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					The back is more interesting, as the camera is placed behind a glass plate on the top,
along with three cogwheels, which nicely rotate when the flip is opened up. Here
comes one of Motorola R1's greatest marketing gibberish: Motorola R1 is told to be
assembled of 700 parts, 200 of which (including 130 ball bearings) are used for
making the flip move smoothly. Even the numbers are interesting, as no manufacturer
has disclosed similar information, so it's really hard to judge if these 700 parts are
good or bad for me and I can't really believe the 130 ball bearings either, as the flip
functions just like on any other phones. We can feel that it's opened by springs, not by
the cogwheels, as it moves by itself after a certain position - here we can hear a loud
click and the wheels jump, it looks really strange... I would like to note that we can
open the flip in any direction, but we can close it only the same way, so it won't do a
360 rotation like V70's plastic front. The sides have nothing special. The other smart
device from the Motorola that got unveiled this year is the handsome Motorola Droid
2. the device is furnished with many outstanding features like the 1 GHz processor,
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, DLNA, etc. The instrument is also boasting the operating system
of version 2.2 of Android (Froyo). The gadget is a touch and type style mobile
equipped with the full QWERTY key board along with the TFT capacitive
touchscreen of 3.7 inches. The deals for both the devices are due for release and may
enter the market at any point of time. The deals are expected to come with almost all
the leading networking companies of UK like Orange, O2, Vodafone, Three, T-Mobile
and Virgin Media. The deals for both gadgets will be coming with oodles of benefits
for every customer. TheMotorola Backflip deals will be offering the customers the
benefit of free talk time along with the free texts of unlimited mark. The deals are
expected to make their entry first over the internet market.The price comparison are
supposed to offer the comparison of Motorola Droid X contract deals to make you get
the most benefits with every deal with the cheapest of prices. The microUSB
connector of Motorola R1 Aura is on top, lacking all kinds of cover or protection.
There is nothing noteworthy on the bottom, we can see two buttons on the sides used
for taking off the back and the volume control keys are on the left. The keyboard
appears as we open up the flip and the on-screen picture is turned upside down as well.
We can't do much with the phone when it's closed, only the clock is display, but let's
add: it looks very cool. Getting back to the keyboard: I haven't seen anything worse
than this one; the keypad has such a strange layout that it seriously affects usability.
The design isn't perfect either, button labels remind me of the Comic Sans font and it's
also weird that button 5's label is embossed, which makes it look as if there would be
a decal on it that is about to come off. Putting these aside we only have to do
something with usability. The first problem is the extremely small d-pad, which is
simply not designed for men's hands. The second one is that we won't access
submenus with the top left softkey (that has a proper size), but with the OK button,
which is practically impossible to press without also pressing one of its neighbors.
The same is true for the clear key, if we want to delete a character when writing an
SMS we will surely press the top softkey or the call end key and the Motorola R1
Aura Phone with Motorola Battery will ask if we really want to cancel the message.
The last problem is with the numeric keys: if we press one of them, it might happen
that characters from another key will also appear on-screen - and it won't happen only
if we really press another key accidentally. So, on the whole, the keyboard is terrible.
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