Must-have Clothes and Accessories for College Students

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					You have graduated from high school, and the next thing is college. This means a
chance to start over a new leaf. Nevertheless, you will want to dress right for college,
as you are now known as a young adult. Here are some must-have clothes and
accessories any college student can go well with. Plain shirt With plain shirts, you can
go with any style. You can choose to dress down by keeping it simple, or you can
dress up by mixing and matching the shirt with accessories or other clothing articles.
The possibility with wardrobe malfunctions with plain shirts are minimal if you know
how to match them right. Trusty jeans Jeans are known to be one of the most versatile
pieces of clothing available, as you can match almost anything with it. Get yourself a
comfortable pair and you can run around the week in the same jeans, but with a
different look each time. While jeans can look stylish with the right combination, they
are also extremely sturdy for rough wear and tear activities. A Formal-looking Jacket
There are times you will find yourself making mock presentations in front of your
class. If that day you wore something not so appropriate for presentation, a formal
jacket can save your look altogether. It gives a touch of class to any clothing at all.
Plus, it makes a great wind barrier during cooler weather without jeopardizing your
overall look. A Cool Hat There are times when students may find themselves
oversleeping, especially when they had a long night out or had been burning the
midnight oil the night before. When rushing to college is the biggest concern, there is
little time to spare for your hair. What you can do is don a hat to hide the attention
from that unkempt crown of yours. Wristband Bracelet When you are in college, you
have pretty much the freedom to dress up. Whether you like going over the top or
staying simple, having a couple of wristband bracelets helps to spice your outfit to
another level. Have these wardrobe essentials and you are ready for college!

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