Natural and Safe Gout Remedies by hkksew3563rd


									As with most medical disorders, gout is beginning to be treated by natural and more
holistic remedies. One of the main reasons for such a demand for natural gout
remedies is due to the fact that normal gout medications cause severe and sometimes
debilitating side effects. Certain forms of these medications have harmful effects long
term to patients who take them. Natural gout remedies are safe and usually have no
side effects. In some cases, patients claim that natural gout remedies even work better
than gout medications. But before going over certain remedies for gout, it is essential
to understand what gout is.
  Gout is a condition in which uric acid crystals form in the joints. This is caused
when a patient can not properly excrete the uric acid in their system. Excessive uric
acid can be the result of under-performing kidneys, an increase in uric acid production,
or an increase in ingested foods that lead to the formation of uric acid. Doctors and
patients who experience gout say that the most common side effect is pain in the big
toe. Gout can also appear in hand and finger joints, knees, ankles, and other bones and
joints associated with the foot.
  The most horrifying fact about gout is that it can happen without much forewarning.
Those who begin experiencing gout symptoms should seek treatment for it
immediately. If gout is not treated it can lead to severe pain and even joint
deformations. Some gout symptoms would include rapid and sometimes severe pain
in the big toe, painful joints will appear swollen and red, fever and chills, and tender
skin around the affected joint. Gout can cause pain for several days, with more severe
cases lasting weeks. The inflammation associated with gout can lead to bursitis. Gout
treatment should begin as soon as you start having any of these symptoms.
  Causes for gout vary but may include being overweight, excessively drinking
alcohol, having high blood pressure, and having low thyroid hormone levels. Drinking
plenty of water is the first way to prevent gout since it allows your body to flush
excess uric acid out of your system. Avoid foods that contain high levels of purines,
since this can cause excess uric acid crystals in your body. Blueberries, lemon juice,
and dairy foods are known to decrease the occurrence of gout.
  There are several natural gout remedies that can be utilized to heal the horrendous
symptoms associated with gout. Having the sufferer eat twenty to twenty-five fresh
cherries a day will help keep the gout under control. Drinking vegetable juice
containing 500ml of blended cucumbers, beets, and carrots can also be a sufficient
natural remedy for gout.

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