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									Natural Ways To Lower Blood Sugar
Whether you have been diagnosed of type 1 or type 2 diabetes, you should know the
importance of monitoring your glucose level and finding ways to lower blood sugar.
Medications will help you reduce the level of sugar in your blood effectively. But the
best way may be through natural ways and they are easy to perform.
An essential factor that greatly affects your blood sugar level is what you ingest. The
foods could tell whether you’re having too much sugar or not. Despite the variety of
diets that generally promote the regularization of blood sugar levels, the important
thing that you must consider is the fiber, fat, and sugar content.
The foods you intake should contain high amounts of fiber, low saturated fats, and
less sugar. Certain fruits and vegetables have small amounts of sugar and high
amounts of fiber. Grains also provide you with rich fiber.
You must also keep in mind the intervals between your meals and how much you eat.
It’s better to eat small portions 5 to 6 times than large portions 3 times per day. You
glucose level tends to become high a couple of hours after eating, and is then
regulated because of metabolism, medications, and physical activity. Eating in smaller
portions within the day will help in conditioning the digestive juices. This is a good
way to lower blood sugar.
You may also eat foods that have long-acting carbohydrates. This is advisable for
people taking any diabetic medication that find their sugar level low before sleeping.
This way, you prevent the event of hypoglycemia that could occur at sleep.
Diabetic people are usually overweight and have an inactive lifestyle. Exercise should
be done by these people as it proves to be an excellent way to lower blood sugar. This
method helps in burning your fat and increasing the reaction of your body to insulin.
This means that your body will need less insulin to lower your sugar levels. You don’t
need to do any type of extreme exercise to achieve low blood sugar. Walking for 30
minutes at medium pace regularly is enough. You may also do house chores or
gardening everyday.
Other factors like stress contribute to the elevation of your sugar level. Although this
may be an inevitable aspect of our life, it could still be reduced. Lessening your daily
work or doing some yoga poses could help reduce your stress. This, along with proper
diet and adequate exercise, are the best ways to lower blood sugar. Don’t let diabetes
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