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					I have been privileged enough to be in attendance at some of the major seminars of
the world 鈥檚 best motivational speakers. Among those the legendary Jim Rohn
(one of the founding fathers of self improvement) spoke at a particular event where
Jim made reference to how much a quality empty book cost him.
  Jim Rohn then asked how much would you pay for an empty book and the answer to
the question was $26.00. He was an avid collector of inspirational and motivational
quotes. However every inspiring quote had to be worth at least $26.00 to be worthy of
an entry into one of his empty books.
  For over 40 years Jim collected many thousands of 鈥榯 houghts of the day,
鈥?which were inspired quotes. He was one of the greatest legends in personal
development and truly an icon. Apart from the various quotes he discovered from
other people he also wrote many of his own special gems. Numerous empty books
were filled with the priceless inspirational sayings and in time he practically filled his
own library.
  Jim Rohn was probably the greatest collector of motivational quotes the world has
ever known. His collection of empty books with all those inspiring messages must be
worth an absolute fortune now. You would be proud and feel rich in mind and thought
just by walking by that wonderful collection of inspirational words.
  It is always reassuring to hear some positive motivational words being spoken.
Likewise it 鈥檚 great to read the words of somebody who has written something
with obvious passion and deep feeling. There are times when we are down or having a
bad day and then we read some inspirational words that encourage us to go on and
have a better day. We were inspired by the words that built a bridge for us to cross
  Personally I love inspirational quotes and I like to write many of my own. I 鈥檝 e
certainly written hundreds of 鈥榮 pecial quotes 鈥?over the last few years. I known
from positive feedback that I have received, that people have often been inspired. The
words have helped make someone 鈥檚 day better. It 鈥檚 a good feeling to know
that you are potentially affecting peoples mental health in a constructive way.
  Self Improvement is a great leveller in our lives so ensure to gain great benefit from
what it can do for you. There are so many excellent aspects. Start the self awareness
journey and it will lead you on a better path.
  Have a superb day
  Martin Jeszke
  Some recent quotes of mine:
  1. Making mistakes is part of progress as long as you learn by them. Having learned
by them you are then on the road to success 2. Visualize your life as you ideally
want it to be not as somebody else sees it 3. Life is for living so avoid being a dead
loss 4. When you focus on your goals you stay on target 5. Exchange a smile, share
a laugh, extend a hand shake 6.      Dare to dream your future reality
  Martin Jeszke is a well-known author, living with his family near London, UK.