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					For a startup company website you got to bear in mind the following factors: Domain
Name Registration Identify a web designer and Book a domain name ie., prior to that you got to check domain name availability
  Some useful tips: a If you are not booking the domain name directly and booking a
domain name thru a website design company then make sure while booking they
assign YOU as the registrant, billing contact and maybe technical contact too. Many
vendors are into this malpractice of keeping all the rights with them while you pay for
it. b.Also make sure after booking they provide you with domain control panel details.
(it 鈥檚 a MUST)
  c.It 鈥檚 recommended that your domain name should have some keyword in it,
though not mandatory but it gives you an edge. Website Hosting (server Space) Buy
web hosting space, in a startup website 500 MB space will be sufficient that would
also take care of your
  website specific e-mail
  accounts like Some useful tips:
  a.Even before your site is online you can get going with your e-mails, its immediate
if you buy domain name and server space from the same vendor, alternatively it will
have an issue of modifying name servers and that takes 24 hrs ~ 72 hrs. to resolve. b.
      Website hosting space is being sold as vegetables these days, enquire from your
vendor whether they will provide e-mail (ticket based) support or phone support if
you have any issue on site not opening or mails not working. c. It 鈥檚 a good idea
to have google apps implemented for your domain specific mails, it gives a lot of
flexibility and reliability. Website Designing Analysis & Planning The website design
and development part is again very crucial and it 鈥檚 recommended that other than
the designers effort you do some homework at you end. You can start by looking at
your competitors/affiliates websites before firming up your own requirement. This
will give you a great deal of insight into what you can possibly have rather than going
by your gut feelings. Static website or a dynamic website On a macro level any
website that will have a frequently changing content would require a CMS (Content
Management System) hence it would be a dynamic website and sites with fixed
content can be started as static website. Caution -     Beware of run of the mill
designer 鈥檚 aggressively advertising cheap website designing packages and as
month 鈥檚 lapse they would close down and go 鈥?As internet is flooded with
advertisements that talk of heavily discounted rates. Packages with all inclusive priced
so low that impossible for vendors to sustain. Website design & development
technology If you plan to have a dynamic website you got to carefully evaluate the
technology options available, keep in mind 鈥渘 one of the web design technology is
best 鈥?nor 鈥渘 othing is bad 鈥? What matters is - 鈥淲 hat 鈥檚 the best fit for
your requirement 鈥? While some websites are best driven by Open source php web
application development option while some would be best done in a ASP dot net
environment. Some useful tip: Do a careful analysis of your requirement and build
some awareness on the technology platform because vendors would recommend what
suits them most. Website Promotion and Marketing With millions of websites online
and new being added every moment, it 鈥檚 natural that people after investing time
and money find themselves in a situation where the website is not to be seen
anywhere on popular keyword searches. It requires expertise of focused website
promotion and marketing company who could get you the visibility on the net that
you deserve. Short listing a website design and development company Attributes you
got to look at short listing a website design and development company would include:
- How long the web design company been around into the business - Nature of
their client base - Manpower capability - Payment terms (Should be milestone