What are your Bible lessons about- by djsgjg0045


									When creating material for your Bible lessons to share with your youth ministry you
must think and come up with material that will engage your students because it is
interesting and it is also creative. Your Bible lessons that you teach your youth
ministry should be about topics and subjects that your students are aware of and that
are meaningful in today's world. Let's review a few ways that you can make
interesting and creative material for your Bible lessons. Your Bible lessons should
always be impactful and interesting. The easiest way to make a Bible lesson in
impactful is to connect the stories of the Bible and the characters of the Bible directly
to your students and to today's world. Relating the stories of the Bible to the events of
today allows your students to make connections with the characters of the Bible and
will have a much higher chance of engaging and making the stories of the Bible
interesting to your youth ministry students. A great way to come up with interesting
topics is by simply reading the newspaper or by brainstorming ideas that are
impacting your local neighborhood. When you have an idea in place then you are able
to relate the events to a Bible story or to a Bible character and then go from there Your
Bible lessons should be about stories and topics that affect all of your students. Maybe
one week you are presenting a Bible story to your youth ministry that focuses more on
female characters and events that make an impact on the lives more so of your female
students. When this occurs engage your male students by asking them questions about
relating the story to females in their family or close friends. Even if your male
students can't directly relate to the stories or the characters of the events they most
likely will have somebody in their lives that they care deeply about that they can use
to relate to the figures from the Bible stories such as a sister or mother or grandmother.
The same goes for when you are teaching a story that focuses on a male character or
events that mainly impact men. Encourage her female students to relate to characters
and the events to a man in their lives that they care deeply about such as a brother or a
father or their grandfather. No matter what your Bible lessons are focused on make
sure that you develop interesting and creative lessons to keep your students engaged
in the material that they are learning for the first time. At first it didn't seem like an
overwhelming task just to think about a topic to present to your students. But when
you sit down and brainstorm for a few minutes just think about the issues that face
your students on daily basis and you will have a ton of ideas that will be interesting to
your students and that you will be able to create high-quality Bible lessons about.
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