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					                           Community Colleges:
                        Globalization in the Curriculum

                    HNDOUT FOR THE PRESENATION

       Handout includes: 1) forms for creative writing exercises
                         2) website reference list of globalization teaching sites

Generic globalization objectives that can be adapted to any course or program.

In the 21st Century curriculum content should introduce students to:

       1. State-of-the-planet attentiveness (a global awareness)

       2. Cross-cultural awareness

       3. Understanding of the interrelatedness of global problems, issues &

       4. Development of participatory skills

       5. Acquisition of analytical & critical thinking skills with an awareness of
          multiple perspectives

       6. Financial, economic, business & entrepreneurial literacy

       7. Civic and political literacy

       8. Health and wellness awareness

An example of a list of activities for students:

Draw (art) cartoon, picture           write on topic             role play
Answer what’s in news                make a test                 make a survey
Design ad campaign                   dialogue for podcast        draw map
Scrapbook of news                    journal                     dissect a song
Compare economics                    outline processes           show & tell

Spaces below are specifically for the creative writing exercises:
First Exercise: Take 5 minutes to write a definition of globalization and share it
with someone at your table. What are the shared elements?

Second Exercise: For your discipline…. Take 10 minutes to list the pros and
cons of each route to help you decide; either the umbrella blueprint or the hidden
blueprint of globalization in your courses/program.

Third Exercise: For your discipline…. Take 15 minutes to list general topics
for your courses/program. Be creative with the ideas: what is in the news, what
have you overheard students talking about, what is current in your discipline,
what is in pop culture at this time.

                    Globalization Found in Courses
           Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) and Activities

    Discipline                   SLO                 Activities
 Select syllabus from a
discipline at your college
 and do 1 or 2 together

 Select syllabus from a
discipline at your college
 and do 1 o r 2 together

 One of your Courses

 One of your Courses

Reference: Globalization Websites for Curriculums & Courses

Used the key words in Google…        globalization teachers lesson plans

1. The United Nations' Cyberschool Bus features an astonishing array of
resources for teachers of all kinds. There are impressive materials for teachers
as well as students. Start here, no matter what topic you are preparing lessons

2. Globalization This page contains various resources for educators
who would like to use in their classrooms. Select topics
from the lesson plans at the left of the page to find out why teaching globalization
is important, and to download free lesson plans tied to our Issue Briefs. Check
back frequently for new lesson plans and other resources.

3. PBS Frontline for Educators website offers a variety of teacher resources
and quick access to your most relevant content for subject, grade level, and

4. Teaching Resource for High School and College Classrooms is a section
of the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) Website. These teaching guides
aim to develop the "analytical, reading and writing skills, using the work of
international experts in the field of sociology, political science, economics,
anthropology, history and geography exposes students to various worldviews, a
central component of a well-rounded education." There is an explicit terrorism
and post 9/11 world theme here, but many of the readings have broader global

5. The Teaching Globalization page on The Globalist website provides a free
set of articles, reports, and editorials related to--believe it or not!--teaching about
globalization. Look at the menu on the left of the page for regional groupings of
resources, such as Countries & Regions. Also interesting are the "Globalization
and . . ." topics on such things as Children, Culture, Music, and Sports. Each of
these links leads to a page of stories, editorials, and reports on the topic. The

Globalist is the "daily online magazine on the global economy, politics and
culture," and also of interest.

7. The American Forum for Global Education is a source for global and
international education materials for classroom use and professional
development, the American Forum for Global Education provides leadership to
strengthen the education of our nation's youth by fostering the ability to think
creatively, analytically, and systematically about issues in a global context.

 8. National Council for the Social Studies provides a Teaching Resources
site for educators. Social studies educators teach students the content
knowledge, intellectual skills, and civic values necessary for fulfilling the duties of
citizenship in a participatory democracy. The mission of National Council for the
Social Studies is to provide leadership, service, and support for all social studies

9. The Global Teacher Project is the site to seek if you are interested in how
educators in the United Kingdom are tackling the problem of internationalizing
their pedagogies. The Global Teacher Project is an effort "to support the
inclusion of a global dimension in course content, and to promote global
education throughout the training of teachers." The website functions primarily as
a set of resources to help teachers "develop courses with a global
dimension." Scroll down to Websites on the Resources page for links to such
sites as Educating for a Sustainable Future, Citizenship Education, and Anne
Frank. Also interesting is Multiverse, a project whose website "provides teacher
educators, student teachers and trainees with a wealth of resources that focus
on enhancing the educational achievement of pupils from diverse backgrounds."

10. The Global Exchange is a website dedicated to "promoting environmental,
political and social justice." The site has a dizzying array of resources,
everything from "Fair Trade" coffee, to detailed regional information on various
issues, to a very compelling page dedicated to the World Bank and the IMF.
Attractive and navigable page layout and brief texts provide good thumbnail
sketches of the issues and are amenable to classroom use. There is always a
historical and current context provided, as well as several "get involved"

opportunities. Be sure to look at Global Economy 101, a very comprehensive and
politically engaged exposition of "the critical issues pertaining to corporate

11. Global Envision is an interesting website rich in readable, student-friendly
texts on a variety of compelling topics related to globalization. Global Envision
believes that the "more that we understand about the free market system . . . the
better our chances that the global economy will thrive for the prosperity of all,"
and the reading here certainly reflects that economic perspective. The Articles
menu lists topics such as Environment, General Globalization, and Social
Entrepreneurship, each with several related articles. Also check out the
Interviews on the Learn page.

12. 17 Economic globalization Lesson Plans

13. Teacher Discussion Forums "The Internet's Meeting Place for ESL/EFL
Students and Teachers from Around the World!"

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