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					A new generation of compressors is all set to make its appearance in the market,
riding on the waves of the recent technological advances made in this field. Some of
these GenY products claim to be mechanically more than 90% efficient, last twice the
life of a conventional rotary screw version, and incorporate energy-saving forms and
functionalities. The Carlyle semi-hermetic compressor is a mechanical maverick
along similar lines.
  So what is a semi-hermetic compressor? In a compressor, if the compressor and the
motor are wholly housed within a single unit, it is called "hermetic." The primary
difference between a hermetic and a semi-hermetic compressor is that, in the latter
these can be accessed through access plates that are bolted.
  A Carlyle semi-hermetic compressor has varied uses-it is mostly used in air
conditioning, commercial refrigeration applications, environmental chambers, and in
process cooling. Here's how you can benefit by using one: Reduced Risk of the
Refrigerant Leaking: Shaft penetration is the most prevalent cause of loss of
refrigerant. But in a Carlyle semi-hermetic compressor, the motor is housed right
inside the unit containing the compressor. This significantly reduces the chances of
shaft penetration.} Compatibility with Varied Kinds of Refrigerants: A Carlyle
semi-hermetic compressor scores over its competitors because of its flexibility and
compatibility with varied kinds of refrigerants-both the conventional types like R-12,
R-22, and R-502 and new HFC refrigerants like R-134A, R-404A, R-407C, and
R-507. Efficient Valves: A Carlyle product comes packed with valves that reduce
losses, increase efficiency of the entire unit, and lessens the stress on the motor.
Capacity Control System: A Carlyle semi-hermetic compressor facilitates suction
cut-off unloading. This is not only an effective way of controlling the capacity but
also keeps the operating temperature levels much lower than compressors that
incorporate a hot gas bypass design. Efficient Heavy Duty Motor: A product from the
Carlyle stable is powered by a powerful and robust motor that is also durable as it
lessens the chances of burnouts, especially during summer months when the operating
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