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Can you speak good English? Do you speak English well? In terms of using "good" and "well",
there are certain rules. For example, you can speak good English but you cannot be well at
English and you cannot speak English good. Let's look at the rules in more detail.

"Good" is an adjective and "well" is an adverb. For example, you can write a good essay. The
word "essay" is a noun and the adjective "good" describes the noun. Using "well" as an
example, you can write well – here, "write" is a verb and "well" describes how the task was
carried out and is called an adverb. Adverbs describe and modify ADjectives and VERBS, hence
the reason they are called adverbs. Adverbs describe how a task was performed and, unlike
"well", they usually end in a "ly" suffix (really, quickly, slowly, greatly, sadly and so on).

There can be some confusion as to when you use either "good" or "well". If we go back to the
first sentence "Can you speak good English?" you will see that "good" describes the language
English, which is a noun. In "Do you speak English well?" you can see that "well" describes
"speak", which is a verb.

There are also some rules when we deal with the four senses of look, taste, smell and feel and
whether we use good or well:

He looks good for his age! (Here, the man is not actually using his eyes to look, which would
make "look" a verb. Instead, "look" is used as a reference to his appearance and becomes a
noun, so "good" is an adjective.)

She smells good. (In this example, "good" describes the woman, not how you sniff!)
He smells well for someone with ‘flu! (This describes the activity of smelling, how he uses his
nose, so "well" is an adverb describing the verb "smells".)

When you talk about the state of your or someone's health, always use "well":

She does not feel well.
He does not look well today.

So, if someone asks you "How are you?" and you think they are referring to your physical well-
being you can answer "I feel well" or "I don't feel well".

However, if you are describing someone's emotional state, you need to use "good":

She doesn't feel good about breaking up with her boyfriend.
He feels good since going to see a counsellor.

If you are ever unsure about when to use "good" or "well" in these circumstances, you can
always say "I feel great", "I feel fine" "I feel awful" and "I feel sick". Take your pick from many

Benefits of Learning ASL :

It is not very difficult to learn ASL and it can actually be learned in matter of weeks.

The best and easiest thing about ASL is that most of the signs were developed to

mimic the actual words or phrase it is representing. There are many reasons why

people choose to learn ASL and some of the reasons will be discussed in this article.

Most people learn ASL because they have a loved one or some one very special to
them in their life who is deaf and can only be communicated by ASL. It becomes

extremely easy to communicate with deaf people if you accidently come across them

or has someone in your family or friends who are deaf and you need to learn ASL in

order to communicate with them. Other than that you could have your wife or some

one you love who is deaf so you need to learn sign language to communicate to them.

You can even apply as an interpreter on the media and there is a good scope and nice

source of income if you work on the channels and talk with ASL. You must have

noticed that on some media channels you see someone who is trying to communicate

with sign language on the corner of the screen. That is the interpreter who is

communicating with the people who are watching television but are deaf, and so this

is why there are interpreters needed on channels to help them with sign language.

There are people who choose to learn ASL so that they can be missionary interpreters

in the church. There are many people who are deaf who attend church at ceremonies

and religious gatherings. This kind of act is an act of kindness and people tend to

choose this job as they want that they can do something for their religion and help

people at the same time.

ASL was originated from French and Italian sing language and most of the language

signs are derived from the alphabets. Even if you do not wish to work which might

benefit you from learning ASL then it is an added advantage on your CV's and if you

apply for another kind of jobs and they see that you know other languages then this is

an added feature which will benefit you.

You can learn ASL from different institutions in your city and there are classes held

per week and the course does not take much time as it gets finished in a month's time

and then you're good enough with the language and can search for related jobs.

Traditional Sign Language Classes :
Traditionally, sign language classes were offered at a local church, adult education program, or
community college. Each week, students would attend such classes with an instructor that had
some knowledge of sign language. Classes usually had approximately twenty students, desks
arranged in a horseshoe shape. The limited number of students and the arrangement of desks
made it easier for everyone to see the instructor's signs, and they'd be able to mirror his or her
signs. Sign language classes usually lasted from two to three hours in length. Sign language
classes were, and are, offered through churches. You do not have to attend sign language
classes at a community college, or an alternative educational program. You can simply learn
from a church organization. However, the sign language classes offered through churches are
mediocre at best. You may not be satisfied with the limited amount of information being taught
at your place of worship. Regardless, it is worth checking out to see which sign language
classes are offered in your community and where.
Sign Language Classes Online

Today, sign language classes and programs are offered online. You do not need to leave your
house in order to take a sign language class. However, you have to be cautious when taking
sign language classes online. You want to find sign language classes that meet your skill level
and knowledge. You do not want a sign language class that is too easy or overwhelmingly
difficult. Find a sign language class that suites your need, both intellectually, and emotionally.
Sign language classes can be easy to locate online. You can search the topic ‘sign language
classes' and see what fits your needs. You should find a sign language class that provides all of
the signs in a video format. In addition, you want a sign language class that does not cost a
great deal. Sign language classes online should be relatively inexpensive and affordable to all.

The Benefits of Sign Language Classes Online

Sign language classes online offers many benefits. First, you do not need to hurry home from
work in order to make it to your traditional sign language class on time. Simply, when the
times are convenient, log onto your computer and start your sign language class. Then, when
you are done, log off of your computer and resume the next day. Second, you save a ton of
time and money in gas when taking sign language classes online. You do not have to leave
your house early in order to drive and arrive at your sign language class on time. Again, simply
start up your computer and presto! Your sign language class is now in session. Saving time
and money these days can be a great motivating factor. Lastly, it may be more comfortable for
you to take sign language classes online than from a traditional classroom. When learning any
language, it can be intimidating when learning how to sign. However, once you get into sign
language, it will become a natural language quickly. If you decide to take sign language classes
online or from a traditional setting, remember to simply enjoy learning this great language.

Husna salah

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