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					Are you prepared for unexpected computer failures, accidental deletions or even
computer virus infestations? Many people aren't and experience frequent computer
crashes daily, which result in data loss. There are many reasons as to why your
computer system may experience frequent crashes, and sadly many consumers do not
backup their data. This could be very frustrating especially when important
information is missing.
 Computer crashes can stem from any of the following reasons for instance, registry
errors, installing and uninstalling new programs requires registries in your registry
entry to change that may not be restored to their original settings. Later on, errors in
the computer registry become overwhelmed causing you to lose some of your most
important files. One other reason could be hard disk errors. This is when units located
on your hard disk called sectors become corrupt or defective over time. This will
usually cause data loss within your hard disk. How about the problem of working in a
warm and poorly ventilated room, and the hardware parts in your computer began to
overheat and stop working. If the computer or RAM gets too hot, this could cause
your computer to crash and data to be lost forever.
 Computer crashes aren't the only cause of lost files and unrecoverable data; there is
accidental deletion of files and computer virus infestation. Lab-Ratz Technical
Solutions has your recovery needs covered for those unexpected mishaps. Lab-Ratz
Technical Solutions has Data Backup and Recovery Services that consist of
 * Assessing your current setup for the most appropriate and Cost effective Backup
and recovery Solution
 * Data Backup Software Recommendations and Configuration
 * Data Backup Hardware Recommendations and Setup
 At Lab-Ratz Technical Solutions we don't want all your hard work to go to waste, we
want to make sure that in the event of a failure of any kind, and that you will be able
to recover your data. Call us today at 1.877.884.4360 or visit us at to receive a full month of Free Computer and Network
Monitoring Support for your business.
 Our CEO and founder, Kimberly George, has spent years in the field of Information
Technology, and has worked for several major corporations including Cisco Systems
and AT&T. She has knowledge and experience working within the field of networking
and computer support. Ms. George has both a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in
Computer Science, and possesses several industry Certifications, including CCVP,
Cisco Certified Voice Professional, CCNA, Cisco Certified Network Associate
Certification. Ms. George started Lab-Ratz Technical Solutions with the intent of
delivering quality services and support with a fun and passionate enthusiasm to small
businesses and consumers.
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