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					Gold or silver, yours or for a loved one, initials on a charm bracelet are a good way of
catching people 鈥檚 attention. It also tells other people that you are unique, and it 鈥
檚 also a very creative way to introduce yourself. This type of charm bracelet has
dangling pieces attached to the chain. These Initial Charms are usually made from
gold or silver. The latest fashion trend as of the moment, it is also a perfect
personalized gift for family and friends for all occasions. It also makes for a
memorable gift on birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations for new life, love and
marriage, and a beautiful heirloom for the younger generations to pass on. Charms are
very much unlike other jewelry because they can signify a lot of important things in
the wearer 鈥檚 life. Anything from dates or events can be symbolized by charms,
and with Initial Charms , you can either carry your name or the name of your loved
one on your wrist. This is certainly a unique and passionate way to say that you care.
Elegant and timeless, Initial Charms never go out of style, getting revived decade
after decade, surfacing each time with a different feel and a different look. Charm
Bracelets in general have been around since the time of the ancient Egyptians, who
wore charm bracelets to symbolize their faith and for good luck. If you have any
trouble believing what you 鈥檝 e just read, take a close look at Cleopatra. The trend
went as far back as the early Egyptians. Now, Initial Charms are the latest in charm
accessories, with a myriad of different styles and fonts to choose from. These charms
are usually available in block letters, encased in hearts or other figures, in filigree
style, even in angel initials. Prices usually range per piece from US$35 for the basic
block scripts, to US$95 for the more intricate styles. Initial Charms are usually cast in
14k white gold to ensure durability and a lustrous sheen. These are then attached to a
chain bracelet, usually in the same 14k white gold, but higher carats are also available,
as well as other types of gold, like rose gold. Most consumers though usually prefer a
uniform          look       that       suits       the       bracelet       and       the, so they usually order the
charms in the same type of gold that the bracelet is made of. However, this is not a
strict rule in jewelry, as more and more people customize their look and accessories to
match their personalities or fashion statements. This means that an initial charm
bracelet can have two or more varieties of gold in it; the Initial Charms themselves
could even be made of different types and shades of gold for a truly customized piece.
Initial charm bracelets are really the trend in self-expression, or an almighty way to
say that 鈥 淚 Care 鈥 ?to a loved one. Check out the extensive designs Once these initial charm
bracelets catch the light in a magnificent way, anyone who sees the glimmer will truly
remark what a charming name you have.

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