Wedding Centrepieces - Four Tips for Attractive Centrepieces by djsgjg0045


									Many preparations have to be made for the wedding reception to take place. Along
with setting the location up you will have to decorate the tables. This is done with
centrepieces usually. These centrepieces are normally designed to match the theme
and/or colour of your wedding. There is so many ways to do centrepieces too so you
have a lot of options to choose from. You can look at many home magazines that will
show you a variety of centrepieces on tables. There are also decorating and bridal
magazines to turn for ideas. Your flowers usually go with the rest of the flowers you
are using in your wedding. Also below you will find some four tips on centrepieces:
  1. Decide what type of container you are putting your flowers in first off. This will
tell you how many flowers will be used for one thing. Also you will base you floral
arrangement around the container. A good rule to remember is that you want your
guests to be able to see over the centrepieces when they are seated, so they can see the
people across from them. On other tables in the room not used for seating though you
can have taller arrangements.
  2. You do not need to just think of the traditional centrepieces either; you can come
up with unique ideas too. Take cue from your overall wedding theme. If you are
having a beach or summer wedding incorporate sand, shells and summer flowers into
your centrepieces. This is just one idea for you.
  3. Definitely think of the season of the year you are having the wedding in. If your
wedding is near Christmas you could even incorporate Christmas lights into the
centrepieces while using plenty of red and white flowers. Also add some Christmas
candles to the arrangements too or some evergreen boughs.
  4. The lost tip here is to go to a professional if your budget allows. He can do all
your flowers for the church and reception. The pro will work with you showing you
pictures until you decide exactly which look you want. This way all the flowers get
delivered and set up for you, a task that can be a big one if you are trying to do it on
your own.
  The florist is not the only one of the professionals that you can get ideas from though.
Wedding planners and caterers can provide great ideas too. Many time caterers do
more than just serve the food.
  So now that you have these four tips, you should understand better how to plan for
your centrepieces. A wedding is a glorious event and the reception should be the same.
You can get away with all the elaborate trappings you want for decorations on such an
event. This event though, on the other hand, can be done very simple too and still be
an elegant affair. All you have to do is decide how fancy you want your wedding and
go from there.

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