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									Grade 12 Students
Not Returning or Sem.1 only           Pathways - Option Sheets
    Welcome to the Pathways On-line Option Sheet process. With this online program, you will be able to identify
    compulsory and optional courses necessary to achieve your OSSD, view your student course history and grades,
    read course descriptions, and select the courses necessary to build your timetable for next year. Good luck!!!

    Logging In

    Option 1                                                                Option 2
        Go to                                           Go to
        Click “Academics”                                                      Click “Student Street”
        Click “Option Sheet – Instructions”                                    Click “Student Portal”
        Click “Select My Courses Now”                                          Click on Option Sheet Box (right side of screen)
        Login (see instructions below)                                         Login (see instructions below)

    YOU MUST LOGIN                         To enter your personalized option sheet –as follows
            Username = same as your network login
            Password = YYYYMMDD (your date of birth)
            Login
            Notice your name in the top right-hand side of the screen. The school you are expected to attend is
             highlighted in green. (Clicking the school name will take you to Nantyr’s web page where you can access the school course
                                        calendar along with instructions and special applications)
          Select Option Sheet. You are now ready to work on your personalized option sheet!

                                      Grade 12 Students Not Returning

                      **Must choose the Green Highlighted Not Returning button****
                     Complete the Not returning Survey – Save Survey
                      Note: To make any changes after you have submitted you need to make an appointment with your
                      Guidance Counsellor
                     Option Sheet Screen
                      You can view your personal Course History - Scroll down to the bottom half of the page to see your
                      Course History (all previous courses and your marks will be displayed)
                     You are done  - Log out

                 Grade 12 Students Returning for ONE SEMESTER only
                     Below alternate choices - Select Additional Courses
                     Select – Returning one semester only
                     Choose 4 courses for your return semester, plus alternates.
                      Note: timetabling may be difficult within one semester so alternates are required.
                           i. To Move a course to an Alternative, click on the course under regular courses and
                               select Move to Alt.
                          ii. If you change your mind, you can click on the “Alternate” and choose Move to Reg.
                     Generate Option sheet – fill in any missing information in the top half
                     Optional Print a copy for your own records – Return to course choices
                     Save select- Yes LOCK IN MY CHOICES, Note: you cannot make changes once locked in.
                     Logout 

    To make any changes after you have submitted you need to make an appointment with your Guidance

    Course Information and Selection
1. Prerequisite Chart - Click on any subject to see a map identifying all courses in that subject and/or their
   pathway prerequisites.

2. Course Description - click on the subject title.

3. Course Selection – Compulsory
   To select a course, click on Select or View Options – Select. Note: Once you select a course, you cannot
   select it again. When selecting courses, you may see one or more of the following symbols:
    (a) the selected course is a repeat course (already passed or scheduled to take)
    (b) the student has earned at least one of the required prerequisites
    (c) a prerequisite for the selected course is in progress
    (d) the student has not earned any of the required prerequisites
    (e) unexpected error

4. Course Selection – Elective
    When you select Electives, all subject areas will be displayed.
    Click on a subject. Choose a course, view description or select.
     Note: A grayed-out box indicates that that subject is not offered at your school.
    Selecting Cooperative Education, Enviroventure, or Yearbook will take up more than one space as they
     either a 2 credit or 4 credit programs

5. Course Selection – Alternates
    All students must choose 2 “Alternate” courses, listed in order of preference.
    Move a course to an Alternative, click on the regular course and select Move to Alt.
    If you change your mind, you can click on the “Alternate” and choose Move to Reg.

6. Deleting a Course Selection
    Click on a course you selected.
    Click on Delete and OK. Note the opportunity to move it to an alternative

Note: Grade 9-11 students must choose 8 courses plus 2 alternates. Students may not have a spare until
      Grade 12 or the completion of 24 credits.

Additional Features
1. Online Course Calendar - You can view the entire Course Calendar for your school.
2. Complete List of Courses at Nantyr Shores – an alpha list of course with select buttons and titles

Submitting Your Option Sheet

Before you submit your option sheet, make sure you have 8 selected and 2 alternates along with any prerequisites
for the next level of a course or in preparation for college or university.

   If you are not done, click on Save Option Sheet – click on OK and Return to course choices then Log Out
   To SUBMIT your course choices, click on YES, LOCK IN MY CHOICES.

    Note: Once you LOCK IN MY CHOICES, you cannot make changes.
    To change your selections after you have submitted your Option Sheet electronically, you need to make an
    appointment with your Guidance Counsellor.

   Print your Option Sheet for your own reference, optional, to verify your choices in April
   Log out


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