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									    Board of Directors                                                                                             One-A-Chord

                                           Baltimore, MD 21244
                                           Suite A132
                                           2505 Lord Baltimore Drive

                                                                       One-A-Chord Employment Services, Inc.
                                                                                                               Employment Services, Inc.

         Annette B. Spriggs
      CEO/Chairman of the Board

        The Honorable Judge
     Joyce Baylor-Thompson
             Orphans Court

       Elder Guy Robinson
   Authentic Revelation Ministries, Inc.

             Lark N. Ball
            Minister of Music

           Ericka Johnson
          CEO TRAFFIK, Inc.

        Timothy McFadden
          Legacy Tax Services

           Anita McConnell
     Upward Way Christian Supplies

            Sandi B Clay
              EWRoad LLC

    “We will work faithfully and
  diligently to uphold the integrity
             of our God.”

One-A-Chord Employment Services, Inc.
      2505 Lord Baltimore Dr.
            Suite A132                                                                                           Employment solutions for the
       Baltimore, MD 21223                                                                                       Church and Church Musicians
          1-888-647-1963                                                                                             1-888-647-1963
                                                                                                                               Learning to effectively
          Problem solved—WE ARE THE MISSING PIECE                                                                              communicate your
                                                                                                                               concerns can make
                                                                                                                               all the difference in
                                                    HAVE YOU BEEN HERE BEFORE?                                                 a long-term healthy
 WELCOME CHURCHES & MUSICIANS                                                                                                  work relationship.
                                                       This church requires a more contemporary

         ne-A-Chord, Inc. (OAC) is a premier            style of music than I can provide.
         employment referral service agency, and       The Pastor and I no longer have a workable
                                                        relationship and it is affecting the worship
         has been strategically designed to meet                                                                  ADDITIONAL SERVICES:
the employment needs of church music ministries
and church musicians.                                  I am sick and I need a doctor. I have to stay in      Playing opportunities for additional income
                                                        bed because I have no insurance.                       during your spare time.
We are all aware of the often great lengths of                                                                Strategic interview preparation.
                                                       How would my passing financially affect my
time that it takes to find a musician or suitable                                                             Emergency & planned substitutes for
                                                        family?                                                absent musicians.
placement in the church. Until now our only
                                                                                                              Assistance with music ministry start-up &
mode of operation has been some extremely                                                                      expansion.
costly venue or by word of mouth. Countless         Traditional or
                                                                                                              Convenient office hours.
                                                    contemporary services,
hours have been spent interviewing. OAC will        musicians are a vital
eliminate the length of time that it takes to       part of the worship
locate a suitable ministry opportunity.             experience. Don’t panic!
                                                    A new placement can be
BUT WE ARE WHAT YOU NEED! OAC can                   a good thing!
streamline the interview process for both
parties by matching desired skills and abilities    TODAY, WE CAN HELP YOU!
with the current specification of each
assignment.                                            We will help you locate and secure a suitable      In order to maintain our integrity you must notify
                                                        placement based on your skills and abilities.
                                                                                                           us of your intent to vacate your position. Names
We have researched and secured a venue for
                                                                                                           will not be arbitrarily used. Our goal is to assist
healthcare benefits that is cost affordable in         Counseling services are available to help
                                                                                                           in obtaining and maintaining long-term, healthy
keeping with today's industry. Though you               strengthen and nurture longer lasting
                                                                                                           employment relationships.
may have a job or musician today….WHAT                  relationships.
ABOUT TOMORROW?                                        Blue Cross/Blue Shield healthcare benefits are
                                                        now available.
This joint effort is only possible with your
registration/partnership fee. All churches and         Life insurance (term) benefits are available.
                                                                                                                  For additional information visit
musicians need register that we may provide                                                                        our website or email us today!
you with services EXTRAORDINAIRE!
                                                        One-A-Chord Employment Services, Inc.                 
Let us come together in One-A-Chord!                          2505 Lord Baltimore Drive                       
                                                                      Suite A132
                                                             Baltimore, Maryland 21244

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