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									                            CENTRAL OHIO
                                                                                                          December 2002

                 December 2002
                Message From the President

I am sorry to announce that, after a 6-year tenure, our
fabulous newsletter editor, Ed Robold, will be stepping
down following this issue. Ed has done an absolutely
outstanding job in making our newsletter one of the better,
if not the best, among the local chapters, and he will be
sorely missed. He has put in untold hours above and
beyond the call of duty in order to produce such a high-
quality and timely product, including sometimes having to
coax recalcitrant club officers to get their articles in on time.
Please join me in thanking Ed for a job extremely well

Consequently, we are looking for someone who might be
interested in taking over as the newsletter editor, though we
know it will be very difficult to find someone to match Ed’s
skill and dedication. Please contact one of the club officers
or me if you are interested.

The December meeting will feature something for everyone,
we hope. For the more experienced turners who are selling,
or thinking of selling, their work, Floyd Anstaett will
facilitate a discussion in the meeting room on how to set
prices. Members who regularly sell their work will discuss
their approach and illustrate with a few pieces. We all do
this somewhat differently, I think, so it’s sure to be a lively
session, and could easily touch on the related subjects of
getting into shows, working with galleries, and marketing            Fred Kimes displayed his latest creation, a
your work.                                                           fluted bowl made of red cedar. The fluting
                                                                        was applied using a router and a jig he
At the same time, out in the shop area, Jim Burrows and
Walt Betley will provide a hands-on sharpening and basic                         personally designed.
turning workshop for those who are just getting started, or
want to brush up on their skills. Bring your tools to the                       Important Reminder!
meeting and not only will you learn to sharpen; you’ll go
home with really sharp tools!
                                                                    Remember, most memberships will expire at
                                                                    the end of the year. Please submit your
We will have a sign-up at the December meeting sheet for            membership dues at the December meeting
those of you who would like to demonstrate at the annual            to keep your membership current.
woodworking show at the fairgrounds in January. We have             --Craig
done this for a number of years, and it’s always great fun,
plus you get into the show for free. The dates and times for
the show are: Friday Jan. 17th 12 Noon-7 PM, Saturday Jan.          We would like to thank the Ohio State
18th 10 AM-6 PM, and Sunday Jan 19th 10 AM-4 PM. We                 University for letting us use their facilities for
                 President’s Message - continued on page 3
                                                                    our meetings.

                                                                                                       COW December 2002 Page 1
             November 12, 2002 Meeting
                Secretary’s Report                                         December Meeting
We had several first time visitors this month David Gunlock,
Jim Lansford, John and Roxanne Gattler, Bob Pohlman, and           Our meeting will be held The Ohio State
Mike                                                 Nelson.       University Industrial Technology Bldg.,
                                                                   located at 1100 Kinnear Road, Columbus,
Tip opened the meeting by pointing out items on the auction        Ohio on Tuesday, December 10 at 7:00 p.m.
table. This month we had a nice worm drive power saw and
a large cherry bowl blank. All proceeds from the auction                    Multiple Programs
table will go towards the club treasury and will help us bring      How to Set Prices and Market Your
in new demonstrators, maintain the club lathes, and to help
with other items that the are needed to keep our club
                                                                    Work, Moderated by Floyd Anstaett
growing. Tip and all the officers would like to thank all of        & Sharpening and Basic Turning by
the people that have turned out recently to help demonstrate           Walt Betley and Jim Burrows
since the last meeting. Jim and Ruth of Woodcraft made a
donation to the club. I know I have said this before but if
you have never turned before please give it a try it is a lot of   goblet. Chuck Murray had a spalted sycamore bowl on
fun. Several of our members have pieces at the Ohio Crafts         display. Stan Abrams had some paperweights two
Museum, Walt, Andi, and Tip. Also on display at the                walnut, one oak, and a maple, inspired by an auctioneer's
museum are the unique and amazing turnings of Michael              gavel. He filled them with number five shot and sealed
Brolli. In January (17th-19th) we will be demo turning at the      the bottom with a wooden plug. Dan Dapra had a display
Wood Working Show at the fairgrounds. We should have               stand with three of his ornaments on display. Craig
more       details    at     the      December        meeting.     Martin had a textured cherry bowl that had been textured
                                                                   with a power carver. He also had a very nice bowl made
Tip turned the floor over to Floyd Anstaett to describe the        out of Cook's Pine (similar to Norfolk Island Pine) that
topic of the December meeting. Floyd will moderate a               had been treated similar to the way that Ron Kent does
discussion on pricing and selling woodturnings. He asked           his. He also had several kitchen utensils on display.
people that have sold work to bring in a piece and describe        Freddy Dutton had a nest of three bowls made from
how they would price it and why. Also tips on marketing,           maple burl with an oil finish. He used a OneWay coring
consignments, juried shows, etc. We will also have some            system to make the nest. Fred also had a 28 inch
lathes and a grinder setup for the folks that need help with       mulberry bowl on display. Blair Davis had more of his
sharpening or would like to turn something.                        large bowls treated with dishwashing detergent.
                                                                   Respectfully Submitted
We didn't have an October meeting due to the Mark St.              Scott Hogsten
Ledger demo. Several members expressed some
disappointment that we didn't have a meeting so in March
we will have both a regular meeting and a demo. The Mark
St. Ledger demo was a success, everyone had a good time,
and we made a little money for the club. We all need to            Playing with Fire
thank Barb for the generous use of her shop and all of her         by Andi Wolfe
work that helped to make this a success. The club officers
and board used the money to buy two jet mini-lathes and            Surface enhancement through the use of pyrography is
chucks. These will be used for our future demo's and they          becoming more common in the woodturning world. I’ve
will also be available for club members to borrow. Tip has         been experimenting with carving and texturing by
an application for use of the lathes, we will loan them out for    pyrography for about 18 months. In addition to enhancing
three months at a time. Anyone borrowing a lathe will be           the surface of my woodturnings, I’ve recently
responsible for getting the lathes to meetings, demo's, etc.       experimented with texturing the interior of a hollow form
                                                                   using a modification of pyrography.
Show and Tell                                                      I took a hollow form with me to South Africa to work on
                                                                   in the evenings during my field season. This was one of
Fred Kimes had a beautiful segmented cedar bowl that he            my first hollow forms and the interior was not nicely
was going to enter into the Artistry in Wood show. René            finished. I had used the Jamieson boring bar system and
had some nicely done smaller pieces goblets, Christmas             did not have good success in achieving a smooth finish
ornaments with captive rings and bells, and perfume                because I had not yet purchased a teardrop scraper. I had
atomizers. He also had a hollow form that he created from a        some ideas I wanted to try with regards to the surface
hollow log. Andi Wolfe had some Christmas ornaments, a             decoration, which worked very well. However, when you
new hornbeam design, it's a work in progress that's going to       looked down through the mouth of this vessel, the horrible
the Del Mano show. She also had the vessel from the article        tool marks were quite visible and detracted from the
in last months newsletter. Ron Fisher had a nicely done ash
                                                                                                          Continued on page 3
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President’s Message – continued from page 1
plan to have the three club mini-lathes going, so we have
about twenty 3-hour slots available. This is a great
opportunity to show off your talents to an appreciative
audience, and there will also be a space to display some of
your finished work.

I hope everyone has had a happy Thanksgiving by the time
you read this. My plans include another attempt at deep-
frying a turkey; only this year I will have the fire
extinguisher at the ready. See you at the December meeting
(I hope).

 -- Tip

                          Playing with Fire from page 2
overall appearance of the piece.
          Most of my Sunday afternoons during the 2002 field
season in South Africa were spent with Dennis and Gigi
Laidler and their two sons. Dennis is an accomplished
woodturner and Gigi is the editor of the newsletter published
by the Western Cape Woodturners Association, and it was
great fun to spend time at their house and talk wood, wood,
and more wood. We chatted about the vessel I had brought
as I was working on the surface treatment, and I bounced
around an idea of burning out the interior of the vessel to get
rid of the tool marks. I thought that if I could heat some
metal to red-hot and pour it into the vessel, that it would be     Fig. 1 A dress rehearsal before heating the nuts
just like doing pyrography on the interior. We thought of
using lead shot or ball bearings, but decided that I would
probably not get the texturing effect I sought using round
objects (and we didn’t really want to be breathing in lead
fumes). So, we decided to use bolt nuts thinking that the
angles in the hexagon nuts would serve the purpose of
texturing as they burned into the wood.
          Fortunately for me, Dennis has all the gear needed
for doing gas welding. Off to the shop we went with a tin
can and my hollow form (all the decorating completed except
the painting!). We rounded up the welding gear and a
handful of nuts along with a thick piece of wood to clap over
the mouth of the vessel while rotating the red-hot nuts inside.
          We did a dress rehearsal of the procedure before
torching the nuts (Fig. 1). Dennis calmly asked me, “Are
you sure about this?”
          “Sure!” says I. “It’s just a chunk of wood - let’s see
what happens.”
On went the torch with Dennis protecting his eyes with
goggles and me watching the process through the view
screen of my digital camera (Fig. 2). The nuts heated to a
red glow. The torch was passed off to Christopher, who
turned off the gas flow. Dennis poured the nuts into the
vessel (Fig. 3). Smoke erupted from the mouth of the hollow
form. The thick piece of wood was clapped over the mouth
(Fig. 4) and it was time to really play with fire.
          The amount of time it took to put the piece of wood
over the mouth and to pick up the vessel was sufficient to
completely burn away the sloppy tool marks at the bottom.
By rotating the hollow form on its side and letting the nuts sit
                                                                       Fig. 2 Dennis Laidler heating the nuts
                                           Continued on page 4

                                                                                                   COW December 2002 Page 3
Playing with Fire from page 3
on the interior walls for a few seconds, it was possible to
burn in an interesting texture on the interior walls. The
entire sequence was repeated a second time to completely
texture the interior of the vessel, and then I blended in the
texturing from the outside to the inside using a 6A
woodburning pen.
           The technique was very successful for this hollow
form, which now bears the title, “Sunday Afternoons with
the Laidlers” (Fig. 5). The piece is made of Ambrosia sugar
maple and the wall thickness was about 3/8” before the
interior burning. Dennis tried this same technique on a
camphor wood vase he made that had a thinner wall
thickness. We did not have any problems with heat
checking on either of these vessels.
           I don’t have a gas welding set-up in my home shop,
but I have found a mini acetylene gas welding set from
Lowe’s and I’ve heard that the propane microtorch that can
be purchased through some of the woodworking catalogs
should also heat metal to a sufficient temperature to do this
type of burning. Safety precautions for this technique
include: 1) adequate safety goggles to shield your eyes from
the bright light produced by the welding torch; 2) adequate
ventilation to minimize the inhalation of metal fumes; and 3)
removal of extraneous flammable material from the area
(i.e., clean up the shavings and sawdust before starting!).

                                                                         Fig. 3 Pouring hot nuts into the vessel

                                                                 Fig. 5 Completed “Sunday Afternoons with the Ladlers”

                                                                    Safety Note: Be sure to follow safety precautions
                                                                      when working with fire and hot metal around
                                                                      wood. Keep a fire extinguisher handy. Wear
                                                                            protective clothing and eyewear.
         Fig. 4 Thick wood clamped over the mouth

                                                                                                        COW December 2002 Page 4
              Web Sites of Interest
         Central Ohio Woodturners (COW)

        Woodworkers of Central Ohio (WOCO)

   American Association of Woodturners (AAW)

                                                             Ron Grady turned these bowls (left to right) from
                                                              spalted maple with lacing, spalted maple with
                                                                     bubinga trim, and masur birch.

   Charles Kemp turned this long stemmed goblet
            and spalted sycamore bowl

                                                                  Ron Fisher turned this ash goblet

  Our members turn everything but the kitchen sink.
   Craig Martin displayed several turned kitchen

Stan Abrams turned these paperweights from walnut,
 maple, and oak. They are weighted with lead shot.       Freddy Dutton turned these maple burl nested bowls
                                                                                              COW December 2002 Page 5
                                 CALENDAR OF EVENTS
Rockler is located at 2500 E. Main St. – Rockler has an extensive inventory of tools, hardware , wood,
books and accessories. Visit their store and let Eric or Tracy know you are with the Central Ohio

Woodcraft LOCATED AT 4562 CEMETERY ROAD, Saturday, December 14th we have a DELTA

Upcoming turning classes that club members might be interested in are:
We still have openings for our Turning A Goblet Or Scoop, Saturday, December 14, With Gary Siegrist.
This is a great class for those wishing to learn more about end grain turning!

WOODWERKS has moved and is now located at12181 Claycraft Road, Columbus, OH 43230 Phone: 614-
575-2400 has just completed their grand opening. Be sure to visit their store exiting from I-270 Broad St.
East, turn Left on Taylor station Road. They are 1 mile ahead on the left. They now have lots of room to
display their extensive lines of equipment and supplies.

Woodworkers of Central Ohio meet February 8, 2002. Spring Rd Church of Christ, 74 Spring Rd.,
Westerville, OH 9:00am – 1:00pm

              A “Parting” Comment                        expanded the newsletter and improved it. I also
                                                         want to thank Freddy Dutton for getting me into
I have been the editor of the Central Ohio               this project. He and I met during jury duty and
Woodturners newsletter since taking over its             Freddy introduced me to the art of turning.
publication from then president Freddy Dutton.           Little did I know what I was getting into.
This newsletter will be my last issue.                   Publishing the newsletter has been a real
                                                         learning experience.
The newsletter requires a lot of time and work to
produce and due to my increasing job                     I hope the next editor can continue to enhance
responsibilities and other commitments, I am             this publication and the club with the widening
handing this job to someone else.                        circulation of the newsletter. People who have
                                                         located it on our Internet web site read our
I have enjoyed serving the Central Ohio                  newsletter all over the world.
Woodturners club. I am proud of the high quality
professional image I have tried to build for the         I wish each of you a happy holiday season and a
club by showcasing the exquisite turnings the            happy new year.
members display, month after month. I want to            Sincerely,
thank each of the individuals who have
contributed to the newsletter. Its success was           Edward L. Robold
built on their contributions.

I want to especially thank Jack and Jean Hock for               E-MAIL NEWSLETTER
the relentless efforts to obtain great photographs
of the work the members bring to the meetings              Did you know that this newsletter could be e-
each month. Without their tireless contributions           mailed to you? We can send the newsletter to any
this newsletter would simply be a memorandum.              e-mail address in PDF format Adobe Portable
I also would like to thank our former president,           Document. Using Acrobat Reader 5, you will be
Floyd Anstaett. Under his leadership we greatly            able to view the pictures in color and print the
                                                           newsletter on your printer.

                                                                                             COW December 2002 Page 6
                                 November Show-N-Tell
                                   Gallery of Projects

René Keyzer-André displayed some nice miniatures              Dan Dapra crafted this unique display for
  made from redheart, maple and other woods.               showing off Christmas ornaments made of (right
                                                             to left) purpleheart & holly, goldfield burl &
                                                                        cocobolo, and tulipwood

                   Robert Ruehle made these Corian boxes and spinning tops set on Corian bases.

                                                     Blair Davis
                                                     showed off
                                                    this natural
                                                      edged red
                                                      box elder
                                                     bowl (left)
                                                   and a cherry
                                                   bowl (right)
                                                        that he
                                                    treated with
                                                   liquid before

                                                                                              COW December 2002 Page 7
          This Newsletter is a Publication of the
                Central Ohio Woodturners
                     c/o Scott Hogsten
                  1803 Upper Valley Dr.
                West Jefferson, OH 43162
           President: Tip House, 614-431-8929
     Vice President: Barbara Crockett, 614-459-9113
         Secretary: Scott Hogsten, 614-879-9873
         Treasurer: Craig Wright, 614-885-9419
            Editor: Ed Robold, 614-871-3171
   Meetings are held monthly on the second Tuesday of
   September through May, from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
                            At                               Tom Vanderhoff displayed this top made of
  The Ohio State University Industrial Technology Bldg.,
     located at 1100 Kinnear Road, Columbus, Ohio                      brass and Paduk
                                                           If you occasionally repair cracks and flaws with saw dust
  Membership Dues for the Central Ohio Woodturners are     and CA glue, keep three or four containers around with dust
    $15.00 per Person or $20.00 per Couple or Family       from different shades of wood in them in order to be able to
                     Mail Dues to:                         closely match the area of repair.
                Craig Wright, Treasurer
                 7634 Whitneyway Dr.                        Use an eyedropper to apply the CA glue accelerator if the
             Worthington, OH 43085-5311                    provided spray pump goes bad.              Floyd Anstaett

 Central Ohio Woodturners – Tip House, President                                                                    PLEASE

 Direct Correspondence to:                                                                                           PLACE

 Scott Hogsten                                                                                                       STAMP

 1803 Upper Valley Dr.                                                                                               HERE

 West Jefferson, OH 43162

                                                           Mailing Address

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