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					- Still visit Zhaoqing Song LIANG Qing, general manager of Digital Technology Co.,

Still visit Zhaoqing Song LIANG Qing, general manager of Digital Technology Co.,

HC Network: Brief Introduction about the company you history of the development

Liang Qing: "Easy music Whiteboard "Is my production company on the whiteboard
technology introduction, digestion and absorption of the products after years of trial
research and development, and technological innovation results. And has a number of
independent intellectual property rights of production technology patents: 1) Patent
No. 200620000282.6" with whiteboard with Extended Interface "on January 31, 2007
granted authority; 2) patent No. 200620012513.5" portable whiteboard "on June 6,
2007 granted authority; 3) Patent No. 20062014889.1" whiteboard "in 2007 7 20
months permitted to authorized; 4) Patent No. 200620166363.3 "manual smart
whiteboard" on September 7, 2007 granted authority. Therefore, our company has a
strong independent research and development, and product upgrading of production

 HC Network: Who recently launched new products, first tell us about this new

Liang Qing: Compared to other whiteboards on the market, our new "electronic
whiteboard scanning records," which has the advantage of: do not rely on Computer
Will be able to operate independently, only ordinary water-soluble white board pen,
for people will be able to independently provide a demonstration platform for
discussions and exchange of the writing on the blackboard. Also, after writing on the
blackboard content can Digital U disk image format, stored in a computer hard drive,
can drive the printer to print operations presentation. This is the whiteboard market,
the most economical, most convenient and most practical, most energy-efficient office
automation equipment.

  Innovation in product features, our products have already introduced U disk storage
technology; printing paper interface, the first time for label printing label side to
facilitate the filing order; Combo compression printing paper does not interface
deformation. The functions are the world's first, in the year and a half ago, out in our
research and development. Thus, our company's products from the initial stage of a
higher standing leader online. We also have the ability to produce certified first-class
whiteboard products.

 HC Network: What is the new market positioning? The positioning with the
company's market position before any different? How will the future of the product?
On what new products the company will have sales strategy?
 Liang Qing: (1) market positioning, the company based on the priority development
of digital education services to school market; followed at all levels

 Government agencies, military, digital hospital; long as we can successfully promote
the use of these two fields, and recognition of all walks of life

 Enterprises is a huge user community, can provide them with cheap office
automation, paperless office Solutions Equipment, is the largest company, the ultimate
market position.

 (2) and the previous market orientation difference is: the past, market positioning in
the high-end consumer user base, high retail prices for consumer user groups to the
general exclusion of the demand market, thereby impeding the promotion of
whiteboard applications. Seriously hampered the whiteboard for the teaching and
educating the good services of goods for social and economic services, human
services, environmental protection.

 (3) As China's national strength, economic strength and growing business, and
digital and social development of basic hardware requirements, the popularization of
whiteboard is an inevitable trend. Good things, naturally popular.

 (4) the company's sales strategy is built to promote the use of the whole society to
bear a kind of sense of responsibility whiteboard drawn, based on this belief, our sales
will take the cheap route, according to different user groups, provide the
corresponding functional differences, price differences between the species, and
provide different supply pipes, and different combinations of after-sales service. Hope
that the occasion for the community to provide cheap whiteboard products.

 HC Network: View of the present direction of development of Chinese education
sector, business as a place (such as direction, marketing strategies and how to build
sales channels and construction)?

 Liang Qing: China's current education sector development is the tendency of the
whiteboard in the introduction to the classroom, in our view, the advantages brought
about by the teaching model is unquestionable. The question is what kind of hardware
configuration of the most economical, most effective and convenient.

 Line with the state general education " School Link "," Home-school links "network
building steps the Department, I produced the" scan records whiteboard "will focus on
bulk orders for schools, the formation of low-cost, easy to service features, will be"
special for the price "of the targeted price way to provide direct services to the
institutions. hope this will better provide one-stop quality services to China's
education industry, to support China's education can do something.
 HC Network: I know the company is now doing the domestic market, then the next
there are no plans to open foreign markets too!

 Liang Qing: In addition to the domestic market, the company also deployed overseas
export markets, the relevant negotiations now in progress, also is planning to work
this fall Fair exhibitors.

  HC Network: Currently more and more electronic whiteboard market brands in the
technology also has a different design, what do you think the current situation in the
technology market, which technology is more suitable for the education market?

 Liang Qing: (1) to compare: avoid brand aside, in terms of product categories are
divided into two categories: interactive whiteboard, and scanning records whiteboard.

 "Interactive Whiteboard" higher prices, used Beishou indoor light, and users of
standing white board before the block Projector The impact of projected light and so
on. "Scanning record whiteboard" and cheap, do not have to rely on computers to
work independently.

 (2) Status: In the current around the large, primary and secondary schools in great
abundance, the "lesson plans courseware + computer + projector + Projection screen
+ (Writing on the blackboard) "The teaching model, such a teaching model, students
can teach snapped computer download" courseware lesson plans "to solve some of the
record, but some of the contents of the blackboard the teacher had to pick up a pen to
record this way, both digital text records, there are handwritten manuscript records of
students in the future to review the inconvenience.

 If the purchase a "record of whiteboard scanning" after a "lesson plans courseware +
computer + projector + Projector Screen + scan record whiteboard" teaching mode,
this device configuration combination of teachers in the original hanging The
"projection screen" and new "Scan
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