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Need for Speed-


									If you have a car and love speed, then you are quite familiar with induction kits.
These are cone shaped filters that help increase a car's air intake thus increasing the
horse power in the process. Performance Air Filters are an excellent first time
performance modification when you want to tune your car. Such kits are often
required by speed racers and are used when fine tuning a car or increasing its racing
  Basic panel filters from K+N, Pipercross and BMC simpley replace the original
paper filter with a high flow filter that is the same shape and size but is designed to
allow more air into the engine to increase power while still cleaning the air that passes
through. The most popular performance air filter is an induction kit that generally
replaces the cars original airbox with a tailored cone filter. If space allows these
induction kits will have a separate cold air feed from the front of the vehicle. For the
ultimate in performance a closed airbox with a performafilter inside shielded from
under bonnet heat sources is the way to go. Pipercross Viper, Venom, ITG Maxogen,
K+N Apollo and Typhoon are closed air intake systems which will produce noticable
power gains.
  Research has shown that cold air induction encourages more cold air intake in the
car engines -more oxygen- which further results in the car's speed increasing
significantly. Thankfully, cars these days come with that allowance thus giving all
intended drivers the opportunity to increase their car's speed.
  In all cars induction kits will suffer from under the bonnet temperatures. We all
know that hot air carries less oxygen. Removing the air box makes the intake
temperature rise as air is taken from this hot region. Most dyno runs are taken with the
bonnet open so will not reflect real world power gains. To combat this problem add a
cold air feed to pipe in fresh cold air from outside the engine bay.
  It is worth noting that not all engines will experience power gains from an induction
kit. Smaller engined cars (those under 1.4 especially) will actually feel less powerful
with an induction kit. In this case you should use a panel air filter which replaces the
standard paper one inside the OEM air box.
  In these smaller engines a certain amount of excess oxygen will not be matched with
fuel as the injectors are not big enough. This causes the engine to run lean. An air
filter should also be matched to a good exhaust system to allow a balanced flow
through the engine. More air in means more exhaust gases.
  Now that you understand induction kit better, a good place to check them is It a one stop shop for all your induction
need. The patient staff is more than glad to respond to your queries and make you
understand intrinsically about induction kits. We love our cars and know how to treat
them royally and pamper them!

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