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					Sometimes, reading multiple books in tandem can be helpful for students as it can
help them gather a lot of information quickly. But shifting from one book to another
book and one writer to another writer is not everyone 鈥檚 cup of tea. Switching
between books can be a good option for some of the students as it can help them
compare the subject matter and choose what to read depending on their preferred style
of presentation and use of words. However, if the students want a clear understanding
of all theories and concepts, without having to juggle between books they should
definitely go for NCERT textbooks.
  NCERT textbooks:
  NCERT is still considered as the base and main course book in CBSE board. For the
CBSE students, particularly for the 10th and 12th students, NCERT textbooks are a
鈥榤 ust have 鈥?and 鈥榤 ust read 鈥? The word 鈥淣 CERT 鈥?instantly brings to
minds images of school textbooks with black and white letters in it. NCERT textbooks
are considered very lengthy, boring and mundane by most of the students and it was
very true a couple of years ago. But, now the scenario has changed! Now, NCERT
textbooks used by CBSE students are far more interesting, engaging and definitely
more reader-friendly.
  NCERT textbooks available online:
  Ten years ago, imagining online NCERT textbooks was very difficult for CBSE
students and their parents & teachers. But with the advent of World Wide Web and
penetration of the internet in India 鈥淥 NLINE NCERT 鈥?has become possible.
Online NCERT textbooks are available for classes I to XII. These books are available
in Hindi and English for all the subjects. These online NCERT textbooks are available
in easy to download PDF formats on the NCERT website. Students can simply log on
to the website and access or download these books anytime anywhere.
  NCERT solutions can help students score better:
  Just a few simple tips and students can frame quality NCERT solutions which can
help them score dream marks in CBSE board exams.
  Students should go through the syllabus at first and list the important topics to be
covered in the particular academic year. Then, they should pick the NCERT textbook
for each subject and mark the topics in the table of contents. This would give the
students a clear idea about what to read. This activity would also help the students
channelize their energy in the right direction and complete the entire syllabus within
  Before writing NCERT solutions to the end-of-chapter questions, students should
first thoroughly read the entire chapter and mark or list the important points. This
would help the students understand the concepts in a better way and tailor quality
solutions. The highlighted points would also help the students in undertaking quick
revisions at the time of exams.
  While attempting the questions listed in the NCERT textbooks, they should keep in
mind the question type & marks allotted and accordingly set the word limits. Students
should also read the instructions carefully and frame the NCERT solutions keeping in
mind the key words in the questions to get outstanding marks.
  Readymade NCERT solutions:
  Students who don 鈥檛 have enough time to frame NCERT solutions can also refer
to various websites that provide free NCERT solutions. In these sites the content is
supported by videos, graphics and animations that promote effective and speedy
understanding of concepts. If students refer these sites they would experience a
learning that is smooth and complete like never before. Students should ensure that
the online solutions are grammatically correct with no spelling errors and most
importantly, that these are also aligned as per latest CBSE curriculum.
  Now that CBSE students know how to frame quality NCERT answers, scoring good
grades in exams would definitely be easy!
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