Watchdog gets powers to combat misleading advertising online

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					Advertising Standards Authority(ASA) will be greater powers for the police
Announcements internet from next year, giving consumers better protection.
  Currently, ASA can take action on the commercials that companies pay site website.
marketing and promotion of the statements posted on the sellers own website are
exempt, as well as statements on social networking sites, such as Facebook and
  However, from 1 March 2011, the advertising watchdog will be able to take of
misleading, inaccurate or offensive marketing materials on the Internet.
  The review digital competence of the Committee of Advertising Practice(CAP) code
Committee recognizes that companies are increasingly using the internet to spread
marketing communications in a new and subtle.
  This code applies to all published materials directly related to the supply of or
transfer of goods, services, and the committee concluded that marketing
communication can specify something to sell in lots of different ways. It is to contain
the price or look for the opening of the direct or short-term financial transactions.
  One is that the regulator can assess whether the Company abused because customers
on social networking sites at marketing materials.
  The new code also provides for appropriate sanctions. If the advertiser continue to
publish materials of the CAP has ruled against, entered into an agreement engines in
the most popular searches in the UK, including Google, Yahoo and Bing, to remove
the paid links to the content.
  On the ASA will have a representative of what is called Rogues Gallery, where
companies can be named and shame. persistent offenders ads found of ASA, which
warned of its entry on the next page of search results s offense advertising. ASA will
not be charged for such ads.
  powers will apply to all sectors and all companies and organizations. Companies will
have six months period of training of staff in the new code.
  Mr Chris Smith, chairman of ASA, said: This significant expansion of ASA powers
to protect children and consumers in his heart. We We received over 4,500 complaints
since 2008 about the marketing communications websites that we could not cope.
  But from March 1, anyone who has concerns about the marketing communication
online will be able to refer to the ASA.

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