diploma mills?
Or we are the people helpless and have to deal with this mounting issue all by
  First we need to understand the difference between a degree mill and a diploma mill.
A degree mill provides a "real" degree from a fake college and a diploma mill
provides a 鈥渇 ake 鈥?degree from a real college.
  Numerous university degree / diploma mills operate on the Internet, where they
often pretend to be as institutions of distance learning. Genuine distance-learning
providers are recognized in the countries where they are located, and their legitimacy
can be verified by contacting the relevant educational authorities.
  Here are some betraying signs of a diploma mill:
  No Studies, No Exams 鈥?Get a Degree for Your Experience. No Attendance.
  Legitimate school, colleges and universities, including online schools, require
extensive course work.
  Flat Fee
  Many diploma mills charges an amount on a per-degree basis. Real colleges charge
on credit hour, per course, or semester basis.
  No Waiting
  If an ad promises that you can earn a degree very quickly, it 鈥檚 probably a
diploma mill.
  Click Here To Order Now! Accredited colleges never use spam or high-pressure
telemarketing to market themselves.
  Advertising through spam or pop-ups
  If legitimate institutions, including distance learning programs, they don 鈥檛
advertise through spam or pop-ups.
  The following checklist will help you to distinguish whether a college or university
is a genuine or just a fraudulent diploma mill:
  鈥?Is the school accredited? If so, by what accrediting agency/board? And is the
accrediting authority an official, recognized body?
  鈥?College or University accreditation can be verified or not with the several lists of
accrediting organizations?
  鈥?Research on the web to determine the school's legitimacy, and speak with other
students who have attended the same school
  鈥?Check the bookstores and online college directories for more information on the
courses offered by your prospective school
  鈥?Check with the state authority about the location of school and confirm that it is
licensed and authorized to operate in that state
 It is apparent that a solution to the diploma mill problem does not lie in the hands of
one agency or association, but instead requires a combination of efforts. Although it
can be expected that the State Higher Education Commissions will aid in stopping
such abuse, but their work can be enhanced by the assistance of the member
 Background screening and investigation companies are an effective way to attack the
growing problem of diploma mills; however, constant vigilance is the key to
determining whether a degree awarding university or institute is legitimate or a
product of smoke and mirrors.
 Muhammad Saad Khan is a Research Analyst at Q2 Group. Q2 is based in Singapore
and provides informational resources to governments, multinationals and the
background check industry. Q2 is specialized in International background checks,
criminal background check, pre employment screening, immigration screening,
document verification, detecting diploma mills and so on.

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